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Here are some more pictures which I made at Juttas home :)

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Feb. 9th, 2009 06:34 pm
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...it's time for all the pictures from the stuff, I bought in Singapur :D

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After two Weeks I am coming to the end ^^
Can you believe it? I've posted more than 500 pictures O.o!

And here is the rest ^^

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What the fuck? It is snowing here! Snow…! I wanna go back to Singapore. There it’s hot and sunny. And I miss it.
I don’t like the cold. It is … cold, damn it ^^
Nya anyway, I still have pictures to share … I know, it is unbelievable ^^

Chinatown, my last night, Ah Long and my new tattoos… )

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I didn’t forget it. I have still pictures to show XD
Do you not tired of it? ;)
I am not. I love it to look at the pictures over and over again =D

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Yes, it is true. I still have to show pictures of my Singapore Trip O.o
I feel a little bit ashamed, because I made so unbelievable pictures. And the most of them are random. But to be honest, it gives me always a good feeling to look at them, because I had a great time there. And I know, this year I’ll go back for sure.
So, anyway. Here are the next pictures *laughs*

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Jan. 29th, 2009 07:23 pm
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I really feel very happy when I realize that I am having great friends. Here and in the rest of the world :3
Yesterday evening I didn’t feel so good, I missed Singapore so hard that I started to cry. When I woke up this morning and I opened my Thunderbird, I got two mails of my friends from Singapore and both of them missing me. That is an awesome feeling.
And at the noon I talked with my cutie Grace. That was such a great feeling. And we made plans for the next time, that we want to go out in the clubs at the Clarke Quay, dancing and drinking *laughs*
Now I have to lose weight *laughs*

Nya, anyway … it is time for more pictures :D

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So, here I am again ^^
Like every day. Yeah, yeah, I know … I am a nerd and too addicted to LJ, but who cares? XD

Anyway, I am still sick =/
I caught a stomach-flu and it is so painful ;_;
The most of the time I try to sleep, but sometimes it doesn’t work =(
And I hate it to be sick. But I had a nice time this noon, because I talked with Joey via msn and she used her webcam. I was sooo, sooo happy to see her =D
And I miss her. Of course she asked me when I am coming back. Isn’t that cute? ^^

Nya, anyway. Here are my pictures =3

Wanna go back )

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Oh my god, I made so many photos, that is unbelievable. I am uploading constantly every day pictures and I am still not finished *laughs*
Today I got a mail from Cathy and her first sentence was: We miss you here.
Awwwwwwwwwww ;_;
I miss them too. So hard. I wish I would have the money to fly back the next week ^^
And seeing my friends again :>

Nya, anyway … here are the next pictures =D

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So, that’s all from me today ^-^
Tomorrow I will post the photos of the Tattoo-Convention :D

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Yeah, it is time for another Picture-Entry. Oh my God, it is unbelievable but I made a lot of photos T_T
I guess, I will post the next two weeks constantly pictures of my Singapore-Trip ^^

I still miss the city and my friends there. Today I talked with Joey and wrote a Mail to Cathy and Alecs. I can’t wait to see them again :3
Like I said yesterday, I am saving my money ^-^
Nya, anyway … now to the pics =D

Like Heaven )

So, that is all from me today ^-^

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So, here is the next entry =D
I swear, I made so many photos, that I can post such entries for the next two weeks! *laughs*
I am still missing Singapore like crazy. And my friends there. It was so cool to meet them there, going out for dinner or to the cinema. When I have the time (stupid time difference ^^) I am chatting with my Dearie Grace and Joey ^-^

Nya, anyway … time for pictures =D

Singapore, my dream )

Lots of Love,
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So, here is the next part of my pictures XD
Man, everytime when I look at the photos I want to go back :o
Yesterday I had a chat with Grace (she was a guest as well) and she said: Oh my god, Anke, we miss you so much! Without you is so boring. And please come back as soon as possible!
Isn’t that cute? They miss me, yay \^^/
And I miss them too, like crazy.
Nya, anyway, here are the pics ^-^

First Impressions of Singapore )

Anke :)
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Yay, another entry from me *laughs*
You see, I have a lot of time ^^
And this time I’ll upload some pictures of my guinea pigs, which Jutta-chan made, when she was at my home =)
And I know, my Dad (and the rest of my family) is waiting for the pictures *giggles*
And it’s the first time, that you can see my Dad on a photo ^^

I’m okay. Always tired, but okay ^^
And it’s okay for me to be alone, even when I miss Jutta. But you know, I read a lot and since yesterday I play “Final Fantasy X” on the PS2. God, how I love the game, especially Tidus *_*

And when I have enough on playing Final Fantasy X, I watch another Korean dorama named “Let’s go to the beach”. Of course with Lee Wan, the cute guy from “Snow White – Taste Sweet Love” :333
He is so damn cute *_*
Why are so many asian guys so damn good looking? That can’t be real, ne? ^^

Nya, okay, that’s all from me :P

So, take a look on my little piggies =D

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So, have a nice idea ^____^/
*gives everyone a lot of hugs*


PS: So Mama, ich hab die Fotos endlich hochgeladen ;)


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