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...that you'll miss me @ everyone. u all making it so damn hard for me to leave singapore, seriously. we will keep in touch, i am coming back and yes, i will miss u too, for sure.

A new day

Jan. 27th, 2010 05:52 am
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And I am excited!
I'll go to the Raffles hotel today! Making more pictures, lol. after that i will walk around!
at 11AM I'll meet alecs in chinatown. and when we are finished I am waiting for jamies call, because she wanna bring me to some stores, where i can buy this beautiful dresses for less than 30 singapore dollar. if that is true and the dresses are so beautiful like this one I am wearing right now, I'll buy a lot for myself, I swear XD
And when I am coming back I'll go straight back to my bed, lol.
right now I am going to bed at 9pm so that I am able to see Singapore in the morning :3

Hm, one week less here in Singapore. Gosh, the time went by so damn fast. I can't believe it. but I've seen a lot. and i met really amazing and lovable people here :3

yesterday sarah gave me a book she bought here in singapore as a goodbye-present because she left for indonesia. okay, it is about god, but who cares? if it helps, fine. if not, it's okay, too.
but the fact that she thought on me is just ... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

so, now i'll chat a little bit more with jutta! :)

hope, I can write another entry when I am back and no one is at the internet XD

See ya! :3
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I will go to Chinatown this evening together with Alecs and Mae. Today it starts the chinese new year there, so I am kinda excited :)

Ok, I am sick. really sick. the problems with my stomach became worse and I got a cold sore *sigh*
So I took a cab to Mustafa and a pharmacy. I really don't like those malls because they are so huge that you can't find something.
I bought some creme against the cold sore and some pills against the stomach pains.
My Grace from the hostel is very worried about me and said I should go to a doctor. She would bring me to one if I want.
But let's see. I will take the medicine now and hoping that it will become better.
For tomorrow I actually wanted to go to Chinatown or Burgis, but I think I will stay at home, concentrating myself of becoming healthy. It's a little time-out, that is not so bad.
I have still time and when I don't see everything in this trip, I'll see it when I am coming back.

Don't worry.
Lots of Love,

my day

Jan. 21st, 2010 10:08 pm
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seriously, I am turning into a vampire here, lol.
I am sleeping so long and going way too late in my bed ^^
but i am enjoying every second :3
today i went with grace together to the cinema and we watched "Legion", a pretty cool movie. Paul Bettany was the leading actor and he was so, so cool! I like him :3
after that we walked around the orchard road. gosh, in the evening it is so, so full ^^
and u can see a lot of foreigners there.
so, we went to takashimaya, sat at the fountain and made silly pictures, lol. I tend to be such a camwhore here in singapore >P
After that we went to a shop and ate there damn yummy icecream :D
was so, so tasty. So, Grace and I wanna go to the cinema next week again, watching the movie with Jamie Foxx and Gerald Butler, it looked really cool!

for tomorrow i'll probably going to the singapore flyer with alecs together. i am not so sure about it, i am still waiting for his message :)
when he is busy tomorrow I'll go to Burgis, Chinatown or visiting Suntec City. I am not sure about it. I will decide tomorrow, I think.

And I realized today that I won't see everything what i wanted to see in singapore because i love it to hang around with my friends instead of doing sight-seeing, lol XD

That means I can still come back and explore more beautiful sides of Singapore :)

So, I hope everyone is fine and enjoying themselves!

Take care :)



Jan. 20th, 2010 11:49 pm
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Today I've met Grace :D
And Graces sister and her sisters boyfriend. And i had a a great time. Ivon is so cute and so open-minded and her boyfriend billy is from norway, a guy with a lot of tattoos and piercings. we all had an amazing connection to each other and I enjoyed the time so, so much!
We went to the Orchard Ion, to Takashimaya, Orchard Roard, Burgis ... and I am dead now, lol. So, so tired. I tried to make some pictures of the Orchard Ion but all of them got blurry :(
Tomorrow I am going with Grace together in the cinema, yay! Watching a movie with Jay Chou ... double yay!
Hope u all are having a great time! :)

Going to bed now, oyasumi :)

Anke! :)
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oh my god, I had an amazing day. just an amazing day.
but let me start from the beginning.

yesterday i did nothing. seriously, i slept the whole day. and when I woke up ... i did nothing, lol. in the evening i went out with jamie for dinner in the food centre. we had a long and intense talk about our lives and it was very touching. seriously, i am learning so, so much here. about the people, their lifes, my life. about emotions, the life, about religion or how to handle the life.
this trip is so inspiring. I am meeting so many beautiful people, making new experiences. It is amazing, just amazing.

Sadly yesterday evening i had trouble with my stomach again. normally i don't have any problems with asian food, but this time i am extremely sensitive. so i throw up twice yesterday :(
I really felt horrible, tried to go early to bed, but couln't sleep.

so, to wake up at 8am this morning was pretty hard. but i hate a *date* with alecs on 10.30am
I thought, okay, u have enough time, u can take a long, hot shower. i was SO WRONG, lol. the water was icecold. so i needed only 5 minutes, lol. I left the hostel 9am, took the bus 147 to the central. So I was there ... 1 hour and 15 minutes too early, lol. I sat on the Singapore river and watched people. I really love it there.
so, alecs came too late. he is nagging about me the whole time that i am too slow, but he is always so late. we are the perfect couple, lol.

so, we met us and went to the mrt ... and ... omg, that was so embarrassing, rofl. the ground was slippery and of course ... I slipped out, looool. but thanks god I didn't fell on my ass in front of him. he was pretty fast and grabbed me ... and he didn't take his hand away *giggles*
It was one of those moments ... like in a bad dorama, rofl.

So, we went to the station and talked and took the mrt to the harbour ... place, whatever XD

so, vivo city is a huge mall. a really huge mall. u can walk there for hours and hours and u doesn't see everything. i thought about buying stuff for my family and friends, but honestly ... i don't know what to buy, lol o_O
I really want to buy stuff for family and friends but when I am seeing things I don't have the urge to buy o.O"
maybe when I am close to leaving singapore. let us see.

so, i walked around with alecs, he bought me something to eat and then we found at the information centre some flyers about the next concerts ... and I found one flyer I was pretty attached to it.

on february 1st and 2nd there is a concert at the esplanade concert hall.
"Oh Joonsung Drama Concert - Music from Korean Drama Favourites"
With special Appereances by:
Bobby Kim, Mario& and ... SHINee
omfg ... SHINee? SHINee are coming to Singapore? O.O

I was like ... oh no, I can't attend it. it is too expensive and ... I don't know.
So, when Alecs left me around 12.30pm, I went to the terrace and thought ... wtf? Why can't u going, Anke? Tell me one fucking reason about it?
so, i was insecure at the date. Would I be still there at february 1st? So I messaged Jutta to call my mum and ask for my last day here in Singapore because I am always forgetting when I have to leave, lol.
So, Jutta did it and called my mum, rofl XDDD (in germany it was around 8am) ... DANKEEEEEEE! DANKE FUER DEINE HILFE MAUS!

And when I got the message, that I am still here at February 1st, I went to the information centre and asked there for the ticket. And I could buy it there. So I did it XD
I am going to another concert and seeing SHINee! HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT?!?!
Now I am seeing for the first time in my life korean artists, woooooohoooooo!!!

so, i was totally happy and went to the terrace again. and it is really beautiful there. u can walk around and sit ... and playing in the water XD

U can have a first impression of it here:



it is really an awesome place and I enjoyed it so much. for hours, lol. and of course i got a new sunburn, rofl XD
but i don't care because i had a really awesome time there!

so, i was truly blessed because i watched a beautiful sunset there and made amazing pictures! :D

I left vivo city in the evening and because i was so fucking lazy i took a cab. and i swear, singaporean cab drivers are funny. i had a really and interesting talk with the driver and laughed so, so much. he talked about singapore and the foreigners, asked me whether i would teach children here or not oO
i was surprised and asked him why he is thinking something like that. he answered: your english is for a german pretty amazing and u are a pretty young woman, so i think u are teaching or studying.
I told him that i would love to work here and he said, many foreigners who are having a brain (lol) are able to work and to live here without problems. it would be very easy to find a job in singapore so i should try it!

cool, ne? so many people are thinking i would teach here o.O

So, when i came back from the hostel and our grace asked me where I was today. So i told her in the next second that i am going to a concert. and she said, aaaaaah, i wanna go there, too XD
Maybe she will buy a ticket as well and so we can go together, lol XDDDD

awesome, so awesome!

nya, right now i am back at the hostel, sitting at the lounge and watching with the other tv.
oh by the way, i am totally silly. i made several pictures of my fingers today. i draw some funny faces on it and made pictures. like pictures of my feet, rofl.
i have way too much fun to make silly pictures, lol.

and i played with a little boy today at vivo city. i swear, when u have the time, do it as well! take off your shoes (not now, but when the first sunshine is here!) and walk barefeet through the grass and jump in a ... waterthingie, lol. i don't know the right word XDDDD

so, for tomorrow i will meet grace, her sister ivon and her boyfriend XDDDD

This will be an amazing week, seriously!!!

take care everyone!!!

Anke :DDD
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I am still feeling sick. and i don't know why. like i wrote it in the other entry, i woke up this morning and had horrible stomach pains. alecs said to me i have to use the oil which i bought it and rubb it on my belly. it actually helped a little bit. it was a warm feeling like my mum would stroke my belly ^^

for today i am doing nothing. i wanted to go out, but i am not feeling so well. so, i only left the hostel for eating something and buying water. now I am back and i think, i'll stay in my room for the whole evening.

today a lot of students came to the hostel, so it is booked out and lout and too many people are around. at least for me.
another girl came in my room, too, so i am not alone anymore. that means, here are a lot of people and i think i can't use the computer terminal so often like the last days, sorry. so i can't replying on your comments so fast. i am sorry for that.

when i feel a little bit better tomorrow i will use the time to go to the swimming complex. for tomorrow evening i want to go out with alecs and the wife. he want to bring me to a korean restaurant and said to me, u have to eat faster

i am really so, so slow :(
but when i would be so fast like him he couldn't pick on me, so it's okay.

und mama, falls du mitliest, wie geht es euch und was macht kiki, meine kleine maus? ich hab von ihr heute nacht getraeumt. was ist mir ihr, sucht sie denn wenigstens mal ab und zu nach mir oder hat sie mich schon vergessen? :)

Luv ya,
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today i told u that i am very lazy and sleepy, ne? so i thought, i would only going to the lavender food square today, meeting alecs, having lunch, saying goodbye and going back to the hostel for sleep...
When I am together with alecs i never know what happens. thinking about eating here? no way. we have to go like 30 minutes far away (is ja nicht so, als wuerden wir zwischenzeitlich an 100 foodshops vorbeilaufen, rofl). so, when I was close to a breakdown because of the heat, he finally found a shop which was good enough, lol.
and trust me, I tried some strange things. at first I've eat some noodles with meat, that was very tasty. I had some soup with vegetables, some fish eggs *and no, no caviar ... it was actually some fish meat pressed into a ball*, fish *it was extremely gelly but kay* and some meat balls. The last taste pretty nice.
Alecs ate some pig intestines and said always I should try it. But no way. Doen't matter what I feel for him, but I am NOT eating this.

the funniest thing is, that I can always laugh with alecs. he has an awesome humor and I am laughing so, so often. really cute are our funny conversations. they are awesome. We had one today and when I am thinking about it, I am still giggling.
so, when we went to the fortune teller, I had to lay my hands on a stone. don't ask me for what.
so, we had this conversation:

alecs: so what did u feel when u touched the stone?
me: it was actually pretty cold
alecs: oh yeah ... because it was a stone
me: no, not this way. it was a strange coldness
alecs: yeah, that was because the stone stood next to an air conditioner >_>"
me: -_-
alecs: HELLOOOOOOOOOO?!? I am a stone, of course I am cold xDDD

so, we having the most strange conversations ever. He told me about I should visit a prostitute, just for looking. making pictures and so on o.O
I asked him why he knows about such things *blinkblink* and he answered in this cool way: because I am a guy.

I don't know how often I started to laugh. he is awesome. and cute. supercute! (that's a thing he said about himself :P)

So, we went to the Mustafa Complex and I joined him when he bought something for his shop. Even then we made some jokes, lol.
When he was finished, we made a picture for facebook and I hope I am not looking ugly or too fat, lol.

So, he left me and I went around a little bit. So, I bought something to drink and sat on a bench. After a while I saw a guy sitting there, staring at me o.O
At first I thought, okay, maybe he wants to be nice ... and everytime I looked he smiled. So I was really confused about it. The next time when I took a look in his direction, he sat on the next table o.O
After five minutes he stood next to me o____O
And he started a conversation. Oh wait, let me say it like it really was ... he tried it, but his accent was so hard that I had problems to understand him o.O
I talked about a boyfriend and not having time, went in the next shop to buy some stuff for my hair ... as I noticed that the guy followed me o____O
I was confused and after some minutes I became really annoyed. Then he disappeared and was so happy because I thought, yes, finally he is away ... and then he appeared again in the corridor I stood and asked me: ready for loving?



No, I am not ready for making love with an indian stranger. u are so NOT my type of a guy and I am NOT going with the next one in a hotel, having sex -__-
I guess, my reaction of his question was pretty clear so he left the shop. Gosh, I was ... grrrrrrr
Damn those guys. First the two black ones, now the indian one. Hey, I AM in asia. where are the asian ones? LOL.

Anyway, I had a really nice talk with Grace from the hostel now. Nearly 2 hours. She is so cute and she is looking like Lucy Liu :D

I think, I'll go to my room now, changing clothes and going to the swimming complex XD

Like Alecs said ... are u going there for sinking down or swimming? XDDDDD
Lol, I told him that I can't swim, so I am just enjoying the water *____*

See u, Sweethearts XD
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yeah, right, i did it. went to the swimming complex today. and it was so, so, so cool *___*
when it is so hot like here and u are going into the pool, the cool water is floating over youre body. best feeling ever. i enjoyed it so, so much. i think, i will visit the swimming complex more than just once :D
actually i wanted to go in the morning, but i slept so long (ah, the fortune teller yesterday told me i have to sleep more) und didn't want to leave my bed, lol.
so i went to the swimming complex at 1PM. when i left the hostel the heat hit me. it was so, so hot and i really had the feeling of burning. but hey, no pain, go gain ... like ... no sun, no water? :P

I went to the pool several times, back to the bench, finished my third book, slept a little bit and messaged like crazy with alecs.

ok, that is kinda mean. when i am in germany i am never using my cellphone, lol. ask jutta :P
it is really hard to find any contact with me. but now? I am sending messages like an addict, lol. but u know, when u are messaging 10x here, u get 50 more messages for free. so, why should i ignore this offer? :P

For tomorrow I'll meet alecs again, yay :D
he is bringing me to his doc because of my backpains. after that we are going to his hairdresser. he had a really cute thought today and I have to share it. he send me this message:
anyway, just a thought, since you are changing, wanna go see my hair dresser and ge a new hair do, like a perm? ;)

at first i thought, wtf. but after some minutes i asked myself, why not? okay, not really for a perm (dun want to spend 200 dollar for it), but maybe for a new hairstyle? let's see. when we are done with all the things I am staying at clarke quy or taking the mrt to the sea (just 3 stations away from the central).

for today I am done, lol. I am tired, but relaxed and happy. just watching a little bit tv or reading and going early to bed, I think :D

so, take care, sweethearts :3

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So, in an hour Grace is picking me up for going to the tattoo convention, yay. I am prepared with a digi cam with full batteries and a lot of space :D

Today it seems like it would be a very, very hot day o.O
Maybe I should take a little bit sunlotion with me. would be better, ne?

I am still sleepy. I guess it was 3AM when I fell finally asleep and to crawl of my back this morning was really hard, lol.

Nya, don't have more to tell, rofl.

See u, honeybunnies XDDDDD
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lol. at first i have to say one thing. today i was so NOT in the mood for a concert, for going out or leaving the hostel. I was actually very grumpy because of this muggy heat. For a second i thought about staying in my room, but Sata said to me *go out and enjoy yourself* So, I did. And it was a good choice. It was a really good choice.

Actually, Rosie didn't pick me up today because she was working. wasn't so bad for me, because of thatI had to go alone out. I found a cab, I had a really awesome conversation about bollywood shows and seeling their tickets for 500 singapore dollars *what means 250 euro* with the driver and laughed a lot. The singapore indoor stadium is pretty impressing. and it is next to a river. not the singapore river, but another one. and the condominiums there are impressive. awesome. I made a lot of pictures.
There was a little bit of *beach* so I made some pretty pictures with the beach, the river, all the buildings behind. I sat there at the river, listened to Kangta and messaged with alecs.
maybe it sounded kitchy, but i felt so good and I wanted to share this moment with him, even when he didn't was in my near.

And by the way ... jutta? Ich hab Fotos von einem stein gemacht. Ich hab es dir gesagt!!! :D

Anyway, at first it was kinda hard for me. I was the only caucasian there, so everone, really everyone, looked or stared at me o.O
I felt so uncomfortable and was close to tears, so I messaged alecs again and told him, what I feel. He cheered me up and was there for me ♥
So, they opened the doors at 7.30PM. I went inside *between all those pretty asian people* and there was a table with stuff. I grabbed a noticebook with david tao on the cover, because it was for free. there were posters, too, but i didn't pick one because I was to shy o.O
So, I went to my place and i had a really awesome view to the stage. god, I was so close o.O
it was forbidden to take pictures in the hall and during the show, but everyone did it. So, I did it too *blushes*
And I was a bad girl, because ... I recored some of the songs with him. At first I recorded David at the stage ... before realizing that next to me was a huge screen, rofl. So I hope, I did it right ... I guess so, because the card of Juttas digicam is full now, lol.

So, I can't say one thing about the songs he sung. I have no idea about his songs. But he sang a lot of famous songs like Another Brick in the Wall, It's easy, All you need is love ... and he owned my heart when he sang FOXY LADY of Jimi Hendrix. Do u know that I love the songs of Jimi Hendrix since I am 17?
And I have to say one thing. He is an awesome guitar player. Awesome. I sat often there with an open mouth, staring at the screen, having goosebumps, lol.
And he is a pretty guy. Not bad for his 40 years. Actually he looks like he would be 32. He told us, that all the singapore women are damn pretty and he is single, searching for the love of his life.
Sometimes he spoke in english and he was so funny, that I laughed a lot. But in the middle of the sentence he changed into chinese, everyone laughed and I didn't understand one single word, lol.
I really have to learn chinese, seriously.

He is awesome. He invited a fan to come on the stage, held her hand and sang for her *I recorded that, hehe*. At one song he had a choir of singaporean kids on the stage and they sang with him. Jesus, that was ... whoa, just whoa. Very amazing.
And his voice is love, pure love. He can sing the highest tones and it sounds so awesome. His voice reminds me a little bit of Leehom Wang. Or is Leehom Wang singing like David Tao? lol.

He told some funny things about his life. That he learned playing guitar when he was very young. He learned while he was eating, while he was on toilet ... sometimes more than 30 minutes and his mum knocked like crazy on the door, asking him what he is doing, rofl.
Or learning during sleep. so he had 6 strings on his face in the morning and it wasn't cool to go to school like that :P

Or talking about his parents. That his dad loved elvis presley and his mum was a opera singer from the peking opera. So at night he heard his father singing *Love me tender* and then he heard his mum, singing chinese opera *and when u don't know what I mean, use youtube to watch it* peking opera can be very disturbing. he said that, too.

His manager Andy had his birthday today so we sang for him Happy Birthday, that was really cool. David tried really hard to cheer up the audience, but the singaporean people are really shy. He noticed that and then he left the stage, came to the barrier, yelled *screw the rules* and than we sang together.

there were a lot of children on the barrier and David stroked them, gave handshakes and kissed a little girl. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :3

Really amazing was, the concert started at 8.48PM and ended at 23.35PM!!! Isn't that amazing? I am still flashed of the concert and I have really to look for some of his cds here.

I've met two lovely and cute chinese girls and before the concert started, we talked about him, JJ Lin, ZaiZai and F4, rofl. They were so surprised that a german girl is interesting in chinese culture and music and staying here for 4 weeks. When I talked about coming here and staying here, both of them said to me: U really need a job here. U are knowing more than me about Singapore.
The whole time they said I should live here ... maybe, who knows? :)
So I will add them at facebook. We changed numbers and they wanna go out with me for dinner, yay :D

Isn't it amazing that I am meeting here so many interesting people who are liking me and interested in me and where I am from?
Shoe said to me: U are having an exciting life. And at the moment ... is it true :D

So, that is all from me.
I have to go off now, taking a short shower and going to sleep *next to saying my buddhist prayers* because of getting up at 9AM, preparing to go together with Grace for the tattoo convention. Yay!

Lots of Love,

Edit: At the end I snagged some of the posters, lol. XDDDD
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I can not login into facebook and I don't have any idea why. when it works, my whole facebook side looks fucked up =(
That sucks because I wanted to send Kazuki-chan my cellphone number and wanted to see what is going on with my friends.
I think, maybe facebook is having some problems and I hope they will fix it as soon as possible.

So, I really woke up this morning at 6AM with a smile on my face. I came online maybe to catch Jutta, but she slept probably at 11PM? :D
So, I replied on some comments, went back to my single-room and tried to sleep. but I couldn't, maybe because i feel so happy, lol.

I think I will pack my stuff again in my bags to change my room. it is now 8AM, so I don't wanna wake up the other girl. Have to wait a little bit more =)

So, this morning I thought about yesterday and I really want to share something with u what made me giggling the whole time.
I told alecs that I really like it to listen to him when he is speaking chinese. So, we sat at the cab, I looked at him, smiled and said:
Alecs? Could you say something in chinese because I love it listening to u.
Alecs: Ni Hao? o.O
*burst out into laughters*
I know, that sounds so silly, but the way he said it and looked at me, I couldn't stop. He has an awesome humor and he nagged about me the whole time yesterday when we eat something, because I was too slow, lol.
And he has a really bad habit. When I've eaten he told me about the most disgusting dishes I have ever heard of it. Like eating living fishes or eating the eyes of a fish, frog, pork skin and whatever. The whole time I was yelling *eeeeeeeeeeeeew*
I guess, he liked it, lol.
He is awesome. Can't wait to see him again. yesterday night he send me a message again, but my cellphone was in my room, so I got his message this morning. what a lovely way to wake up :)

I'll send him a message later, when he woke up, because I am pretty sure he is still sleeping now.

So, that's all from me. And come on, people, give me comments, I have to answer something when I am coming online, lol.

Lots of Hugs =)



Jan. 7th, 2010 11:31 pm
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Today i made another beautiful experience. here at the hostel is a girl named sata. she is beautiful. when i saw her for the first time she got totally my attention. she said her name, gave me a handshake and smiled.
So, when I sat here at the *livingroom* she was next to me and I thought on a sentence which I ve read in the book that alecs gave me.
When u are having a positive thought, share it. u will make the other person happy and you, too.
So, I smiled at her and said: Sata, I have to say something to you. U are really beautiful, I love your stile. I think u are really a beautiful person.

And yes, so I broke the ice, the border. I did it. I did what I felt and she gave me her warmest smile and she opened up and we talked a lot. She is a hippie-girl with dreadlocks and she is having the most beautiful smile on earth and a deep heart and a very deep soul. I am so, so glad that I made this trip. That I am opening myself, starting to get re-born with every day. For now I am done with the people who hurt me. That was a lesson, not a mistake. They showed me my borders.
Now I am prepared for the good ones who are in my life. my family, jutta, my friends. I think I start to accept that they are loving me. Not asking anymore why they are doing that. They have their reasons. The most important thing is, they love me. Me. For what I am.

I hope that this journey is bringing me more such wonderful experiences, making me stronger, helping me to heal, to accept the dark path which I went through the last 5 years.

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okay, hier bin ich. ich bin gut angekommen. der flug von frankfurt aus ging puenktlich, yay. hatte auch keine probleme in der tuerkei. bei nacht ueber istanbul zu fliegen ist echt genial. das sieht so wunderschoen und gross aus. wie gesagt, ich hatte keine verspaetung, aber wir haben dann mit dem flugzeug sehr lange auf der landebahn gestanden und so kam es doch wirklich noch zu einer 40-minuetigen verspaetung.
ich hab im flugzeug grade noch was gegessen, dann bin ich eingeschlafen bis etwa 40 minuten bevor wir in singapur angekommen sind. habe auch schon viele tolle fotos geschossen.
in singapur habe ich dann gute 2 stunden auf rosie gewartet, dann sind wir hier zum hostel. schade, dass es umgezogen ist. es ist zwar sauber hier und alle haben sie mich erkannt und sich sehr gefreut. bin aufgenommen worden wie ein verlorenes familienmitglied. leider haben wir keinen garten mehr hier und die jugendherberge liegt jetzt im vierten stock. da mein zimmer belegt ist, habe ich fuer heute nacht von ah-long das einzelzimmer bekommen :D
Rosie und ich sind dann erstmal hier um die Ecke rum und haben mir ein handy gekauft. eins fuer gute 40 euro, von sony. das reicht hier fuer den urlaub. die nummer poste ich dann auch noch, die liegt grad im zimmer und ich bin zu faul dahin zu gehen.

kann auch sein, dass ich ins hostel nach little india umziehe, aber das wuerde mich ein bisschen mehr kosten. ich weiss noch nicht, ob ich das mache, da ich ja hier alle leute kenne.

Gunjan habe ich auch schon getroffen :D
Jetzt sitze ich hier, gaehne und bin total muede. wollte aber noch ein bisschen mit gunjan reden. auf alle faelle melde ich mich morgen wieder.

dank jutta habe ich ja gehoert, dass du, papa und kiki doch noch gut nach hause gekommen sind. war doch ein bisschen yu viel fuer die kleine maus, oder? ich hoffe, es geht euch gut. ich werde mich hier regelmaessig melden, also mitlesen lohnt sich mama. und eins muss noch gesagt werden. weine nie wieder so wie am flughafen ;)
mir hat es ja fast das herz gebrochen und fuer ne weile wollte ich nicht mehr weg. aber geniesse die zeit ohne mich. obwohl ich dich jetyt schon vermisse. den rest auch, genauso wie mirko und kiki. knuddel die beiden dolle von mir.

wie gesagt, morgen mache ich nix, aber freitag abend geht es dann schon mal aufs konzert von david tao, yay. und wochenende dann tattoo convention, aber da ruf ich dann nochmal alecs und grace an.

so, das war es jetzt schon. an alle anderen auch liebe gruesse. und jutta, falls du das liest und zeit hast, darfst du auch schon mal gerne uebersetzen.

btw, 16 euro fuer eine stunde internet am flughafen sind WAY TOO MUCH
und 3,64 euro fuer eine dose fanta am flughafen von istanbul sind auch viel zu viel ;)

fuehlt euch geknuddelt
eure anke

Edit Jutta:
Translation for the non-German-speaking
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Alles Liebe zum Nikolaus!!!
Wünsche euch einen ganz schönen Tag und vielleicht
bekommt ihr ja auch was süßes, da ihr alle so brav gewesen seid? ;)
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My dearest Lara!

♥ I wish you all the best for your birthday ♥
Have a lot of fun, nice presents and a
wonderful time with your beloved ones!
I wish you a lot of love, luck, health and
everything you wish for the next year!

Lots of love,

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♥ I wish you all the best for your birthday ♥

For the next year I wish you a lot of love, strength and positive thoughts which shall surround you everytime!

Have a wonderful day with your beloved ones!

*gives you thousand hugs & kisses*

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Finally :3

Aug. 23rd, 2009 12:28 pm
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So, now I am waiting for Jutta is coming to my home :D
And finally I'll see her after three months! \^^/
That means, for today I am off ^^
But I'll update my LJ when I am at her home, I think :)

Take care everyone & lots of love,


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Folgender ICQ-Talk vor wenigen Minuten:

Astrae ‎(06:55):
yay, morgen nur noch 5 monate und 1 woche \^^/
oh, hab ich erzählt, mit welcher airline ich flieg? :|
Christopher ‎(06:55):
Astrae ‎(06:55):
türkish airlines ;_;
Christopher ‎(06:55):
Christopher ‎(06:55):
war schön dich kennen gelernt zu haben

Ich LIEBE Christopher XDDD
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♥ Meine liebe Sandra ♥

Ich wünsche dir zu deinem Geburtstag alles, alles Gute!
Viel Erfolg, Gesundheit, Liebe, Glück für das neue Lebensjahr.
Und was du dir sonst so wünschst!
Habe einen wundervollen Abend und genieße die Zeit mit deinen Lieben.

Alles, alles Liebe
Deine Anke

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