Dec. 27th, 2016


Dec. 27th, 2016 04:59 pm
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Dec. 27th, 2016 06:30 pm
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I had a really nice Christmas.
Saturday morning I started together with my mum to decorate the Christmas tree. We used the colours red, gold and green and at the end the tree looked absolutely awesome. Very classy in this colour combination. Dudu slept for almost 90% of the time when we decorated the tree. One time he jumped off the couch, walked to me, sniffled on the decoration and then he sat next to me because he wanted to get stroked. <3
He was such a well behaved little boy. Because Christmas is important for us and we always celebrated it as a family event, it is important to us to be well dressed. My dad started with taking a bath, after that my mum took one and I was the last person in the bath room. While I was taking a bath, mum went out for a walk with Dudu. She came back, changed clothes and then we had Christmas dinner. Potato salad, fish and wieners. We talked and laughed, enjoyed each others company and for some minutes we were silent because all of us missed Tobias of course.
After we finished the dinner, we were ready for the gift giving. Because I bought my parents a lamp for the kitchen and a new bath room carpet before, I only gave them money. Both of them were surprised and happy. And I was surprised as well because I got a lot of things. O_O
I got a super fancy new bed linen, a new computer mouse (thanks god!), Earrings, two nail polish bottles and a grey Poncho.
We talked a little bit and my dad told us he would go in the dining room, watching a little bit TV. He was so tired and after a while we listened to him snoring. :D
Mum and I watched the Hobbit 3 and we loved it.
Unfortunately our beloved Neighbours above us were loud. Extremely loud. For seven freaking hours. I didn't cry of anger this time because I didn't want to let them destroy our Christmas.
We just sat on the couch, shaking our head in disbelief that people can be such damn assholes.
We heard them laughing every time when they pushed the chairs over the ground. This happened every second minute. At 10PM we heard how they dropped bottles und used the small ones to knock them on the table before drinking.
A part of me was annoyed and in my head I searched enough fitting insults for them. But I was so flabbergasted about their behaviour that I couldn't find an insult which would be on spot.
The other part of me felt pity for those people. I mean, are you really THAT low? Are you so full of hate that you don't have better things to do as terrorizing your neighbours? Damn, you are bad people. Really bad people. And I feel sorry for all of you because you don't have better to do than plastering yourself on Christmas eve.
Poor people.
At midnight they stopped with the noises and we had finally enough quietness to go to bed.

The next day was a good day because Jutta visited me. \o/
It was sooooooooo great to see her. All of us were super happy to welcome her here at home - including Dudu. He wore a little tie and Jutta's first reaction was to squee. :D
Dudu jumped up and down and ran through the apartment because he was so excited about another person in our flat. :D
Jutta and I had a long, long hug and then we had a really divine lunch! After that we had another gift giving. I got super nice gifts of her. A bunch of nail polish bottles, a pair of earrings, bath beads, a lottery ticket and a gift certificate for Steam. *_____*
I gave her a strategy guide for Final Fantasy XV, a funko pop Doctor Who Telephone Box (this one:$tile_clp_3up_standard$ )
and a little bit money. :)
She was really surprised by the funko pop Box! :D
Didn't expect it, hehe.
So the last two days were awesome. We ate a lot of yummy stuff, we had long walkies with the dog and a lot of cuddle sessions with him, long and intense talks and a lot to laugh about. And we had a Lord of the Ring marathon. All three movies (the extended versions) in two days! And oh boy, I am such a cry baby. The last hour of The Return of the King I am constantly crying. Even when I watched the movie like 30 times before. O.O

On Monday, the first day after Christmas it was almost silent because Anneliese and her family visited her brother. Yesterday, the second day after Christmas and still being a public holiday, they started the same shit like on Christmas Eve. I was super angry and annoyed.
Jutta heard the noises too and sat there in disbelief.
Stomping, stomping, stomping, moving Chairs for like six hours...

And I am pretty sure, we will have the same shit on New Years Eve.
I wish that Karma, God or whoever will do something against them.
Anyway, next to them and their awful behaviour, we had a good Christmas. And that's all what counts.

PS: I put all your entries at my bookmarks, so I will read and comment on them. It will take a little bit time but I won't forget you. The same goes for the comments you made. :)


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