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Mar. 27th, 2009 03:18 pm
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I found this clip on the Myspace page of An Cafe ... I think, the clip is made by one of the staff members, because it is really clear :D
And you can see, An Cafe had a lot of fun in Cologne \^^/
Can't wait to see them again! Nyappy \^^/

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So, it is time for my little review of the An Cafe concert from yesterday …

But first I have to say one word …


*laughs* I couldn’t resist. When you are thinking, listening, talking or writing about An Café, you have to say “Nyappy” XD

Nya, anyway. Let me start XD
I have to admit, that I was so damn listless. After the stress at Friday on my home I wasn’t in the mood for the concert. I thought to myself: Okay, go on, have a nice time. Enjoy the concert.
But I didn’t feel like =/
Nya, my mum and I left our home at 3.30 PM and we had to drive 2 hours to Cologne. The drive was convenient, no traffic jam, no problems. And thanks to our navigation system we found the Live Music Hall without problems. And the first thing we saw were hundreds of “Café-ko’s” (a cute name that An Café gave to their fans *squeeee*). So, we reached the Hall 10 minutes before 6 PM. We left the car, went to the near of the fans and I made a lot of pictures. And of course, all of the fans stood on the street. Very clever :P
But it was funny, when a police car came. They wanted to use the street of course … and because the fans stood there, they had to use the sirene XDDD
It was so funny to see all those Visus running off the street. I burst out into laughters XDDD
And the funniest thing was the face of the two police guys in the car. They stopped and asked a man right before us what is going on XDDD
And he said: Oh, there is a concert…
Police Guy: Of who?
Guy: An Café
Police Guy: What’s that? XDDD

I laughed so much about it. So, I wasn’t in the mood to be between all those freaky visu fangirlies, so my mum and I went back to the car and waited until 6.30 PM, then we went back to the hall.
Of course our first way was to the toilet *cough*
And trust me, the line was soooooo, sooooo long. So, I am not really patient and I went to the men’s toilet XDDD … like three other girls, too XD
And I have to say one word … men’s toilets are disgusting *shivers*
The funniest thing was, I left the toilet cabin and there was a guy at the urinal X_X
I felt very awkward T_T

So, after that we went to the hall and it was full O_O
I was like … wtf? Why they are so many people? ^^
So, between all those people there were always space and my mum and I found a place very close to the stage. Like in the 7th row :)
Then we waited ^-^
It was too funny listening Ayumi Hamasaki of the boxes *laughs*
And of course some of the girls freaked out when the roadies came on the stage to “use” the instruments. I mean, I like roadies, too. The most of them are cute and sexy, but damn, those guys are just roadies, not the band itself ^^
And it’s so sad to see them blushing because of the screaming ^^

So, accurate at 7 PM the lights turned off and at first Teruki came on stage *_*
And yes, the fans freaked completely out ^^
After that Yu-ki came, than Kanon (*_____*), Takuya and at last Miku. And Miku looked so, so hot *_*
They started the concert with “Cherry咲く勇気!!”, my favourite song :D
I was so happy about it, that I started to jump and to dance. Unfortunately I can’t remember on the titles, which they played. I am very forgetful *blushing*
It is funny, I know all the songs, but I can’t remember on the titles *laughs* *baka-desu* ;P
It was so awesome. And the funniest thing was, that Miku started to “growl” at the second song. It was like … “Miku, you have to growl, because the german fans likes it” XD
And he can growl very well *laughs*
But his voice is awesome. He sung without problems, he hit every single note. I really love the japanese artists for their perfection :3
And of course Miku talked a lot with us. In english and in german! And his german was so, so cute! He learned a lot and it was very clear and without a japanese accent :)
And then … *giggles* Teruki talked in german (he read the sentences from a piece of paper ^^). He said in german: “Isch ab eusch vermisstOOO!” LOL (I missed you). His accent was so strong and we started to laugh. And he laughed, too. He was so unbelievable shy, I wanted to cuddle him :3
Yu-ki was funny. He started to say: Guten Tag, mein Name is Yu-ki… (Hello, my name is Yu-ki) … And Miku stopped him, telling him that his name is Atze XDDD. I swear, this joke works only in Germany XDDD
After that Kanon and Takuya said some things. You know, the usual stuff: “We love you, we missed you, we are back, show me your special smile, hello Kölle! (XD)”… and so on. That is so cute. You know, it would be enough for me to see the guys standing on the stage and talking. Maybe for an hour. I would be satisfied XD
After the fourth song I left the 7th row, because I couldn’t see something =(
Yeah, I know, I am tiny. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I saw only cellphones and digi-cams :|
I mean … please. I know it is great to see the boys live on stage, but buy the DVDs instead of making crappy pictures with your cellphone. It is so damn annoying when I can’t see the guys on stage, because I am having constantly cellphones in my sight -__-
So, I left the crowd and went to the end of the hall, joining my mum. And yes, I had a nice view :)
I don’t know how many songs An Café played, but they made it with a lot of fun and passion. And it seemed they were so happy to be back in Germany ^-^

One strange thing was a song, which sung Miku with a strange voice sounding like a duck *lol*
He asked the fans: Do you like Donald Duck? Or do you like Canonball? … o.O
I had no idea what he was talking about, but the fans had a lot of fun, lol.
I looked at the stage and thought by myself: “No one is believing me that I am paying money to see a guy live on stage singing like a duck” XDDD
After an hour they left the stage, but of course the fans wanted an encore *laughs*
And after ten minutes they came back on stage. Everyone wearing a black shirt. Too cute. I think, they played 2 songs … or three, I can’t remember it, honestly ^^
But it was great, so great! And when they were finished, a roadie made pictures with his digi-cam of An Café, in front of the fans :D
I hope so much, that they will upload the pictures at myspace ^-^

So, after 1 hours and 30 minutes the concert was over. But the best thing was Miku, saying “We are coming back”! And I was so happy when he said this. And I am sure, I’ll go again to see them live :D

I bought for myself a poster and it looks so, so good! And I was surprised of myself. So, normally I don’t like Yu-ki very much. I hate this ugly blonde wig and those horrible sunglasses, but … he was really funny and cute on the stage! So, I’ll not cut him off the poster :D

I wanted to show you the pictures I made yesterday of all the fans, but … I broke my dads digi-cam, because dropped it off yesterday at home and now it doesn’t work anymore *cries* =(

Anyway, I had a nice time and I hope, I can go to a concert as soon as possible :3

Lots of love,
Anke :)
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NYAPPY! The concert was awesome, had a great time, danced a lot and felt sooo good! Miku is too cute and Kanon looked unbelievable hot! =D
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It is the day of the An Cafe Concert here in Cologne at the Live Music Hall ♥
I hope so much that the guys can cheer me up a little bit after yesterday...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Yeah, it's true, I made a lot of icons ... again =D
So, maybe you like some of them? :)

[09] Miyavi
[24] SCREW
[18] Shou (Alice Nine)
[40] Gackt
[15] Siwon
[12] An Cafe (with Bou)
[07] JJ Lin

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

You can find the icons here @ [ profile] ragingxblood :)
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Today I ordered two tickets for the An Cafe in Cologne for my mum and me. Jutta can't attent the concert unfortunately, but that's okay. Then maybe for the next time.
I really need distraction. And a concert is always a good chance to escape from reality. Even when it's only for two hours.
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I was very busy with making a lot of icons. I hope, you like them ^-^

[48] Gackt
[02] You (Gackt-Job)
[11] Hyde
[05] Hakuei
[04] Miyavi
[08] D'espairsRay
[02] Vampire Knight
[04] X
[04] XXXHoLiC
[09] Yami no Matsuei
[03] Mana
[03] Miku (An Cafe)
[07] Takeru (SUG)
[01] Takeru & Ryuuji


You can find the Icons here ;)

Icons :)

Aug. 8th, 2008 01:34 pm
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Yup, you can see, I had a little bit time to make icons *laughs*
Some of them are a little bit “older”, but I thought I could share them too ._.
Hope, you like some of the icons =)

Genesis (Crisis Core) [14]
Gackt [25]
Miyavi [26]
Miku of An Café [8]
Kaya [7]
Hideaki Takizawa [6]
Full Moon Wo Sagashite [6]
Ayumi Hamasaki [12]
Shou of Alice Nine [11]

Comments are Love ♥~
- Do not claim these Icons as your own
- Textless Icons are NOT bases
- If you take the Icons, credit me in your Userinfo. If you don’t know how, feel free to ask me ;)
- Enjoy it ;D

Icons behind the cut )
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MUCC (May 5th, 2006), Cologne, Germany
DIR en GREY (May 28th, 2006), Cologne, Germany
Ayabie (June 18th, 2006), Frankfurt, Germany
The GazettE (July 29th, 2006), Bonn, Germany
D'espairsRay (November 21th, 2006), Cologne, Germany
Gackt (February 7th, 2007), Taipei, Taiwan
Gackt (February 8th, 2007), Taipei, Taiwan
MUCC (March 27th, 2007), Cologne, Germany
BALZAC (March 27th, 2007), Cologne, Germany
Ayabie (May 21th, 2007), Cologne, Germany
Guitar Wolf (June 23th, 2007 - J-Shock), Cologne, Germany
bis (June 23th, 2007 - J-Shock), Cologne, Germany
Girugämesh (June 23th, 2007 - J-Shock), Cologne, Germany
An Cafe (June 23th, 2007 - J-Shock), Cologne, Germany
Miyavi (July 29th, 2007), Bonn, Germany
The GazettE (October 21th, 2007), Cologne, Germany
SCREW (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
Alice Nine (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
SUG (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
Kagrra (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
Kra (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
An Cafe (March 23th, 2008), Saarbrücken, Germany
Matenrou Opera (April 2th, 2008), Frankfurt, Germany
Versailles (April 2th, 2008), Frankfurt, Germany

Not bad, ne? xDDD

Next concerts:
Ayabie & Miyavi

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Jesus Christ, the An Cafe concert was fucking awesome *_*
We had a lot of fun, even my mum and I had a great place. The roxy here in Saarbrücken is really small (O.O), I guess, we were 500 people, not more ^^
But at the side there were some steps and I had the chance to stand a little bit higher than the normal audience, so I had a great view to the stage.
The problem of the stage was ... it was only a little bit higher, so that the people couldn't see the band ^^
But like I said I had a great view on Miku and Takuya *_*
And sometimes Kanon. Did I mention, that the guy rocks? No? He did xDDD
And they had a lot of fun. And they talked in german and there pronunciation was very clear and good (except the german of Yuuki o.O, no one understood him). I think, they sung 13 or 14 songs. They gave one encore with three songs and then they said over and over again: Thank you, Danke schön, Arigatou :D
Too sweet xDDD
Miku was very "nyappy" and Kanon rocked so much. It was great. And even the fans were not so bad like always. It was a nice atmosphere, I think that was because of the small club and the intimate atmosphere there. It was great ^^
And Miku said at the end, that they are coming back \^______^/
And yes, we'll go again when they are coming back, it was great, just great :D

And the best thing is ... An Cafe hadn't a tourbus. No ... they had a motorhome!!!
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I enjoy the time with Jutta-chan so much =)
Yesterday she came to my home and at first, we both thought it would be impossible, because it started to snow really bad in her hometown. But she was very brave (!) and she drove to my town. And it was so good to see her, to hold her in my arms and to cuddle her the whole time. At first she went to my bed, to read a little bit, but after ten minutes she fell asleep. God, I love it to watch her sleep, she looks so peaceful and innocent. And then I went to the bed too and fell asleep as well ^^

We talked a lot and cuddled and today we had a peaceful day too. I love it to know, that Jutta is next to me, even when we both are silent or she is sitting on my computer and I read in a book.

This evening we drove to the city for dinner. And we found a nice Japanese/Korean restaurant *_*
And yes, we eat Kimchi like Gackt-san *laughs*
Damn it, this Kimchi was so spicy and I started to cry *giggles*
But it was unbelievable tasty *_*
And yes, we have a restaurant here in Germany where you can eat Kimchi! How fucking cool is that? =D
At first we started with a soup of coconut (with vegetables), after that we ate the Kimchi and then we ate two green tea scoops of ice cream. And trust me, I would kill for that kind of ice cream *_*
The owners of the Restaurant was Korean and there were so unbelievable nice and pleasant. I think, the “Domo” will be my new favourite restaurant xD

And yes, tomorrow we will see An Café in Saarbrücken \^^/
I think, it will be very nice. An Café are not one of my favourite bands, but their music is nice and their concerts are funny. It’s the second time, that I’ll see them. So, tomorrow we will drive really late (for me ^^) to Saarbrücken, maybe three hours before the concerts starts ^^
And my mum is pretty excited. I hope, she will have be a lot of fun. And the same is essential for Jutta and me too :)

So, now we’ll watch a little bit television. I wish everyone of you a wonderful weekend, enjoy it ;)

Lots of Love & Hugs,


Image Hosted by

\^^/ An Cafe, we are coming \^^/


Mar. 11th, 2008 02:38 am
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Yes, I said, I'm extlemy creative right now o_O
And damn it, I made a lot of stuff. I guess, I can every week make a new icon entry xP

I hope, you like it :)


Gackt [30]
Alice Nine [9]
An Cafe [21]
Ayabie [4]
Final Fantasy Crisis Core/Genesis [11]

- Comments are Love ♥~
- Do not claim these Icons as your own
- Textless Icons are NOT bases
- If you take the Icons, credit me in your Userinfo ;)
- Enjoy it xD

To the Icons )

Icons \^^/

Sep. 3rd, 2007 07:37 pm
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Yeah, here I am again xD
And I wanna share with you a lot of icons, which I have made the last days. And trust me, I was extremely busy *laughs*
This time I bring you more than 50 Icons and I hope, you enjoy them :)

Gackt [24]
An Cafe [17]
Dir en Grey [10]
Daigo Stardust [2]
Son Ho Young [4]

Comments are Love ♥~
- Do not claim these Icons as your own
- Textless Icons are NOT bases
- If you take the Icons, credit me in your Userinfo
- Enjoy it xD

To the Icons )
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Here I am again. And what shall I say? The concert was just excellent.

It started with Jutta coming to me at Friday. After a really long talk with my Sweetie Iris Jutta and me got in the bathroom to colour my hair… and what did I find out? Jutta forgot the tickets at home. *rofl*
Ingenious, ne? xD
So what did we do? We jumped with my mother in the car and drove back home to Jutta (two hours). After arriving Jutta picked up the tickets and we drove back home for two hours. At three in the night we were finally back home and Jutta made it to the bed and then she fell asleep.

Unlike me. I was awake the whole night, because I didn’t take my pills. ^^
And I was deadly tired, but who cares? Who needs sleep anyway? :P

Jutta dyed my hair in the morning (it’s black again and not purple ^^) and we started to drive at half past twelve. A bit after two o’clock we arrived at the Palladium and what else did we expect? The street was already filled with fans. And I think we got in the hall at 4 PM. The atmosphere was really great. Better than the E-Werk in cologne. =)

And now there is my review :P
But please don’t ask me about the setlist. I have no idea xP

But what can I say? The J-Shock was really absolutely ingenious. xD
First Guitar Wolf started, which are more in Punk-style (I think they would name their style like this)… nya, actually I like Punk because Balzac is one of my favourites but Guitar wolf… they were just… off the mark. The melodies were disharmonic, and understanding was absolutely not possible because of their screams. And the people weren’t really happy. Even as a fan was allowed to come on stage and scratched on a guitar.

To my shame I have to admit that I liked the bassist pretty much. Long hair, Goatie, tattoos… sexy guy *_*
I think he reminded me on Kaouru from Dir en Grey… that must be it xD
The singer from Guitar Wolf always spit on stage… Very tasty >_<

And to all this the guys must have been stoned or completely drunk. They overthrew the microphone a lot of times, the bassist destroyed his bass-guitar, the singer climbed on a box and jumped down… all of it was kind of… freaky o_O

In the end most of the people were in the back of the hall, because An Café had their signing over there. The screams of the fans had almost hurt in the ears but I could see some of the band *laughs*

Jutta and me stood in the front row, because I wanted to see Girugämesh so badly. \^^/
Half an hour after Guitar Wolf ended their concert (they almost were drew off stage ._.) BIS entered the stage.

It was so cute to see Seika tuning up his drums by himself. Sweet guy and the favourite of Jutta xD

And I can just say one word about BIS: WOW! The guys made a show, it was unbelievable. xD
Seika, the drummer, removed his shirt after the third song *_*
Yummy, is the only thing I can say. Even if the thought crossed my mind, that I wanted to give them something to eat, because they were so skinny. *g*

Furthermode Seika beat up on his drums, that was unbelievable. To look at him was such a pleasure *_*
So, I stood directly in front of Shunsuke, the Bassist and you don’t wanna believe it … but we had a very long and hot flirt xP

It seems, that my chest piercing was very interesting for him :P
BIS played a whole hour and they rocked my ass off *_*

And the last two songs played all the guys with nacked upper part of the body … they looked damn good *hehe*

For the case, that BIS will give concerts here in Germany … I’ll see them of course \^^/

PS: Maru (the singer) is a damn hot guy and he have birthday on the same day like me :P

After another thirty minutes of making the stage ready for girugämesh (and Nii who tried to tune up his guitar desperately), the band came finally in black suits on stage. Extremely elegant, unlike the music.
The songs were loud, brutal and so fucking great. I didn’t see a lot of the fans, but I guess, they were also so enthusiastic like me. Please, don’t ask for me the accurate setlist. I have no idea, because I banged my head the whole time xD

Girugämesh are a little bit dark and their music is hard, but Satoshi couldn’t resist, to smile for short moments. (I guess, he was so happy, that the fans freaked so out ^^)

In Addition Satoshi reminds me on Kyo from Dir en Grey … the both are so look alike *_*
Nya, only a Kyo-Alternate, but I enjoyed it so much, because I can’t see Dir en Grey live on stage this year ;_;

Girugämesh had a lot of fun to play live on stage and push their fans to the limit (and yes, they pushed me to my limit *laughs*). Another highlight of the concert from Girugämesh was, that they played the theme of Mission Impossible. Fucking awesome. Unfortunately Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Ryo left the stage after a hour.

After that Jutta and I left the first row, because it was too pokey und I wasn’t so interested in An Café. Furthermode BIS gave at the same time autographs, so I went to the other end of the hall. But too many fangirlies pushed against the barrier (I told you, that were Animexxer and Tokio Hotel-Fangirlies >_>) and the securitys closed the barrier and send the band backstage ;_;
But I had the chance, to look with a sad face to Tsukasa. And then he said to me: I’m sorry, gomen, gomen. Too cute.

The fuck was, that I had only two persons in front of me, then I would have had the chance, to shake the hand of Maru, Tsukasa, Seika and Shunsuke ;_;

During the gig of An Cafe, I went to the Merchandise-Stand und then back to the stage (I bought for myself two posters of BIS and Girugämesh). An Café made a really great Show. I was very surprised … in a good way. I’m not so a great Para-Para-Fan, but they music rocked and the guys are really cute. ^^

At least Miku talked in english and they tried to speak German. It was too sweet *__*
Every German word was rewarded by the Fans with screaming and applause. Teruki talked pretty long in German. He said, that they would be glad to be in Germany, that Germany has a great Nature, good food and very wonderful fans \^^/
Okay, he read all of it from a piece of paper, but who cares? It was so much fun xP

Kanon, the bassist did say “Hallo” around every three songs. It seems that he had a lot of fun with this word xD
Yuuki, the keyboarder (who isn’t my type at all *blushes*) was – to my surprise – well accepted by the fans xD

And finally his keyboard broke and fell down. The Roadies had to fix it pretty fast xD
An Café played for one and a half hour, gave an encore – a new song included \^^/
Then they left stage.

So, I think the 40 Euro were a fair price for such an event :)
And when J-Shock is “coming” to Germany again … I’m there of course xD

Okay, to be honest, I would go to a concert of An Café too. I mean, the band is funny and the music is pretty good. So, why should I abandon of such a concert? xP

After the concert I did shopping. I bought my mum a pair of earrings, for myself a bracelet, skeleton-gloves (I love skeletons *_*) and … a Gackt-Photobook :D
Okay, I paid a capability for that (42 Euro), but now I’m the proud owner of the „Gackt – JUST BRING IT! LIVE TOUR 2002“-Photobook \*_*/
Gomen, but I couldn’t resist xD

After that we finally drove at home and even now I feel extremely groggy, but content too.
But I miss Jutta, because she’s at home again ;_;

So, let’s see, how Miyavi Gig will be :)


PS: I’m feeling like I would be 100 years old ^^
PPS: A fresh neck-piercing and headbanging is a damn bad combination xDDD


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