Oct. 28th, 2009 07:31 pm
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Just something I want to show :D
The tickets of the Miyavi & MUCC concert ... AND my autographs of MUCC :D

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Oh my god! I am still totally flashed from Miyavi! :D

But let’s start at the beginning, ne? ;D

Jutta, my mum and myself left our apartment pretty late for my taste ;P
Normally I am forcing them to drive so early as possible to a concert. But today I wasn’t in the mood for it ^^

Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood for a concert. But every time when I want to see Miyavi live I am feeling like that. Don’t know why ^^
But when I am feeling like this the concerts became always (!) gorgeous =D

So, we started at 4.30 PM and had a 2 hours drive. I’ve read the whole time in a book, so the time passed by really fast.
When we arrived at the concert hall I was irritated by the few people I saw in the front of the entry o.O
Like 50 people O_O
My first thought was … wtf? Is nobody interested in Miyavi anymore?
But I was so wrong ^^
The opened the door so that the most of the fans were inside of the hall when we arrived ^^
So, it was pretty cool to go to the entry, going inside without any crazy pushing fangirlies ^^

I tried to buy two posters of Miyavi, but there were too many people for me there. I didn’t like it and they pushed too much for me. So I’ve waited for Jutta and my mum. When we met again, I took Jutta with me and went direction stage. My mum didn’t want it. She is more the person who is standing behind, just watching.
Jutta and I had a great place. We were at the left side and I had the perfect view on the stage. So, we waited … and waited … and waited =D

On the tickets you could read that on 7 PM they would open the door, but it was already open ^^
So, the lights turned off and at 7.30 PM the band came on the stage \^^/
I guess, Miyavi did it too, lol.
I tried to see from what direction he came on the stage, but I missed it XD
And suddenly he stood on the stage. And he looked sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. So unbelievable good *_*!!!
He wore a black jeans, a black singlet with a silver (?) print and a black jacket *_*
His hair is kinda short in the neck, black with a little bit of blonde ^^
Very cool!
The first two songs he didn’t play the guitar, but I didn’t care. I love it when he is rapping ;D
It was awesome ^^
I have to admit I can’t remember the set list. I know every song of him, but I can’t remember the titles. I am just too old for it, LOL! XD

But the fifth song was a guitar solo!
And it was awesome. I really love it that Miyavi is influenced by blues, funk and jazz. I love it. And to watch him playing the guitar is just ... mdfjdhdgdhdgdgfgf O_O
It makes you speechless! :D

The best thing of the whole concert was the fact that he spoke in English. I was so, so happy about it. So I could finally understand him. And his English was perfect. I understood everything he said. Of course he turned on the fans with “Can’t hear you!”, “Jump, Jump, Jump!” (XD), “Are you having fun?” “Ihr seid geil” XD
It was awesome.
But when he started to talk about the last months, when he became independent and he was scared and than he realized that all his fans stood still behind him, even when he became a daddy, I started to cry. I never did this before. I cried at Dir en Grey because I felt a lot of pain inside of me … but I never cried at a concert because an artist touched me so deeply.
When he said “I became a dad”, everyone started to applaud and he sounded so proud. So proud and full of love when he said the name of his daughter Lovely.
I wanted to hug him. Really. I really wanted to hug him, stroke his hair and say: I am unbelievable proud of you.
And hey, I can do that :D
I am older than him XD
I cried so much I couldn’t believe it. And in the next moment I started to dance and laugh because it was just awesome :D

One song (don’t know the title of it) was so wonderful, because he sung only with a piano (playback ^^). It was enthralling. And I got goose bumps ;D

He had so much fun, he gave everything. Unfortunately he had some trouble with his voice, but anyway he gave his best. He gave his heart and his soul and you could feel it. And he always said how thankful he is for the support the fans gave him in the last months. That doesn’t matter where we live and what we are doing, so much things are connecting us. Like music… (and yes, I cried again ^^)

His band was kinda cool, too ^^
But they were shy at the same time XD
My favourite was the Bassist … gosh, I love guys with a bass *_*
99% of them are damn sexy :P
And this guy was it, too =D

After the eight song Miyavi made a little break. And a guy of the staff helped him to leave the stage because he was so exhausted. But he came back and sung again. And talked with us again.

And you know what was really gorgeous? Some fans started to push like crazy and Miyavi saw the girls suffering in the first rows … so he said to the fans: “Can you go back one step, please? No pushing. Just go back for one step” … and the fans did it. I never, never, saw this before. The fans did it. And everyone was happy.

I really saw a lot of Japanese bands and I love them all, but Miyavi is acting with his fans so much. Not those stupid five minutes cm other artists doing. No, he is really communicating with his fans, showing his true self. He is having a strong connection to them and I am so happy that I was a part of it :3

I don’t know how many songs he sung, but my mum said he had a real play time of 1 1/2 hours, what is really a lot ^^

And of course he gave an encore ^^
A funny thing was that all the fans yelled everytime “Miyavi! Miyavi! Miyavi” and he was too cool! He replied: “Yeah, that’s my name” XD
And when they didn’t stop he said: “I know, I know”
I don’t know why, but I laughed a lot about it ^^
He is just a cool guy :D
And I was so happy that I shout out: We love you! And Jutta said, I was loud enough that the club heared me, lol.
He smiled, so I think he heard me too XD

Nya … I think, that’s all. I am so happy that the concert was so great. That he showed so much of his soul. And that he touched me sooo deeply.
He said: When you are calling my name, I am coming back soon!
And I trust him :D
I want him to come back!

Thanks for everything, Miyavi-san!!!
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It was awesome, just awesome!
I had so much fun and Miyavi is just gorgeous *_*
I am totally in love with him :3
I danced, banged my head, jumped, cried, laughed.
It was awesome.
I am so flashed and I really adore him!

Thanks Miyavi-san for such a great concert!
I am unbelievable happy for you!
And for all of your fans :D

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Yay, it's time. Time for Miyavi :D
I am so happy to see him again.
I am sure this concert will be awesome :D

Have fun @ myself, Jutta and my mum :D

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I can't describe what I feel when I see this Picture...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's just love.

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thank u for ur lovely comments from such different places !!
lemme announce her name to the world here.
we hope our lil girl will become a person who is able to love and also be loved,
and that's the reason of her life and why she is born.
so we gave her the name 愛理 "Lovelie"

愛 stands for Love
理 stands for Reason
"The reason of Love"
and also we gave her a middle name.
"Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara "as an american.
Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara
Please give her a lot of love and kisses !!
The rights to love and to be loved is not just one person's only.
On the same time, happiness is something that should be shared.
We want to be a family where we can share love and happiness to everyone around us through our happiness.
Let's start from I LOVE YOU.


That is SO, SO adorable! When I read his entry in his myspace, I was so happy that I started to cry (but just a little bit ^^). I am really, really happy for him and Melody. And the little picture is so beautiful and so full of love! Wah, I could hug him the whole time!
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Miyavi-san became a daddy!!!
And it's a girl!
I am so, so happy for him :333

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Miyavi is coming to Germany! Cologne! In September!
I told Jutta to take free the weekend.
And I told it my mum. And she wants to see him too.
God, this concert will be so, so awesome! *jump*
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Really, that made my day!!!
I am so unbelievable happy for him! Yay, congratulations Miyavi-san! You're becoming a daddy! How cute and adorable is that? I wish you for the rest of your life your wife at your side and a lot of cute miyababies!!! A lot of!!!

OMG, OMG, OMG ... I can't believe it. I am so, so, so happy for him \^^/

(source: http://community.livejournal.com/miyabi_dear/792379.html)

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I thought, my day would become the crappiest day of my life, but damn, that made my day and I am so unbelievable happy for him!

By the way, if you need the perfect distraction and a movie to laugh, watch this:

The movie is awesome and so worthy. And now we all know ... Heavy Metal rules the world, yay \m/
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Yeah, it's true, I made a lot of icons ... again =D
So, maybe you like some of them? :)

[09] Miyavi
[24] SCREW
[18] Shou (Alice Nine)
[40] Gackt
[15] Siwon
[12] An Cafe (with Bou)
[07] JJ Lin

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

You can find the icons here @ [livejournal.com profile] ragingxblood :)
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I was very busy with making a lot of icons. I hope, you like them ^-^

[48] Gackt
[02] You (Gackt-Job)
[11] Hyde
[05] Hakuei
[04] Miyavi
[08] D'espairsRay
[02] Vampire Knight
[04] X
[04] XXXHoLiC
[09] Yami no Matsuei
[03] Mana
[03] Miku (An Cafe)
[07] Takeru (SUG)
[01] Takeru & Ryuuji


You can find the Icons here ;)
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Yes, I made icons again ^^
God, I am so damn addicted to it, it's unbelievable. And like always I tried out many different things. And of course I couldn't resist to make icons of "Bounty Killer". I think, they looks not bad, ne? ;D

Nya, anyway. Here are the icons =)

Gackt/Bounty Killer [11]
Genesis/Final Fantasy Crisis Core [11]
Gackt [17]
Death Note [11]
Alice Nine [17]
The Gazette [5]
Lee Junki [10]
Miyavi [8]
Atsushi Sakurai [7]

Icons behind the Cut ;) )

Icons :)

Aug. 8th, 2008 01:34 pm
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Yup, you can see, I had a little bit time to make icons *laughs*
Some of them are a little bit “older”, but I thought I could share them too ._.
Hope, you like some of the icons =)

Genesis (Crisis Core) [14]
Gackt [25]
Miyavi [26]
Miku of An Café [8]
Kaya [7]
Hideaki Takizawa [6]
Full Moon Wo Sagashite [6]
Ayumi Hamasaki [12]
Shou of Alice Nine [11]

Comments are Love ♥~
- Do not claim these Icons as your own
- Textless Icons are NOT bases
- If you take the Icons, credit me in your Userinfo. If you don’t know how, feel free to ask me ;)
- Enjoy it ;D

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Jul. 11th, 2008 10:49 am
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I made the last two days some wallpapers and I want to share them with you. Maybe you like it? ;)

Gackt [1]
Miyavi [1]
The Gazette [1]

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And here is the second Part of my Icons ;)
Hope, you like them :)

Gackt [31]
Hyde [21]
Miyavi [23]
The Gazette [10]
Mana [4]
Shou (Alice Nine) [6]
Genesis (Crisis Core) [11]

Comments are Love ♥~
- Do not claim these Icons as your own
- Textless Icons are NOT bases
- If you take the Icons, credit me in your Userinfo. If you don’t know how, feel free to ask me ;)
- Enjoy it ;D

PS: You can find Part I of the Icons here ;)

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I love him

Jun. 21st, 2008 11:51 pm
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

I really love Miyavi. He is awesome! Amazing! Gorgeous!
This concert was THE BEST CONCERT I've ever seen in my whole life. I'm sorry for all the Gackt-Fans, but Miyavi was even better than Gackt live oO (and I saw both of them live on stage)
I love his interacting with the fans, his whole aura. And damn, he is sooooo beautiful! His guitar playing is awesome as well. And his english ... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, it's so cute and so perfect! He played more then two hours and he talked a little bit in german xD
The best thing was:


Sooooooo klasse ;D

Oh sorry, my german *laughs*
Gosh, I really love him :3
Can't wait to see him again xDDD

And he said, he loved the german fans. And when he spoked, his voice was so touched. God ... did I tell you, that I love him? No? I do! XDDDD

I hope, I'll have this night wonderful dreams *laughs*



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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

♥ Only few hours and I'll see Miyavi live ♥
Oh my God, I can't wait for it!
I am so happy to see him again.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

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MUCC (May 5th, 2006), Cologne, Germany
DIR en GREY (May 28th, 2006), Cologne, Germany
Ayabie (June 18th, 2006), Frankfurt, Germany
The GazettE (July 29th, 2006), Bonn, Germany
D'espairsRay (November 21th, 2006), Cologne, Germany
Gackt (February 7th, 2007), Taipei, Taiwan
Gackt (February 8th, 2007), Taipei, Taiwan
MUCC (March 27th, 2007), Cologne, Germany
BALZAC (March 27th, 2007), Cologne, Germany
Ayabie (May 21th, 2007), Cologne, Germany
Guitar Wolf (June 23th, 2007 - J-Shock), Cologne, Germany
bis (June 23th, 2007 - J-Shock), Cologne, Germany
Girugämesh (June 23th, 2007 - J-Shock), Cologne, Germany
An Cafe (June 23th, 2007 - J-Shock), Cologne, Germany
Miyavi (July 29th, 2007), Bonn, Germany
The GazettE (October 21th, 2007), Cologne, Germany
SCREW (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
Alice Nine (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
SUG (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
Kagrra (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
Kra (December 29th, 2007 - J-Invasion), Cologne, Germany
An Cafe (March 23th, 2008), Saarbrücken, Germany
Matenrou Opera (April 2th, 2008), Frankfurt, Germany
Versailles (April 2th, 2008), Frankfurt, Germany

Not bad, ne? xDDD

Next concerts:
Ayabie & Miyavi



Apr. 14th, 2008 10:40 pm
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♥ Ordered today the tickets for the concert of Miyavi in Cologne ♥

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Yeah, it’s time for an icon-entry, ne? ;)
Hope you like it =)

Gackt [27]
Koda Kumi [10]
Kra [8]
Mana [3]
Merry [4]
Miyavi [11]
Nero (Merry) [2]
Nightmare [25]

Comments are Love ♥~
- Do not claim these Icons as your own
- Textless Icons are NOT bases
- If you take the Icons, credit me in your Userinfo. If you don’t know how, feel free to ask me ;)
- Enjoy it ;D

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