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...because I am totally in love with CHOI MINHO and i think, he deserves it to be on a header, lol XDDD
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Came bock for a while from the cinema. Jutta and I watched the movie Ninja Assassin with RAIN. And damn, that was SO my type of a movie! XD
Blood, a halfnaked RAIN, more blood, more blood, more halfnaked RAIN! XD
Awesome! Best slasher movie ever XDDD
So much better as many horror movies I've seen XD
And I NEED the dvd of this movie! :D

And because RAIN is damn hot I decided to change my header :D
Funny thing is: When I was this year in Singapore I had a RAIN-Header. Now I am going back and I am having again a new header of him XDDD

Gosh, I love this movie! :D
I love RAIN! XD

So, I am off now! Watching a little bit TV with Jutta, talking and enjoying my time with her :3

Love you :)

In Love!

Nov. 29th, 2009 10:29 pm
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I am having a new Header :3
It's Lee Min Wo :3
credits goes to [livejournal.com profile] danmaku!
Thank you so, so much, Sweetheart :3
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Isn't it gorgeous? *_*
It's my alltime-Hottie Kaoru :333
This great header was made by [livejournal.com profile] blacklabatory and I LOVE IT :D
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Need something new ... and the header looks adorable, ne? :)
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Look at my layout!
I have a wonderful, adorable new header!
It looks so shiny and cheerful! Like a wonderful summer :3

This header was made by my lovely dear Mercedes!
Thank you so much for it! =D
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And again ... a new header :D
I really adore my layout, but I wanted a new header. Of course with Joo Ji Hoon :3
Even when there is a huge drug-scandal about him, I am still in love with him ♥~
And [livejournal.com profile] danmaku made four (!) pretty headers of him, so I can change the headers in the future again :D
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I made a new header again :D
And this time I am really, really satisfied with it *_*
I love the pictures of JJs Sixology Album SO much ... but all the pictures I found where so tiny. So I scanned my Sixology Booklet. And I think, my header looks gorgeous :D

*JJ knuddel*

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I couldn't resist, but I made a new Header for my Layout ^______^
And of course it's Lee Wan ♥~

Gosh, I love him ♥_♥


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