Feb. 1st, 2010 07:25 am
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Hi Mama,
ich wollte dir nur sagen, dass ich dir eine kurze Mail auf deinen gmx-account geschickt habe :)
Hat endlich mal geklappt ;)

Waere dir dankbar, wenn du diese dann durchliest. Hab dich lieb! ♥
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oh my god, I had an amazing day. just an amazing day.
but let me start from the beginning.

yesterday i did nothing. seriously, i slept the whole day. and when I woke up ... i did nothing, lol. in the evening i went out with jamie for dinner in the food centre. we had a long and intense talk about our lives and it was very touching. seriously, i am learning so, so much here. about the people, their lifes, my life. about emotions, the life, about religion or how to handle the life.
this trip is so inspiring. I am meeting so many beautiful people, making new experiences. It is amazing, just amazing.

Sadly yesterday evening i had trouble with my stomach again. normally i don't have any problems with asian food, but this time i am extremely sensitive. so i throw up twice yesterday :(
I really felt horrible, tried to go early to bed, but couln't sleep.

so, to wake up at 8am this morning was pretty hard. but i hate a *date* with alecs on 10.30am
I thought, okay, u have enough time, u can take a long, hot shower. i was SO WRONG, lol. the water was icecold. so i needed only 5 minutes, lol. I left the hostel 9am, took the bus 147 to the central. So I was there ... 1 hour and 15 minutes too early, lol. I sat on the Singapore river and watched people. I really love it there.
so, alecs came too late. he is nagging about me the whole time that i am too slow, but he is always so late. we are the perfect couple, lol.

so, we met us and went to the mrt ... and ... omg, that was so embarrassing, rofl. the ground was slippery and of course ... I slipped out, looool. but thanks god I didn't fell on my ass in front of him. he was pretty fast and grabbed me ... and he didn't take his hand away *giggles*
It was one of those moments ... like in a bad dorama, rofl.

So, we went to the station and talked and took the mrt to the harbour ... place, whatever XD

so, vivo city is a huge mall. a really huge mall. u can walk there for hours and hours and u doesn't see everything. i thought about buying stuff for my family and friends, but honestly ... i don't know what to buy, lol o_O
I really want to buy stuff for family and friends but when I am seeing things I don't have the urge to buy o.O"
maybe when I am close to leaving singapore. let us see.

so, i walked around with alecs, he bought me something to eat and then we found at the information centre some flyers about the next concerts ... and I found one flyer I was pretty attached to it.

on february 1st and 2nd there is a concert at the esplanade concert hall.
"Oh Joonsung Drama Concert - Music from Korean Drama Favourites"
With special Appereances by:
Bobby Kim, Mario& and ... SHINee
omfg ... SHINee? SHINee are coming to Singapore? O.O

I was like ... oh no, I can't attend it. it is too expensive and ... I don't know.
So, when Alecs left me around 12.30pm, I went to the terrace and thought ... wtf? Why can't u going, Anke? Tell me one fucking reason about it?
so, i was insecure at the date. Would I be still there at february 1st? So I messaged Jutta to call my mum and ask for my last day here in Singapore because I am always forgetting when I have to leave, lol.
So, Jutta did it and called my mum, rofl XDDD (in germany it was around 8am) ... DANKEEEEEEE! DANKE FUER DEINE HILFE MAUS!

And when I got the message, that I am still here at February 1st, I went to the information centre and asked there for the ticket. And I could buy it there. So I did it XD
I am going to another concert and seeing SHINee! HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?!?!
Now I am seeing for the first time in my life korean artists, woooooohoooooo!!!

so, i was totally happy and went to the terrace again. and it is really beautiful there. u can walk around and sit ... and playing in the water XD

U can have a first impression of it here:



it is really an awesome place and I enjoyed it so much. for hours, lol. and of course i got a new sunburn, rofl XD
but i don't care because i had a really awesome time there!

so, i was truly blessed because i watched a beautiful sunset there and made amazing pictures! :D

I left vivo city in the evening and because i was so fucking lazy i took a cab. and i swear, singaporean cab drivers are funny. i had a really and interesting talk with the driver and laughed so, so much. he talked about singapore and the foreigners, asked me whether i would teach children here or not oO
i was surprised and asked him why he is thinking something like that. he answered: your english is for a german pretty amazing and u are a pretty young woman, so i think u are teaching or studying.
I told him that i would love to work here and he said, many foreigners who are having a brain (lol) are able to work and to live here without problems. it would be very easy to find a job in singapore so i should try it!

cool, ne? so many people are thinking i would teach here o.O

So, when i came back from the hostel and our grace asked me where I was today. So i told her in the next second that i am going to a concert. and she said, aaaaaah, i wanna go there, too XD
Maybe she will buy a ticket as well and so we can go together, lol XDDDD

awesome, so awesome!

nya, right now i am back at the hostel, sitting at the lounge and watching with the other tv.
oh by the way, i am totally silly. i made several pictures of my fingers today. i draw some funny faces on it and made pictures. like pictures of my feet, rofl.
i have way too much fun to make silly pictures, lol.

and i played with a little boy today at vivo city. i swear, when u have the time, do it as well! take off your shoes (not now, but when the first sunshine is here!) and walk barefeet through the grass and jump in a ... waterthingie, lol. i don't know the right word XDDDD

so, for tomorrow i will meet grace, her sister ivon and her boyfriend XDDDD

This will be an amazing week, seriously!!!

take care everyone!!!

Anke :DDD

@Mama :)

Jan. 19th, 2010 08:24 am
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Hey Hey. Ich wollte mich nur noch mal in Erinnerung bringen ;)
Uhm, is jetzt ein bissi peinlich, aber ich wollte Bescheid sagen wegen der Buecherverlaengerungen in der Bibliothek. Muesste ja jetzt bald sein, oder? Also, nicht vergessen. Hoffe, es geht dir auch sonst gut. Ebenso wie dem Rest! Bald sehen wir uns wieder, nur noch 2 Wochen. Freue mich schon drauf!
Seid ihr jetzt eigentlich wieder fuer Kiki zustaendig? :D
Wenn ja, knuddelt die kleine Maus von mir ganz dolle, ich vermisse sie naemlich unglaublich stark :)
Und knuddelt mir auch Mirko, okay?
Ich habe dir, Tobias und Mirko gestern auch eine SMS geschickt, nur scheinen die irgendwie alle verloren gegangen zu sein. Na ja, ich hab es wenigstens versucht.

Also, bis zum naechsten Entry! :)
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I am still feeling sick. and i don't know why. like i wrote it in the other entry, i woke up this morning and had horrible stomach pains. alecs said to me i have to use the oil which i bought it and rubb it on my belly. it actually helped a little bit. it was a warm feeling like my mum would stroke my belly ^^

for today i am doing nothing. i wanted to go out, but i am not feeling so well. so, i only left the hostel for eating something and buying water. now I am back and i think, i'll stay in my room for the whole evening.

today a lot of students came to the hostel, so it is booked out and lout and too many people are around. at least for me.
another girl came in my room, too, so i am not alone anymore. that means, here are a lot of people and i think i can't use the computer terminal so often like the last days, sorry. so i can't replying on your comments so fast. i am sorry for that.

when i feel a little bit better tomorrow i will use the time to go to the swimming complex. for tomorrow evening i want to go out with alecs and the wife. he want to bring me to a korean restaurant and said to me, u have to eat faster

i am really so, so slow :(
but when i would be so fast like him he couldn't pick on me, so it's okay.

und mama, falls du mitliest, wie geht es euch und was macht kiki, meine kleine maus? ich hab von ihr heute nacht getraeumt. was ist mir ihr, sucht sie denn wenigstens mal ab und zu nach mir oder hat sie mich schon vergessen? :)

Luv ya,
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Da du dich mal wieder nicht trauen wirst, hier reinzuschreiben, mach ich es jetzt mal, hehe.
Wie geht es euch so, wie ist das Wetter, was macht Mirko *und seine Wohnung* und wie geht es meiner kleinen Maus?
Meld dich mal, Mama. Hab euch lieb!
Und lieben Gruss auch an Doris, Norbert und Anneliese!
Du weisst ja, dass es mir hier gut geht und ich mich wohl fuehle. Irgendwie kann ich es nicht glauben, dass es erst 3 Tage sind. Ich fuehle mich, als waere ich schon 3 monate hier :)

Ich gehe dann jetzt mal Richtung Zimmer, noch ein bisschen lesen und dann ab auf die Tattoo Convention!

Tschuessi! :)
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I can’t believe it. Only three days and I’ll see Dir en Grey live. Finally! After three years. Gosh, slowly I start to become nervous. I can’t wait for it, seriously. The music, Kyos voice, the athmosphere, seeing Kaoru. Wow, just wow. I am so, so excited. When I am listening music of Diru, I feel like my heart is start to bumping like crazy.

And Kaoru … he is SO my type of a guy, seriously. His whole behaviour, his style, he is … the perfect boyfriend for me ^^
I was always (since my puberty) attracted by rockers/rockstars. A guy like Gackt is in my taste of guys a huge exception. ^^
And I realize that I start to fall back in my old habit :P

Today I found two cute pics of Kaoru and yesh, he is SO MY TYPE :P

You know, when I see him, I know, he is a true guy. Drinking beer, smoking, fucking girls. Yeah, that is how to live, bitches >P

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yeah … you know, you are really cool, ne? >P

And I found a blog-entry of Kaoru and he is just cool. Just cool. He doesn’t care about others. He is talking about his work and you can see, how important it is for him. I like the fact, that he doesn’t care about the bitchy talks of his fans :D

Fans believe that I've turned 'emo' for some reason...Just cause I don't feel like going into detail on my answers in interviews. Or when I change the subject or something. I just don't wanna talk about it. That's all there is to it. I don't wanna talk about feelings and how others should feel during a song. It's not being 'emo', whatever the fuck that is. I can't speak for the others with there emotions or how they feel, when the interviewers ask. They speak for themselves. I can't do that for them.

And there I go, talking about work again. Damn...Screw this, I'm getting a beer.

He is awesome, so awesome. A pure, honest guy. Like a man has to be for me *_*

Today my mum got a call from the hospital. Next Tuesday she has to go again and on Wednesday (my birthday) is her surgery. Great timing ^^

Nya, that’s all from me, take care :)


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An awesome drawing of Kyo :3
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Happy Birthday, Dad!
It's your 68th Birthday now and I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart :3
♥ I love you ♥
And let's hope for awesome birthday parties for the next 32 years :D

Your daughter,

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Thanks God, my Internet is working \^^/
I have no idea, why I had so many problems yesterday evening. My ICQ worked, but I wasn’t able to open a page in firefox or Internet Explorer. And of course, when I told my problems to my brother and my parents, the first sentence was: That is your fault.
I can do whatever I want, it is always, A-L-W-A-Y-S, my fault =(
Is it a wonder, that I feel always guilty to be alive, when everyone is saying, that everything is my fault?
That is so painful and it takes every self-confidence away…

Nya, whatever… I should be used to it…

Yesterday I finished “Snow White ~Taste Sweet Love~”. And … oh my god, this dorama was soooo cute *_*
Gosh, I really adore Lee Wan =D
I guess, the next thing I wanna watch is the Anime “Chobits”. All the pictures I saw from Chobits were so beautiful and I’m pretty curious about it =)

And now I wanna show you some pictures. All of you know, that I got many cranes for Christmas, ne? =D
200 of them are hanging on my ceiling. and the rest of the cranes are in a huge packet ^^
And the amazing number of the cranes are 1386!!!
You all made 1386 cranes for me. That is amazing! And everytime when I look to the cranes, I’m feeling so loved and accepted :)
Thank you so much for this wonderful present :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thank you all ♥~
*gives everyone a huge hug*

Take care & lots of Hugs,


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