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Mah, it is always so hard to find a nice introducion for the entry ;P
Nya, don’t have a lot to say, just … more pictures ;D

Singapore – The first Impression )
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Hey hey!
Here is the next entry from me :)
And of course I’ll share my pictures with you, hehe … like for the next six weeks, lol. Hope, u still enjoy it :)

Airport, Frankfurt – On the way to Singapore )


Feb. 16th, 2010 05:23 pm
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So, here I am ;D
Finally *laughs*
Yesterday I wanted to make this entry, but I was surprisingly invited to Mirkos new apartment and was there for the whole evening. We talked and talked and I cuddled a lot with Kiki.
Anyway, I didn’t forget to bring u the next pictures ;D
Enjoy it!

Kiki & preparing for Singapore )
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So, here is my second picture entry. I made those pictures short before I made the trip to Singapore ;)

Click me )
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So, finally my computer is back. And it is so strange for me, because I really don't know my own computer anymore o.o
I am still having some "teething troubles" with my computer, but Andy said I can ask him for help when I am having problems again. So, I hope I can ask him tomorrow for his help. I want my computer working with 100% ^^

Anyway, here are my promised second part of the pictures which I made at the zoo in Stuttgart :)
Damn, that was such a great day :3

The second part ;) )
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Here is the first part of the pictures which I made at the zoo in Stuttgart! Awww, we had such a wonderful day together. It was hot, sunny, the sky was blue and everything was fine! I really love it to remind me on this day. It was sooo cool! ;D

Zoo Wilhelma, Stuttgart )


Jul. 4th, 2009 07:48 pm
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I found a just adorable picture of Shinya =D
It was made secretly by Toshiya at Metaltown in Sweden. Yes, Toshiya is a meanie, making a picture of Shinya, when the guy is so drunk XP

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

According to Toshiyas blog-entry Shinya drunk “Jägermeister” XD
I laughed so much when I saw the picture for the first time, because it reminds me on my black-out-parties XD
Damn, I miss that. When I’ve met Jenni we talked about our one night we had in the Thai-Bar … where we both endet so fucking drunk :P
And I swear, when I am going back to Berlin, I’ll have a drinking-party with Wiebke! Too sad that Jutta is a good girl and doesn’t drink much alcohol :P

When I browsed through Deviantart I found amazing photos of Dir en Grey, which a fan made in their concerts. I think, she worked with Photoshop on the pictures, but the results are amazing! Take a look!

Very impressing )
Not bad, ne? ;)

Yesterday evening my “graphic-skills” (*cough*) came back and I made 100 icons and two wallpapers. Mostly coloring, but I realized that I like simple icons :3

Maybe I’ll try to make more this evening. Let’s see. And at 10 pm, Jutta and I want to watch “The Grudge” … I guess, I will freak out because one time I tried to watch the movie and stopped it after 5 minutes because I was so scared :P
But I really want to know what is the movie about :P

Take care and have a nice evening :3
Lots of Love, Anke

PS: Vergesst nicht meinen Bücher-Verkaufs-Entry morgen XP *werbemodus* :3

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Pictures can tell us a lot... )
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...why are korean guys so damn hot? O.O!

Eyecandy )
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…Kiki =D
Did I mention, that I really adore this dog? She is so adorable, I can’t get enough of her. Yesterday Mirko visited us again and the first thing was (before I said hello to him), cuddling Kiki. And when I opened the door, she jumped in my arms =D
I feel so loved everytime when she is cuddling with me :P
And of course I made a lot of pictures. You have to see them, because she is such a cutie!

Unfortunately I had to upload the pictures with Imagebanana.com, because I have major problems with Imageshack since two days -_-
I hope, everyone can see Kiki =)

Love me! )


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