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Okay, we started pretty early in the morning because I wanted to attend the signing session of MUCC. Yay for fangirling ;P
Sadly I couldn’t sleep the night before and woke up so damn early, lol. That means, I had a really long day. But anyway, it was so, so damn worthy :P

So, like I said it before, we started at 9 AM. We had a drive of like 2 hours + 20 minutes.
It was funny. We listened at first Leehom Wang, because I didn’t want to shock my mum XD
So, after 1 ½ hours I asked her whether I could listen MUCC or not? She said, yes, of course. And had no idea how MUCC sounded, lol :P
So, I put the CD in and pressed start … and we had this conversation:
Mum: … o_O
Is that MUCC?
Me: Yup
Mum: They are loud …
Me: Yup :P
Mum: That’s not music, that is only row >_>

The drive was okay, but the last 30 minutes we had a horrible traffic jam (because of all those fucking road works). I thought to myself, nya, maybe I’ll have the luck and can join the session. If not, bad luck *shrug*
But I had luck … even when we was too “late” XD
The signing session started at 1 PM-2.30 PM. And we arrived “Die Zeche” in Bochum like ten minutes before it was One ‘O Clock ;P
And trust me … the line in front of the club was fucking long O_O
So many people. And the best thing was … they stood in a line! Like normal people! O.O! Without any pushing fangirlies or aggressive bitchy gothic lolitas =D
Fucking awesome. So, my mum and I left the car and joined the line. And we came pretty early in a talk with different girls =D
It was too funny. One of them was awesome. She reminded me on my friend he reminded me on my friend >chain_atreides> from Berlin. She looked like her, she had the same humour, she was fucking awesome. I laughed so much the whole time. And my mum was totally accepted. The girls were really cool and I had a lot of fun with them :3
So, we stood in the line … for a long time ^^
And I don’t know, but I knew I would get the autographs even when the line was so damn long. It was just … trusting in the universe ;P
And my mum said the whole time: Oh no, it won’t work. There are so many girls in front of us. It will never work.
And I said her the whole time she shouldn’t be worried about it.

Do you remember that I was under the first 50 people at Dir en Greys Signing Session? Now I was under the last 50 people at MUCCs signing session, lol.
So, we had to wait like one hour. But it was totally okay, because no pushing and so on. Everything was so calm, I was totally surprised. Maybe some of the fans grew up? XD

So, after 2 PM we entered the club and came in a little “vestibule”. So, at first I saw some fans, after that a table and on the right side Miya + on the left side Tatsuro. My mum came with us, but she stood on the side and watched the guys. And she said in a very loud voice: OH MEIN GOTT, DIE JUNGS SIND JA SO SÜSS!!! (Oh my god, the boys are SOOO cute!) … I was like, oh no, oh no, that say that in THIS VOICE! Everyone laughed, even the security and I turned so unbelievable red ^^
So, I took out the CD “Gokusai” from my bag and gave Miya my cover.
So, he looked on me, smiled, said hi and gave his sign. And then he gave me his hand. I was really surprised, because Dir en Grey didn’t do it at their signing session. Except you gave them your hand for a handshake. I took Miyas hand and smiled at him. And his hand was so unbelievable soft and his shake was kinda gentle. It is so cute that the guys are all so damn shy :P
I didn’t remember what Miya wore, but the first thing I recognized was his hair. And than his eyes. He has beautiful eyes.
So the next one was SATOchi … my favourite :D
He looked at me too, smiled (and I smiled, too! :D), gave his sign and his hand. He said thank you with a really warm tone in his voice and he sounded so happy. So I said “thank you” to him in the same tone like he did :P
And I really love his hair. It’s not short and not long, but brown and it’s permed XD
And it reminded me so much on Alecs. Maybe that was the reason, that he was so unbelievable nice + cute, because I grinned like an idiot *lol*
The next one was Yukke, but I can’t really remember on him. He seemed a little bit pissed off or annoyed. Don’t know why. Maybe because the fans who wanted to see them had no end? XD
Anyway, the next one was Tatsuro. And damn, he looked great. The first thing I noticed were his huge glasses. But it looked damn good on him *_*
His hair was like in this picture:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I think it’s kinda sexy :P
When he gave me his sign, he took my hand and said “Tschüss” XD
And I said “okay, ciao!” XD
Lol XD

So, after I got my autographs I was totally happy and my mum and I went back to the car … and slept there for like 2 ½ hours XD

At 6.20 PM we went back (the 30 meters ^^) to the club and went inside. Without pushing again \^^/
So, I bought for myself a poster (now I can re-decorate my room!) and a shirt, yay :D
It looks really cool, I hope I can make some pictures of it ^^
The club was really cool *_*
It had an gallery and some steps at the left side, where you could sit on it. Extremely cool. So, my mum chose to sit there and I stood on the gallery. And I had an extremely cool sight on the stage *_*
It was look like watching TV XD

So, the concert started at 7 PM \o/

At first SATOchi came on the stage. He wore black jeans, a black singlet with print and a black vest … yay for Armpr0n XDDD
The next one was Miya. He wore black pants (the pants were strange, but kinda typical for MUCC concerts … you know, those pants who looks like a long skirt XD), a black shirt and a black hat *_*
And I realized it now (!) that he had a goatee … mdfjhcncmcjfhfgfg? A goatee? Nothing is so damn sexy like a goatee :P
He looked damn awesome.
Yukke wore black pants, black shirt and a grey jacket ^^
They started to play and then Tatsuro came on the stage *_*
And OMFG … his hair is soooooo long! O_O
Awesome, just awesome!
He wore those black pants, too and a black shirt which was tooooo huge for him, lol.
And then he started. Damn, it was awesome. Just awesome!
You know, I am listening a lot of music so I can’t never remember on the setlist, but they played a lot of songs I know XD
I try to find a setlist for the concert yesterday ^^
Anyway, it was awesome. Tatsuro banged like crazy and he really danced :D
Was sooo cool to watch him. The funniest thing was that he jumped on one (!) leg from the right side to the left side and back. I laughed so much about it ^^
I had the feeling that he wanted to run back to Japan, because he was always in motion and the stage was too tiny for him, lol. I liked that the fact that he interacted a lot with the fans. Sometimes he stood on the side, the hand in his hip and watched just the jumping fans. Too cool. Miya was the same like him. He had an unbelievable energy, jumped and ran over the stage and he seemed so, so happy. One time he looked at the dancing people and his face expression was: WTF, is THAT real? That can’t be :D
All of them were extremely happy and energetic.
And the best thing ever was … all of them were barefoot. MINDFUCK FOR ME! XDDD
And they spoke English. I was so, so happy about it. The first two times I saw MUCC Tatsuro spoke always in Japanese. I like the language, but I am too lazy to learn it. So I prefer Japanese artists speaking English ;P
And his English is fucking awesome XD
One time he tried to teach us Japanese, lol. He asked the audience what means “thank you” in Japanese? And everyone screamed: ARIGATOU!!!
He laughed and said: no, no. You’ll learn a new word. I teach you. You can say (and I don’t know if it is the right word and I am pretty sure that I’ll write in a wrong way^^): Saszaas? Sazaz?
Don’t know, but I never heard it before ;D
I guess, he was kinda proud of it.
One thing I really liked was the fact that Tatsuro made this typical Japanese bow in front of the fans. I felt so touched :3

So, one song started very slowly. He told us something in English, but I didn’t understand him ^^
But everyone sat down … even the people in the crowd o.O
I was like “wtf”, but I did it, too. And I realized, that we all should jump up at the same time. And we did it. The audience freaked out. They even had a mosh pit and crowd surfing ;D
Was too funny to watch them. The only thing you saw where headbanging heads XD
So, of course everyone of MUCC spoke something in English. Can’t remember what Yukke said (I don’t like him to be honest), but Miya said that he is happy to be back and that we are the best and so on. SATOchi screamed 3x: HEY! (of course everyone did the same, lol). Then he told us, he loves us and Bochum is a nice city ;P
And Tatsuro screamed: WHAT THE FUCK? XDDDDD
He told us the same. That he is happy to be back and that he loves us and so on ^^
Than he said: Puh, it’s warm … (and a fan screamed: TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!) … because you are the best! \^^/

One time he told us fans in german, we should dance. And his german was sooo, sooo cute! He said always: “dansen, dansen, dansen!” XDDD
And he danced really. Like myself and everyone else ;D

And I really love the fact that Tatsuro is so lively on stage. When he is singing it is like … he is telling you a story, deep from his soul. It is like … mindfuck. I can’t find a better word for it :P
And even when they songs are kinda “emo”, they give a lot of positive energy to the audience. I loved it. And I got goose bumps XD

Anyway, the concert was fucking awesome! Enjoyed it so, so much!

And at the end I really found a setlist :D

0. Kyuutai 1. Houkou 2. Hide And Seek 3. Ageha 4. Fukurou no yurikago 5. Utagoe 6. Fuzz 7. Oz 8. Kanariya 09. hanabi 10. Sora to ito 11. Shiva 12. Bouzenjishitsu 13. Ranchu 14. Saishuu Ressha (EN 1) 15. Libra

They had a break of 10 minutes and then they gave an encore of two songs. And everyone of them wore a MUCC band shirt then. And they looked very good in it XD

So, that’s all. Damn, I wrote just fucking two hours on this review :P
But I enjoyed it. Hope, you enjoyed it, too :D

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Oh my god! I am still totally flashed from Miyavi! :D

But let’s start at the beginning, ne? ;D

Jutta, my mum and myself left our apartment pretty late for my taste ;P
Normally I am forcing them to drive so early as possible to a concert. But today I wasn’t in the mood for it ^^

Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood for a concert. But every time when I want to see Miyavi live I am feeling like that. Don’t know why ^^
But when I am feeling like this the concerts became always (!) gorgeous =D

So, we started at 4.30 PM and had a 2 hours drive. I’ve read the whole time in a book, so the time passed by really fast.
When we arrived at the concert hall I was irritated by the few people I saw in the front of the entry o.O
Like 50 people O_O
My first thought was … wtf? Is nobody interested in Miyavi anymore?
But I was so wrong ^^
The opened the door so that the most of the fans were inside of the hall when we arrived ^^
So, it was pretty cool to go to the entry, going inside without any crazy pushing fangirlies ^^

I tried to buy two posters of Miyavi, but there were too many people for me there. I didn’t like it and they pushed too much for me. So I’ve waited for Jutta and my mum. When we met again, I took Jutta with me and went direction stage. My mum didn’t want it. She is more the person who is standing behind, just watching.
Jutta and I had a great place. We were at the left side and I had the perfect view on the stage. So, we waited … and waited … and waited =D

On the tickets you could read that on 7 PM they would open the door, but it was already open ^^
So, the lights turned off and at 7.30 PM the band came on the stage \^^/
I guess, Miyavi did it too, lol.
I tried to see from what direction he came on the stage, but I missed it XD
And suddenly he stood on the stage. And he looked sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. So unbelievable good *_*!!!
He wore a black jeans, a black singlet with a silver (?) print and a black jacket *_*
His hair is kinda short in the neck, black with a little bit of blonde ^^
Very cool!
The first two songs he didn’t play the guitar, but I didn’t care. I love it when he is rapping ;D
It was awesome ^^
I have to admit I can’t remember the set list. I know every song of him, but I can’t remember the titles. I am just too old for it, LOL! XD

But the fifth song was a guitar solo!
And it was awesome. I really love it that Miyavi is influenced by blues, funk and jazz. I love it. And to watch him playing the guitar is just ... mdfjdhdgdhdgdgfgf O_O
It makes you speechless! :D

The best thing of the whole concert was the fact that he spoke in English. I was so, so happy about it. So I could finally understand him. And his English was perfect. I understood everything he said. Of course he turned on the fans with “Can’t hear you!”, “Jump, Jump, Jump!” (XD), “Are you having fun?” “Ihr seid geil” XD
It was awesome.
But when he started to talk about the last months, when he became independent and he was scared and than he realized that all his fans stood still behind him, even when he became a daddy, I started to cry. I never did this before. I cried at Dir en Grey because I felt a lot of pain inside of me … but I never cried at a concert because an artist touched me so deeply.
When he said “I became a dad”, everyone started to applaud and he sounded so proud. So proud and full of love when he said the name of his daughter Lovely.
I wanted to hug him. Really. I really wanted to hug him, stroke his hair and say: I am unbelievable proud of you.
And hey, I can do that :D
I am older than him XD
I cried so much I couldn’t believe it. And in the next moment I started to dance and laugh because it was just awesome :D

One song (don’t know the title of it) was so wonderful, because he sung only with a piano (playback ^^). It was enthralling. And I got goose bumps ;D

He had so much fun, he gave everything. Unfortunately he had some trouble with his voice, but anyway he gave his best. He gave his heart and his soul and you could feel it. And he always said how thankful he is for the support the fans gave him in the last months. That doesn’t matter where we live and what we are doing, so much things are connecting us. Like music… (and yes, I cried again ^^)

His band was kinda cool, too ^^
But they were shy at the same time XD
My favourite was the Bassist … gosh, I love guys with a bass *_*
99% of them are damn sexy :P
And this guy was it, too =D

After the eight song Miyavi made a little break. And a guy of the staff helped him to leave the stage because he was so exhausted. But he came back and sung again. And talked with us again.

And you know what was really gorgeous? Some fans started to push like crazy and Miyavi saw the girls suffering in the first rows … so he said to the fans: “Can you go back one step, please? No pushing. Just go back for one step” … and the fans did it. I never, never, saw this before. The fans did it. And everyone was happy.

I really saw a lot of Japanese bands and I love them all, but Miyavi is acting with his fans so much. Not those stupid five minutes cm other artists doing. No, he is really communicating with his fans, showing his true self. He is having a strong connection to them and I am so happy that I was a part of it :3

I don’t know how many songs he sung, but my mum said he had a real play time of 1 1/2 hours, what is really a lot ^^

And of course he gave an encore ^^
A funny thing was that all the fans yelled everytime “Miyavi! Miyavi! Miyavi” and he was too cool! He replied: “Yeah, that’s my name” XD
And when they didn’t stop he said: “I know, I know”
I don’t know why, but I laughed a lot about it ^^
He is just a cool guy :D
And I was so happy that I shout out: We love you! And Jutta said, I was loud enough that the club heared me, lol.
He smiled, so I think he heard me too XD

Nya … I think, that’s all. I am so happy that the concert was so great. That he showed so much of his soul. And that he touched me sooo deeply.
He said: When you are calling my name, I am coming back soon!
And I trust him :D
I want him to come back!

Thanks for everything, Miyavi-san!!!
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It was awesome, just awesome!
I had so much fun and Miyavi is just gorgeous *_*
I am totally in love with him :3
I danced, banged my head, jumped, cried, laughed.
It was awesome.
I am so flashed and I really adore him!

Thanks Miyavi-san for such a great concert!
I am unbelievable happy for you!
And for all of your fans :D

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So, I thought, I could write down, what I did in Berlin … if someone is interested :P
I really had an awesome time there and I want to write everything down, what I can remember, because in a year I want to read the entry again and smile about the fact, how happy I was :3

You know, the “day” begun exactly at Wednesday at 7 AM *sigh*
I was so excited and nervous, that I couldn’t sleep the night before. So, I was awake the whole time until 4 AM. My parents and my brother were of course extremely tired, but they brought me to the airport. I didn’t expect that they would come with me to the check-in and I sent them home, because I saw how tired they were. So, we cuddled a lot, I waved when they drove back and then I went to the airport. I really love the Airport in Frankfurt, it is awesome, the atmosphere is great, but it is annoying when you have to walk 1 kilometre until you’ve reached your check-in counter. So, after walking for good 8 minutes I’ve found my check-in counter. And it was closed o.O
Of course I started to get afraid and felt. In such situations, I tend to freak out completely =/
Anyway, there were people in a row and I thought: Okay, I’ll stand there, too. Maybe I am right here…
And I was. I had a really nice guy who checked me in and then I had a whole hour to wait. I walked through the terminal, listened Dir en Grey of course and made some pictures. I really want to upload them, but right now my batteries are empty and I have problems with my cable =/
I hope so much, I can upload the pictures tomorrow *prays for it*

Anyway, after sitting around and observing the people, I could go to my Gate \^^/
And I was the first one there. So, I sat in the front of a huge window, send Jutta some messages with my cell phone because I was bored (and she was still sleeping *giggles*) and watched the airplanes. With the time more people came … and 90 % of them were business men. I felt a little bit awkward :P
Seemed, like I would be the only normal person there XD

So, short after 7 AM we could go in the airplane and I had a seat on the window \^^/
But unfortunately we had to wait to long to our start =/
But when the plane left the ground, I felt so free. I think, that is one of the most precious feelings I have. It is so hard to describe it, but every time when I am in a plane and this is leaving the ground I can feel what a huge peace is filling my heart. Like I would leave everything behind me. Even myself ^^

So, the flight was okay. Just 50 minutes and that is really short for me, because normally I have flights between 12 and 15 hours ;D
But it was okay. And the captain was nice :D
So, we arrived at 08:10 AM (not 07.55 AM) Berlin. And when the plane landed, I started to become really nervous about seeing Wiebke. I thought the whole time: Oh please, I hope she will like me. And will not be shocked when she sees seeing me.
So, I fetched my travelling bag and left the departure lounge. And my heart stopped. Wiebke wasn’t there … I swear, I was close to freak out. I grabbed my cellphone, wanted to give her a call and realized, that I didn’t saved her number on my cellphone … ARGH U_U
So, I called my mum in the morning, forced her to look to my firebird and searching for Wiebkes phone number. I was really totally agitated and had horrible visions of me being alone in Berlin.
So, my mum found the cell phone (what was a wonder, because her pc-skills are like zero), I finished the call, turned myself around and was like … Wiebke? O_o
She stood next to me and was searching for me, lol. Both of us cuddled us first and I was so glad to see her. And she is adorable. I really love her.
She said then: Stop, wait.
She went some steps back, put a Kaoru-Flag out of her bag and waved with it. So, I got my Kaoru-Fläggsche :D
Then we left the Airport and drove to her home à female student apartment-sharing community. I thought the way to the flat was sooooooo long. ^^
But when we arrived finally her home and went in, I felt comfortable in the first second. I really loved it there. And then I’ve met Jelena, Wiebkes friend and roommate. And she is adorable, too. I think, with Wiebke and Jelena it was love at the first sight :P

So, I’ve changed my clothes and forced Wiebke to drive with me to the “Saturn”, where the signing session were. I knew, she wanted to see Dir en Grey, but she was so NOT in the mood for the fangirlies XD
I really hoped so much that I would have the chance to see Dir en Grey and to get an autograph. But to be honest, I didn’t believe it. I thought the whole time: Forget it, Anke, you are never lucky when it is about such things.
I excepted that I would stand in the row, it would be 4 PM and Dir en Grey would leave the place for the signing session and I would be one of the losers, who got no autograph ^^

So, we drove to the Saturn. And damn, the way there was so damn long. I know one thing, Berlin is way too big for me. You have to walk a lot, even when you are using a bus, a train or something like that. And I am really, really lazy ^^
For someone like me, who is locked up the most of the time in her room, it was a huge journey :P

So, we crossed the “Gedächtniskirche” on the way to the Saturn, but … I didn’t like it. You know, I love churches and I love architecture, but this one was ugly. At least in my eyes ^^

That’s not really my taste ^^

So, when we came into near of the Saturn we discovered the first fans ^^
Of course all in black, typical mix between emo and visu. And I thought to myself: Anke, you are way too old for that XD

So, we went in the Saturn and had no Idea, what we had to do, lol. So I made Wiebke the suggestion to search for the CD-section and I was right :D
There was a stage o_O
And behind of that a huge screen, where they showed “The rose trims again” DVD … of course without a tone, rofl.
Maybe they did it because of the other customers :P

Here are some pictures :)

The staff from the Saturn sharing out water bottles for the fans o_O
I was really surprised. It was a great gesture for the people who’ve waited more than 3 hours … like Wiebke and me :P (we were there at 11.30 AM)

Some fans. And do you see the girls in the strange yellow plushie-thingie? They were a Pikachu and a yellow bunny. OMFG! At a Dir en Grey signing session? Are they serious? That was so fucking ridiculous, seriously. And shameful.
I mean … Dir en Grey, come on… I am 100% sure, that they guys backbite about the girls after seeing them, because … that is not okay for Dir en Grey. It’s okay for An Café and “maybe” for Miyavi, but NOT for Dir en Grey ^^

Poster :333

The stage ^^
The funniest thing was that some “fans” started to scream when the stuff put the five chairs on the stage o_O
Freaks, I swear. All of them are fucking freaks ^^

The stage again … and even when I saw five chairs and thought the whole time, that Kyo wouldn’t come on stage ^^

So, Wiebke and I’ve waited for 3 ½ hours. And yes, it was long ^^
Of course the fans started to stand up (why? oO) an hour before >_>
So, we had to wait *sigh*
And when I looked above my shoulder I saw a lot of fans o_O
I was so happy to stand near the entrance. I think, it was exactly 3 PM and the girls started to scream -__- (the next girl who will start to scream in my near at the next Diru-event, will get a slap from me, I swear). Because I am so damn tiny, I stood on my toes and saw at first Shinya and then Toshiya. And I was like: OMFG, squeeeeeeeeeeeee \^^/
They are real!!! … but only in my thoughts :D
I said the whole time to Wiebke: Oh my god, look at Totchi, he looks so cool, so cool! :D
And then I saw a piece of Kaorus hair and it was like heaven. He was really there.
I swear, my heart jumped like crazy and I smiled over my whole face. With every step closer to them I couldn’t believe it more, lol.
It was so unreal that Dir en Grey were really there. So, when I got through this little entrance, we stood in a row and I had the perfect view on the stage. I know, I repeat myself over and over again, but I couldn’t believe it. They looked so cool. And so normal at the same time. I saw some fans crying and their hands shook like crazy, but I was surprisingly very “normal”. The only thing was that I smiled like crazy ^^
And I thought, when they are signing my DVD, I’ll try to get a handshake. I mean, they couldn’t say more than “no”, right?

So, with every step I came closer to the table, where the guys sat. And then I stood in front of die. I said “hi” and gave him my dvd. He signed it and I know exactly that I looked at his right hand and his tattoo. And I thought: Wow, that looks really good on him *laughs*
He gave me the dvd back, I sat thank you, smiled and he gave me a little, shy smile. And then I did it. I reached him my hand and like in slow motion, he took his pen in his other hand and returned my handshake. God, I was so happy. I said “thank you” and smiled and he said “thank you”, too :D

And then … Kyo. My first thought was, when I looked in his face, omfg, he is a babyface O_O
Seriously, he is looking like 23 o.O
I said “hi” to him and he nodded to greeting. And … I know, it sounds strange, but that was my impression. He looked at me very long. Like he would look behind my mask. It was like checking me what kind of person I am. And I respond his very intense view at me. I smiled and when he signed my dvd, I looked at his hand and his tattoos. I took the dvd on me and said “thank you”, gave him my hand and he took it. And it was … his handshake was so gentle. He is such a wonderful person, even when he said no word (or he did and I didn’t hear it, because my whole world was only Dir en Grey & myself, lol). And I was really happy that he wore no sunglasses, because … you could really see in his eyes and I am deeply appreciate this ♥~

So, I went a step forward and stood in front of Kaoru. At first I looked in his face and even when he wore sunglasses, I could see how he looked at me. I smiled (okay, why I am writing this down? Because I smiled the whole time ^^), said “hi” and gave him my dvd. And I looked down on his tattooed arms. Damn, that looks good. And yes, he is hot. He has such an amazing aura, that is absolutely amazing. I was so glad when he gave me his hand and smiled at him. He nooded like “There you are, Hun” XD

The next one was Toshiya and he was really, really inviting. His gaze was interested and he checked the fans like Kyo. But he smiled, too and was really adorable. When he gave me his hand and I said “thank you”, he answered with “Dankeschön” XDDD
And Shinya is cute. His voice is so gentle and he was so nice and adorable. When I left the table, I turned around to Wiebke and smiled at her like crazy.

I stood for a little while in the near of the table and tried to make some pictures of Dir en Grey. I think, two or three worked, but when I had the perfect sight on the guys, my batteries were empty. I really was so close to scream. But anyway, I got autographs of Dir en Grey :D

Here two pictures which Wiebke made with her cell phone :D



And here are some clips, I’ve found at youtube :333

One of the funniest things at the signing session was the fact, that one girl brought some old visual kei-pictures for signing. But Kaoru and Kyo scratched their faces out XDDD

So, when Wiebke got her autographs, we left the place and went to an ice cream parlour for something to drink. We were both bouncy and happy and Wiebke giggled the whole time about my face expression :P

So, after an hour of relaxing we decided to leave the place to go to the venue. And I guess, we changed the bus/train 3 times until we’ve reached the venue. And I was deadly tired (had 30 hours of no sleep) and my feet hurt like hell. The crowd was quite normal at the beginning and Wiebke, myself and two friends of her sat there, waited and did nothing. I tried to find a little bit sleep, but I couldn’t. Sometimes I looked around for Jenni, but I couldn’t find her. And I left my cellphone at Wiebkes home, because my battery was empty -_- (I really need a new one).

So, here are pictures, which Wiebke made :3

Fans & Club

More Fans ^^

At 6 PM everyone stood up suddenly without a reason. And we had to stand there for another hour. I was sooo tired and thought, please, open the fucking door that I can walk. If not, my feet are dying off XD
But no, the opened the door exactly at 7 PM. And some of those fucking freaky crazy fangirlies started to push -_-
How annoying is that, men? Gosh…

Anyway, I went to the club and was surprised, how tiny it was. At first I stood next to the mixing desk, but then I saw the merchandise stand and a few fans stood there. So I left my place and bought a poster (and it looks awesome!) and the “A knot of” DVD *_*
After that I went back to my place, sat on the steps and waited. The club was tiny like I wrote it before, but we were like 850/900 people. So, at 8 PM the Intro (“Sabir”) started, the lights went off and the fans started to scream. And I mean, they really screamed ^^
At first Shinya came on stage, after that Kaoru, Toshiya and Die. I don’t know what Shinya wore, I always forget that ^^
But Kaoru wore a dark blue or black jeans, a white T-Shirt (I thought so, but I was wrong, hehe) and a black
Shirt. Toshiya wore trousers with camouflage-paint and a black singlet. And Die wore a black jeans and a white Singlet, too.
And then … Kyo came on stage, wearing a black trackers … and no shirt *_* (and I think, he didn’t wear some underwear *cough* :P)
And he wore a mask. That was the first time I saw him like that. The first song was Obscure and I was so angry, that I couldn’t bang because of my wisdom tooth surgery two days before. But so I had time to watch the performance. And it is unbelievable how Kyo is acting on the stage. He is full of energy, he loves it to sing and to bang … and then I have this image in my mind at the signing session where he was so shy ^^
And “Obscure” was awesome. He made some moves which were kinda creepy, but it fits perfect for this song.

It was unbelievable how happy the guys were. They really enjoyed it, they looked overjoyed and it was wow, just wow. Toshiya freaked out completely, jumped like crazy and motivated the fans over and over again.
Kyo screamed “DEUTSCHLAND” like 43847585643646 times and everyone was screaming, when he did it ;D
And of course Kaoru made his “cool” moves, too XD
Awesome, just awesome. I watched him playing the guitar and was really impressed. Sometimes he pushed his hips forward and he looked like he would fuck his guitar. In this moments I’ve bite my lip and thought: Oh yes, do it harder! XD
Deeper! More! That’s cool, that I had something like sex with him, *bwuahaha* ^o^

I like the fact, that Kyo motivated the fans with screaming “Jump! Jump!” at “The IIIrd Empire”. And yes, I jumped too. I know, I didn’t want it. But after the second song I gave up. You can’t go to a Dir en Grey concert and not banging. That is impossible.

So, here is the set-list :D

Sa Bir
Red Soil
Dozing Green


Glass Skin



Agitated Scream of Maggots
Merciless Cult
The IIIrd Empire


The Final
Clever Sleazoid

I really love Kyos Mantras. And in Berlin it was great. He sung and everyone, really everyone, was silent. So Kyos voice filled the whole club and it was so unbelievable intense. Sometimes, when I didn’t bang, dance, jump or scream, I watched the guys and I felt so much pain inside of me. When Kyo screamed I used the chance and screamed my lungs out. I guess, the one girl next to me was really shocked, lol. But to have the chance to let out all of your emotions (at least for me) isn’t so much here. So, I allowed myself to feel. And it was great. Scary sometimes because I felt the urge to do bad things (my friends are knowing what I am talking about, ne?...). But it was awesome.

After the third song I got my personal orgasm. Kaoru took off his shirt … cmjchfhfhvzdkchfhfzt
And yes, he wore a white singlet and damn, you could see his tattoos. I was … really woozy >PPPP

Funny was every time when Kyo had his mantra, all of them turned their backs to the audience and Kaoru pulled his singlet over his ass. But one time I had the chance to see a little bit of his skin … dmdjdhdgdfgfgfg XDDDDD

The concert was awesome, just awesome. When Dir en Grey left the stage, the audience freaked out, screamed the whole time “Ancore, Ancore, Ancore” and clapped their hands. And of course, Dir en Grey came back \^^/
The encore was amazing! I really can’t find words for it. They gave everything. They gave their best and everyone in the venue knew that.
When they had their last song, the audience screamed like crazy and Kyo stood there, smiled over his whole face and started to applaud us. And of course, the fans screamed more XD
It was surprising how long Kyo stood there, gave applaud and let the audience celebrate himself. He left the stage at first.
But Kaoru, Die, Toshiya and Shinya were so long at the stage. Even Kaoru and Toshiya jumped on the little box, raised their arms, screamed and gave us applause. :D
And Toshiya gave us a typical Japanese bow *_*
Too cute. Too cute! After Kaoru and Kyo he totally owns my heart :D
And of course, Die had a ventilator in his front and he looked the whole time like a topmodel. I think for Die the name “Japans next topmodel” is perfect XD

And they threw so many things in the audience. Water bottles, pleks, drumsticks, towels. I think, Berlin was the best concert ever. They love Berlin and when they are coming back I am going to Berlin again, but they gave never a better concert as in Berlin :3

So, when the lights went on, I left the venue. My only thought was to get some air. Outside of the club, I went to a wall, sat there and closed my eyes. I was so exhausted. And so wet because of the sweat ^^
I sat there and waited for Wiebke like 15 minutes. And suddenly I looked straight and saw Jenni running to me, screaming “Ankeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” I wanted to scream, too but I had no voice. We fell in each others arms for like 10 minutes. I couldn’t believe that I saw Jenni. After cuddling like crazy we talked and I started to cry. She took me into her hug, stroked about my back and I cried like crazy. I was so, so thankful to see her. We made a date for Saturday and then Wiebke and I left the venue and went back home. I swear, when I made the first step in the apartment I was so, so thankful for it. My first way was in the shower, because I was so damn sweaty. And after that I wanted to come online, but Wiebkes connection didn’t work, so I went to bed, deadly tired. And I think, I only needed 10 minutes until I fell asleep XD

Oh, before I forget it. Here is a picture of Wiebkes signed CDs (I have to take a picture of my DVD soon as possible ^^)


And I found some great clips from the concert. Even when you are not a great fan of Diru, give them a chance and watch the clips

This one is extreme cool! It’s a fanmade clip with pictures a fan made *_*
And they are all in good quality :3

And the signing event again :3

So, in the next morning Jelena woke us up with the news that Michael Jackson died. At first I was surprised, but honestly … he was so sick over the last years, it was predictable *shrug*

So, the whole Friday I was at the bed, sometimes at Wiebkes PC, because I was damn groggy and my feet (and my not-existent teeth ^^) hurt like hell. At the evening Jelena made an unbelievable tasty chocolate cake and we had a lot of tea and wonderful talks. I felt so comfortable with both of them and I miss them. I hope, I can visit them again in the future :333

Jelenas cake *_*

On Saturday I slept until 1 PM after 40 hours of no sleep ^^
Wiebke woke me up, so I took a shower and then we left the flat. We drove to the Alexanderplatz in Berlin and damn, it was loud and full of people.
Honestly, I don’t like Berlin :o
It’s ugly, too loud, too many people and you can feel that everyone is so damn rushed and nervous. Horrible.
Anyway, at first Wiebke and I went to Burger King for “Breakfast” ;D
At 4 PM Jenni joined us and we had together a wonderful time \^^/
After Burger King we went to an ice cream parlor and eat some tasty icecream (even when it was fucking expensive ^^).
Short after 5 PM Wiebke and I had to leave Jenni. And yes, I cried when I had to leave her. Wiebke was so lovely and hold the whole time my hand until we arrived at the airport. I knew that she had to go to a birthday party, so I sent her home after cuddling her a long time ^^
Did I mention, that I love her? :P
So, when she went, I sat in a corner and cried in silence. It is always extremely hard for me to leave the people who are so precious for me. And because I had a lot of time, I called Jutta and ranted about Dir en Grey, lol. Poor thing ^^

The flight back home was okay. Just 45 minutes, a little bit trouble when we came to Frankfurt, but I didn’t care.
Because the air conditioner in the plane was so cold, I am having a cold now >_>

But anyway, I am still extremely happy about this wonderful “long” weekend :3

And after writing this entry for nearly three hours, I am finally finished :D


PS: ROFL!!! @ http://community.livejournal.com/dir_en_grey/2538453.html?view=38276309#t38276309
PPS: No friends-cut because I am a crazy bitch XDDD
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Okay, I’ll start in the morning :P
Random blabla at first *laughs*
I woke up at 9 AM and yes, I was nervous and totally bouncy at the same time. I mean, it was THE DAY, right? So, my only thoughts were about Dir en Grey. At 11 AM Jutta came to my home and I was so, so unbelievable happy to see her again :D
And thankful, that she joined me for the concert, because Dir en Grey is so NOT her type of music :P
But she survived it, don’t worry ^^
We had a nice lunch together with my family and Mirko. And Kiki of course. It was the first time that Jutta saw Kiki and yes, she fell totally in love with her. Like everyone :D

So, we decided to leave my home at 4.30 PM and when I sat in the car, I started to become extremely nervous. I was so nervous, that my hands started to shake. The drive to Saarbrücken was okay, just one hour, what is pretty few because normally we have to drive 2 hours (or more) to go to concerts of other Jrock-Bands.
Anyway, we arrived at the hall at 6 PM and I was surprised to see so few fans o_O
I mean, when I remember me on the first concert in Cologne, three years ago, the line of the people was soooooo long o_O
And there? It looks like only 300 people were waiting. What was kinda few ôO
So, we didn’t stand far away from the entry :P
And we didn’t have to wait long. The most of the fans were typical jrockers. Black clothes and so on. And we saw two gothic Lolitas. I thought: WHAT THE FUCK? Gothic Lolitas? Sorry, but not at a concert of Dir en Grey. And after that Jutta and I noticed three Japanese fans. One of them looked totally normal. But the other two looked like girls from Gackts clip “Koikuma Heaven” o_O
Totally overdressed, a really “impressive” (*rolleyes*) make-up and their clothes were … short. Damn short. I was really irritated to see girls like that.

Anyway, we had the luck to go in the club without huge problems (and the fans were kinda okay, not really huge pushing or screaming or something like that).

The club was really cool. It was not like the Live Music Hall, because the Live Music Hall is a very long hall. The “garage” is wider and everyone was able to see the stage very good.

So, we were one of the firsts in the hall, but the first four rows were already crowded. So, Jutta and I decided to climb on a box and we had a really fantastic view on the stage *_*
And I sat totally in the sight of Kaoru XDDDD

So, the concert started at 8 PM with “Sabir” … I was like “eh? What is going on?”, because on the concert ticket some special guest were announced o_O
But there was no other band ^^
Only Dir en Grey, but damn, that was enough for me :D

So, at first Shinya came on the stage, after him Die, Toshiya, Kaoru (\*_*/) and finally Kyo. Whoa, just wow.

Okay, to the outfits. Shinya wore a grey jeans and a white shirt, Die a Jeans and a black shirt, his hair was black and long ^^
Toshiya wore a black jeans (I think), a white singlet and a neck scarf (impressing, because it was fucking hot in the hall). And Kaoru wore a jeans and a black T-Shirt. That is enough for me to say, he is the most sexiest man for me on earth :P
Kyo wore a black jeans, too and a white T-Shirt. And I really love his hair, because now it has the length until his shoulder. It looks really good on him.

So, after Sabir they started with Vinushka, I think. And … whoa, I banged my head off, seriously. Jutta said, 80% of the concert I banged, lol. So … I think, I didn’t see a lot, lol.
The third song was Obscure. WHAT THE FUCK? Obscure, one of my favourite songs *_*
And Kyos voice is wow, just wow. When he is singing the really high tones, it is like he is able to pierce through your body and your soul. I felt so … so … totally caught by his voice. It is amazing, how he can use his voice. From the high tones too growling his soul out. Amazing. Some of the songs were so intense, that I really felt pain (yeah, I know it sounds strange, but I am a psychotic Borderliner, so I can’t handle emotions really well). I never, never met a singer in my whole life who is able to touch me so deeply. To touch my inner self, the “myself” I hide from everyone. No one. Except Kyo. One time he had a … echo on his microphone and you had the feeling, that his voice was embracing you. I closed my eyes and felt his voice and I noticed, that my eyes were full of tears. I really felt so many emotions, that I grabbed Jutta’s hand, to find some emotional secureness.
The other time he put his T-Shirt over his face and it remembered me on a living dead. It was so intense and when he hit his heart I thought: Yeah, I know this kind of pain.
I think, maybe a lot of people don’t feel like that, but for me Kyo is … he is sharing the same pain like me. When I listen to his songs, read his lyrics, I totally know what he is singing about. I know it. And maybe that is the reason, that Kyo is touching me so deeply.

So, like I said before, I didn’t saw a lot of the performance. The most of the time I closed my eyes, listened the music and banged like crazy (now I am feeling like 100, because I can’t move my neck anymore ._.). And I don’t remember at all of the songs, but Kyo sung a lot of Uroboros and of “The Marrow of a Bone”.
Some songs, I remember were:
Sabir, Vinushka, Obscure, Repetion of Hatred, Glass Skin, Agitated Scream of Maggots, Clever Sleazoid, Dozing Green, Disabled Complexes and … I don’t remember on the other ones. I try to find the setlist for the concert tomorrow :D

Dir en Grey made a 10 minute break, after that they came back for three songs. And they rocked like hell. Especially Kaoru warmed up a bit. The first part of the concert he stood the most of the time in the shadow ^^
Really bouncy was Toshiya, he encouraged the audience a lot. A really funny thing was Die, lol.
He had a ventilator in front of his, so his hair was constantly moving, lol.
He looked like a topmodel :D
I was so sad, that I didn’t have my digi cam with me, because I had an awesome view on the stage and the guys.
And when Kaoru was a little bit bold, he came to the front, stood on a box and banged :D
And yes, yes, yes! THAT WAS SO FUCKING HOT! And we had eye contact XDDDDD
Kaoru noticed me :D
Probably he thought: Oh my fucking god, what is she doing there? She looks totally crazy

But he is awesome. At the end of the concert, something really rare happened. Kyo applauded to the audience and then … he laughed! OMFG! Kyo laughed! I was so happy to see him like that. And the best thing was that he seemed so happy and proud. I really, really love the thought that their first one-man-concert in Germany were so great for them :D
Everyone (except Shinya) applauded to us and … and wow, just wow. I was so overwhelmed with my feelings (and still am ^^). When the lights went on, I laid half dead at the box and tried to realize what happened to me. But I couldn’t. And I still try to realize all the emotions they broke out yesterday evening. I really can’t find the words to describe what I felt. Maybe Jutta can try to explain, how I looked and how my impression was ^^ *laughs*

After finishing the concert, I bought the “The Rose Trims Again”-Tour-DVD and a T-Shirt.

I am so excited about Berlin. Unfortunately, I can’t bang there because two days before I have this huge tooth surgery ;_;
And after banging for nearly two hours yesterday I am having toothaches again =/
That means … nope, not banging at Berlin ;_;
But hey, maybe God has a good day and I have the luck to get an autograph and maybe a picture with Kaoru together :>
That would be the best birthday present for me ever :D

So, I know I had an awesome time. I banged my head off, I screamed (of course only between the song breaks) and I sung like crazy. This was the best concert in my life. And I think, no other artist can top this :>

So, that’s all from me. Hope, you enjoyed it :D

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So, it is time for my little review of the An Cafe concert from yesterday …

But first I have to say one word …


*laughs* I couldn’t resist. When you are thinking, listening, talking or writing about An Café, you have to say “Nyappy” XD

Nya, anyway. Let me start XD
I have to admit, that I was so damn listless. After the stress at Friday on my home I wasn’t in the mood for the concert. I thought to myself: Okay, go on, have a nice time. Enjoy the concert.
But I didn’t feel like =/
Nya, my mum and I left our home at 3.30 PM and we had to drive 2 hours to Cologne. The drive was convenient, no traffic jam, no problems. And thanks to our navigation system we found the Live Music Hall without problems. And the first thing we saw were hundreds of “Café-ko’s” (a cute name that An Café gave to their fans *squeeee*). So, we reached the Hall 10 minutes before 6 PM. We left the car, went to the near of the fans and I made a lot of pictures. And of course, all of the fans stood on the street. Very clever :P
But it was funny, when a police car came. They wanted to use the street of course … and because the fans stood there, they had to use the sirene XDDD
It was so funny to see all those Visus running off the street. I burst out into laughters XDDD
And the funniest thing was the face of the two police guys in the car. They stopped and asked a man right before us what is going on XDDD
And he said: Oh, there is a concert…
Police Guy: Of who?
Guy: An Café
Police Guy: What’s that? XDDD

I laughed so much about it. So, I wasn’t in the mood to be between all those freaky visu fangirlies, so my mum and I went back to the car and waited until 6.30 PM, then we went back to the hall.
Of course our first way was to the toilet *cough*
And trust me, the line was soooooo, sooooo long. So, I am not really patient and I went to the men’s toilet XDDD … like three other girls, too XD
And I have to say one word … men’s toilets are disgusting *shivers*
The funniest thing was, I left the toilet cabin and there was a guy at the urinal X_X
I felt very awkward T_T

So, after that we went to the hall and it was full O_O
I was like … wtf? Why they are so many people? ^^
So, between all those people there were always space and my mum and I found a place very close to the stage. Like in the 7th row :)
Then we waited ^-^
It was too funny listening Ayumi Hamasaki of the boxes *laughs*
And of course some of the girls freaked out when the roadies came on the stage to “use” the instruments. I mean, I like roadies, too. The most of them are cute and sexy, but damn, those guys are just roadies, not the band itself ^^
And it’s so sad to see them blushing because of the screaming ^^

So, accurate at 7 PM the lights turned off and at first Teruki came on stage *_*
And yes, the fans freaked completely out ^^
After that Yu-ki came, than Kanon (*_____*), Takuya and at last Miku. And Miku looked so, so hot *_*
They started the concert with “Cherry咲く勇気!!”, my favourite song :D
I was so happy about it, that I started to jump and to dance. Unfortunately I can’t remember on the titles, which they played. I am very forgetful *blushing*
It is funny, I know all the songs, but I can’t remember on the titles *laughs* *baka-desu* ;P
It was so awesome. And the funniest thing was, that Miku started to “growl” at the second song. It was like … “Miku, you have to growl, because the german fans likes it” XD
And he can growl very well *laughs*
But his voice is awesome. He sung without problems, he hit every single note. I really love the japanese artists for their perfection :3
And of course Miku talked a lot with us. In english and in german! And his german was so, so cute! He learned a lot and it was very clear and without a japanese accent :)
And then … *giggles* Teruki talked in german (he read the sentences from a piece of paper ^^). He said in german: “Isch ab eusch vermisstOOO!” LOL (I missed you). His accent was so strong and we started to laugh. And he laughed, too. He was so unbelievable shy, I wanted to cuddle him :3
Yu-ki was funny. He started to say: Guten Tag, mein Name is Yu-ki… (Hello, my name is Yu-ki) … And Miku stopped him, telling him that his name is Atze XDDD. I swear, this joke works only in Germany XDDD
After that Kanon and Takuya said some things. You know, the usual stuff: “We love you, we missed you, we are back, show me your special smile, hello Kölle! (XD)”… and so on. That is so cute. You know, it would be enough for me to see the guys standing on the stage and talking. Maybe for an hour. I would be satisfied XD
After the fourth song I left the 7th row, because I couldn’t see something =(
Yeah, I know, I am tiny. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that I saw only cellphones and digi-cams :|
I mean … please. I know it is great to see the boys live on stage, but buy the DVDs instead of making crappy pictures with your cellphone. It is so damn annoying when I can’t see the guys on stage, because I am having constantly cellphones in my sight -__-
So, I left the crowd and went to the end of the hall, joining my mum. And yes, I had a nice view :)
I don’t know how many songs An Café played, but they made it with a lot of fun and passion. And it seemed they were so happy to be back in Germany ^-^

One strange thing was a song, which sung Miku with a strange voice sounding like a duck *lol*
He asked the fans: Do you like Donald Duck? Or do you like Canonball? … o.O
I had no idea what he was talking about, but the fans had a lot of fun, lol.
I looked at the stage and thought by myself: “No one is believing me that I am paying money to see a guy live on stage singing like a duck” XDDD
After an hour they left the stage, but of course the fans wanted an encore *laughs*
And after ten minutes they came back on stage. Everyone wearing a black shirt. Too cute. I think, they played 2 songs … or three, I can’t remember it, honestly ^^
But it was great, so great! And when they were finished, a roadie made pictures with his digi-cam of An Café, in front of the fans :D
I hope so much, that they will upload the pictures at myspace ^-^

So, after 1 hours and 30 minutes the concert was over. But the best thing was Miku, saying “We are coming back”! And I was so happy when he said this. And I am sure, I’ll go again to see them live :D

I bought for myself a poster and it looks so, so good! And I was surprised of myself. So, normally I don’t like Yu-ki very much. I hate this ugly blonde wig and those horrible sunglasses, but … he was really funny and cute on the stage! So, I’ll not cut him off the poster :D

I wanted to show you the pictures I made yesterday of all the fans, but … I broke my dads digi-cam, because dropped it off yesterday at home and now it doesn’t work anymore *cries* =(

Anyway, I had a nice time and I hope, I can go to a concert as soon as possible :3

Lots of love,
Anke :)
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Oh my god. What can I say? ...
The concert was awesome! Amazing! Fantastic! Beautiful! I’m still caught by Kagrra. The concert was SO damn awesome! Really *_*
Isshis voice is … I can’t find the right words to describe what I felt when he started to sing. It is like his voice is filling your soul. Unbelievable, absolute unbelievable.
But, we should start at the beginning, right? *laughs*
You know, my last week was really hard and I had so many times where I felt desperate and depressive. And yesterday I was like … okay, tomorrow I’ll see Kagrra, I hope everything works fine for me. And yes, it did \^^/
My mum and I had no problems with the car (it worked fine! *pats our car*) and thanks to Juttas kindness, we could use her navigation-system and we found the concert hall without problems. I was a little bit irritated, because I didn’t see a lot of fans (like at Miyavis concert o.O). So it rained when we parked our car and my mum and I decided to wait und to talk instead of waiting in the rain. *laughs*
After 6 A.M. we decided to go in the concert hall. We didn’t have to wait, no screaming fangirlies, no pushing, it was heavenly! So, we came in the hall and went to the bar at the left side. I had a great view to the stage. And when I stood there for 2 minutes, a roadie started to play the guitar. And the fans were soooo relaxed *_*
6.30 AM the lights went out and the concert started o.O
So early ^^
But damn … it was wonderful. Please, don’t asked me about the setlist, I forgot the most of the titles (but I knew all of the songs *laughs again*). Whoooo, the guys looked great, especially Ishii. He wore a kimono-like … uhm … whatever >P
But it looked awesome! And damn, Nao was so uber (!) cute xDDD
He is so cheeky, too cute. The first one who came on the stage was Izumi (Drums), Sin (Guitar&Koto), Nao (Bass), Akiya and then Isshi. And all of them looked good. And then they started. And they rocked my socks XDDD
Awesome! Sooo awesome *_*
And of course Isshi spoke german *laughs* … nya, he tried it *giggles*
After the first three or four songs he picked a piece of paper and started to read. It was something like: “We are Kagrra! We are happy to be in Germany. In Cologne! Do you have fun?” … and so on and so on ^^
And Ishii smiled the whooole time. He was so happy like everyone of Kagrra. They played 12 songs, two times “Uzu” their new single (and the song is gorgeous!). Then they made a break of 15 minutes and after that they gave the encore with three songs =)
The best thing was Nao. He’s great XD
He wanted to talk to the fans … and when he stood at the microphone, it was like:
*gasp* … I am … *gasp again* … puh, hot! … *gasp* … Nao … *gasp* … *smiles cheeky*
Nao: Am I sexy? Ó.ò
Fans: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Nao: \^o^/

Do you want me?
Nao: \*___*/
Nao: You have me >PPP

Too great! I laughed sooooo much! Everytime when they spoke in german Isshi was so shy and I wanted to cuddle him and saying to him: Don’t worry, everyone loves you!
And yes, they played their new song “Uzu” two times, but it was SO worthy! The song is amazing. And god, Isshis voice … wow *is still impressed*
Like I said, they played 15 songs and more than one and a half hour. And all of them looked so happy. And when they went off the stage I felt happy as well. And I am so unbelievable relieved about it. Kagrra made my day! And they made me smile and feels good!
And of course I bought some kind of merchandise ^^
A poster of them (and Isshi fooled me, because I thought that he is really having a tattoo on his arm ^^), a wonderful fan and for my mum I bought bunch of keys :)
And yes, she was very impressed by Kagrra, especially by seeing Isshi. He is her favourite, Nao is mine >P
So, we had a really great day. And I hope, Kagrra are coming back to Germany (and Europe) at the next Year. I can’t wait to see them again!

Isshi, Akiya, Sin, Nao and Izumi!
Thanks for such a wonderful concert!
Thanks for making me smile!
Thanks for giving me the feeling to be happy!



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What can I say? The concert of Ayabie was awesome. I enjoyed it so much. The music, the atmosphere and the concert of course.

But I should start at the beginning, ne?
We drove very late to Cologne. It was 3.30 PM and all of us were really relaxed. We were so untypical undressed for it, not jrock-like *laughs*
It was too hot for it ;)
The trip to Cologne was nice, but I slept the last hour on the freeway, because I was the night before awake. Jutta woke me up, when we came to the “Kantine”. And damn, the club was really cool. In front of the club there was a beer garden und the whole atmosphere were extremely relaxed … even the fans. Of course, you could see some of the “normal” attention whores and some J-emos *laughs*
And when I observed them, I thought, damn, I am too old for such things ^^

Admittance were at 6 PM, but we had to wait, because they weren’t on time. But thanks god, the fans were surprisingly not so crazy. We got our tickets at the box office, have do gave up our bags at the cloak room and then we went in the club. And god damn it, it was awesome *_*

Even at the end of the “hall” you had a GREAT view at the stage ♥
Jutta and I sat at the side of the hall, only six meters away from the stage. And yeah, we had a great view. I guess, we waited only for thirty minutes and then the guy from Jrockidentity came on the stage and said things like, don’t make pictures, don’t throw things on the stage and so on and so on. And yes, then Ayabie came at the stage \^^/
At first Kenzo (my Dearie *_*), than Takehito, Intetsu, Yumehito and then Aoi. And yes, they look awesome *_*

Kenzo wore a black suit. Takehito wore black jeans (I guess), a black shirt and a black jacket with a nice skull at the back. *laughs* Intetsu was the only one who wore a skirt and gloves of black (SPITZE). But damn, he looks awesome. And he smiled the whole time *_*
Yumehito wore something like a schoolboy uniform *_*
Very unique *giggles*
And Aoi … uh, Aoi *_*
He wore white jeans, black boots, a black shirt and a … uhm … how can I describe it? It was a “thing” between a jacket and a very long muffler.
I can’t remember on every song, but they played a lot of songs I liked *_* … like “Hinata”, “Cubic [L/R]ock” (it was the second song), “Sendan ha futaba yori kanbash”, “Hoshigaoka” and “Yubisaki” (and many, many more). Aoi sang so great, but unfortunately the sound wasn’t the best. They had many times some feedback and it was so loud, that you didn’t understand what Aoi sang or said =/
When Ayabie started with the concert, I stood up and stand on the wrench, so that I had a great time to the stage *_*

Like I said, Intetsu had a great time. He loves it to be on the stage. Takehito looks always so surprised. It is like he can’t believe that german fans like the music ^^
Yumehito was cute. He smiled and waved the whole time. Only Aoi was a little bit … uhm … I don’t know how I can describe it. At first I thought, he would be sick. Than I thought, he was pissed off *laughes*
He was a little bit … uhm … reserved. But I read today at the internet, that he is scared of the german fans o.O
Last year the ripped off the hat of his head and some rings of his fingers. This year some fans did the same with Yumehito o_O
The stole the ring from his finger … god damn it, it is such a fucking shame to be a fan … compared with such freaking attention whores and psychos x_x
No wonder, that Aoi was so damn reserved.

I noticed, that many Japanese bands are … reserved at the beginning. They start to play their setlist, without communicating with the fans. But when they are realizing, that the fans are happy about to see them, it is like … they become more open and to act with the fans. They same were with Ayabie. They more the fans were acting, they more Ayabie did.

Too cute was the moment, when Yumehito took off his jacket. The fans screamed (*rofl*) and Yumehito was so shy *giggles*
But then he rose the arms like … yeah, I took off my jacket \o/

And yes, they spoke english. Takehitos english was very clear and he said his name. And the next was Intetsu … damn, his voice is so soft. Like a little boy. Awww, everytime when I see Intetsu, I wanna cuddle him. He is so lovely. The next one was Yumehito and he said (nice information, Yume ;P): I like cake. And I like whiskey \^^/
I guess, the only reason why Japanese bands are coming to Germany is the alcohol *laughs*

I guess, they played 11/12 songs, then Ayabie left the stage. Of course the fans wanted an encore ^^
And Ayabie came back. Everyone of them (except Takehito & Intetsu) wore a shirt of themselves. And they brought their own cameras with them on the stage. Intetsu got a bouquet of orange roses and a huge teddy bear. He was so happy about it, that he brought it with him on stage *laughs*
And then they made pictures of the fans. And pictures of themselves in front of the fans. Too cute :333

And we got a new song! They played it for the first time, so we were the first where listened the song \^^/
And yes, it was awesome *___*
After three songs the concert was over. But damn, they guys didn’t leave the stage *laughs*
They were so happy about all the screams and the applause, that they didn’t leave the stage ^^
Only Aoi left the stage after two minutes (I swear, I still have the feeling that he was pissed off…)

Unfortunately some fans were so strange, that Takehito and Intetsu was so close into the fans, because some of them grabbed their hands and pulled them from the stage o_O (…god damn it, I can’t understand such people -_-). After the boys left the stage, my Mum, Jutta and I left the hall as well. When we came out, I bought something for me to drink, because it was so damn hot.

The concert was awesome and I would love to see them again. I hope, they will come next year again =)

I am really happy that I went to this concert. I didn’t dance or sang this time, I watched the concert with a strange feeling in my heart. It was the first time like a long time, that I felt sad when I watched the concert (felt like at the concerts of Gackt & Dir en Grey). And even now, when I am thinking of them I could start to cry. Don’t know why, but I miss them ._.’’

Lots of Love,
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Come on and read me :P )
haebin: (Gackt 21)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh my God, what can I say? ... Damn it, the concert was fucking awesome. I was so insecure and so scared, that I wouldn't enjoy the concert, but hey ... it was great, awesome, amazing. Both bands, Matenrou Opera and Versailles are fucking hot *_*
They have unbelievable voices and they look great. The songs were great, they had a lot of fun and damn it, I had the hottest flirt ever with Kamijo, the singer of Versailles O_O
I mean ... I ... a flirt with him! O_O
I guess, he was fucking drunk *laughs*
And damn it, I was never before so damn horny like now because of a singer. Gomen, but Kamijo is Sex on Legs. He's hot, hot, HOT!!!
And yes, if I would have the chance, I would fuck him >P
And this more than once, I swear. I'm still horny ... poor Jutta-chan *giggles*
I try to write more tomorrow ^______^

Lots of Hugs,
Anke ;D

PS: Now I have to masturbate *BWUAHAHAHAHAHA* >PPP
*runs away* xDDD
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I'm so in Love with Miyavi
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

God, the concert was just awesome *_*
He's great, he's fantastic ... he's funny, charming, lovely, cute ... awwwww, I never thought he would be such an effect on me
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

But ... he is fantastic. Okay, his voice was for me not so impressive like the Voice of Gacchan or Kyo, but he has a nice, warm voice and all his songs sounded like from a CD *_*
And his guitar playing ... damn it, he's a guitar god!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And his laugh ... oh my god, his laugh ... that's so ... lovely *I'm still in love*
And he is such a funny guy. Oh, I wish I could meet him at a bar ... I guess, we would have a great evening *laughs*

He said, he'll come back to Germany ... and trust me, I can't wait for it. I wish, I could see him again, he's awesome ... I'm really, really impressed by him, his music, his character, his voice, his guitar playing. Boy ... he's FANTASTIC!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

PS: I have a little Request ... is there someone who wants to make for me a new Miyavi-Layout? ... Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I would be thankful for the rest of my life (because I suck with doing html-codes and whole layouts) :)
And if anyone wants to make a new layout for me ... could you use the new Pictures of his whole "Neo Visualizm"-Style? I like his Style soooooooo much *_*
You can do, whatever you want. I'll be very thankful for it ♥

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Oyasumi :D
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Here I am again. And what shall I say? The concert was just excellent.

It started with Jutta coming to me at Friday. After a really long talk with my Sweetie Iris Jutta and me got in the bathroom to colour my hair… and what did I find out? Jutta forgot the tickets at home. *rofl*
Ingenious, ne? xD
So what did we do? We jumped with my mother in the car and drove back home to Jutta (two hours). After arriving Jutta picked up the tickets and we drove back home for two hours. At three in the night we were finally back home and Jutta made it to the bed and then she fell asleep.

Unlike me. I was awake the whole night, because I didn’t take my pills. ^^
And I was deadly tired, but who cares? Who needs sleep anyway? :P

Jutta dyed my hair in the morning (it’s black again and not purple ^^) and we started to drive at half past twelve. A bit after two o’clock we arrived at the Palladium and what else did we expect? The street was already filled with fans. And I think we got in the hall at 4 PM. The atmosphere was really great. Better than the E-Werk in cologne. =)

And now there is my review :P
But please don’t ask me about the setlist. I have no idea xP

But what can I say? The J-Shock was really absolutely ingenious. xD
First Guitar Wolf started, which are more in Punk-style (I think they would name their style like this)… nya, actually I like Punk because Balzac is one of my favourites but Guitar wolf… they were just… off the mark. The melodies were disharmonic, and understanding was absolutely not possible because of their screams. And the people weren’t really happy. Even as a fan was allowed to come on stage and scratched on a guitar.

To my shame I have to admit that I liked the bassist pretty much. Long hair, Goatie, tattoos… sexy guy *_*
I think he reminded me on Kaouru from Dir en Grey… that must be it xD
The singer from Guitar Wolf always spit on stage… Very tasty >_<

And to all this the guys must have been stoned or completely drunk. They overthrew the microphone a lot of times, the bassist destroyed his bass-guitar, the singer climbed on a box and jumped down… all of it was kind of… freaky o_O

In the end most of the people were in the back of the hall, because An Café had their signing over there. The screams of the fans had almost hurt in the ears but I could see some of the band *laughs*

Jutta and me stood in the front row, because I wanted to see Girugämesh so badly. \^^/
Half an hour after Guitar Wolf ended their concert (they almost were drew off stage ._.) BIS entered the stage.

It was so cute to see Seika tuning up his drums by himself. Sweet guy and the favourite of Jutta xD

And I can just say one word about BIS: WOW! The guys made a show, it was unbelievable. xD
Seika, the drummer, removed his shirt after the third song *_*
Yummy, is the only thing I can say. Even if the thought crossed my mind, that I wanted to give them something to eat, because they were so skinny. *g*

Furthermode Seika beat up on his drums, that was unbelievable. To look at him was such a pleasure *_*
So, I stood directly in front of Shunsuke, the Bassist and you don’t wanna believe it … but we had a very long and hot flirt xP

It seems, that my chest piercing was very interesting for him :P
BIS played a whole hour and they rocked my ass off *_*

And the last two songs played all the guys with nacked upper part of the body … they looked damn good *hehe*

For the case, that BIS will give concerts here in Germany … I’ll see them of course \^^/

PS: Maru (the singer) is a damn hot guy and he have birthday on the same day like me :P

After another thirty minutes of making the stage ready for girugämesh (and Nii who tried to tune up his guitar desperately), the band came finally in black suits on stage. Extremely elegant, unlike the music.
The songs were loud, brutal and so fucking great. I didn’t see a lot of the fans, but I guess, they were also so enthusiastic like me. Please, don’t ask for me the accurate setlist. I have no idea, because I banged my head the whole time xD

Girugämesh are a little bit dark and their music is hard, but Satoshi couldn’t resist, to smile for short moments. (I guess, he was so happy, that the fans freaked so out ^^)

In Addition Satoshi reminds me on Kyo from Dir en Grey … the both are so look alike *_*
Nya, only a Kyo-Alternate, but I enjoyed it so much, because I can’t see Dir en Grey live on stage this year ;_;

Girugämesh had a lot of fun to play live on stage and push their fans to the limit (and yes, they pushed me to my limit *laughs*). Another highlight of the concert from Girugämesh was, that they played the theme of Mission Impossible. Fucking awesome. Unfortunately Satoshi, Nii, Shuu and Ryo left the stage after a hour.

After that Jutta and I left the first row, because it was too pokey und I wasn’t so interested in An Café. Furthermode BIS gave at the same time autographs, so I went to the other end of the hall. But too many fangirlies pushed against the barrier (I told you, that were Animexxer and Tokio Hotel-Fangirlies >_>) and the securitys closed the barrier and send the band backstage ;_;
But I had the chance, to look with a sad face to Tsukasa. And then he said to me: I’m sorry, gomen, gomen. Too cute.

The fuck was, that I had only two persons in front of me, then I would have had the chance, to shake the hand of Maru, Tsukasa, Seika and Shunsuke ;_;

During the gig of An Cafe, I went to the Merchandise-Stand und then back to the stage (I bought for myself two posters of BIS and Girugämesh). An Café made a really great Show. I was very surprised … in a good way. I’m not so a great Para-Para-Fan, but they music rocked and the guys are really cute. ^^

At least Miku talked in english and they tried to speak German. It was too sweet *__*
Every German word was rewarded by the Fans with screaming and applause. Teruki talked pretty long in German. He said, that they would be glad to be in Germany, that Germany has a great Nature, good food and very wonderful fans \^^/
Okay, he read all of it from a piece of paper, but who cares? It was so much fun xP

Kanon, the bassist did say “Hallo” around every three songs. It seems that he had a lot of fun with this word xD
Yuuki, the keyboarder (who isn’t my type at all *blushes*) was – to my surprise – well accepted by the fans xD

And finally his keyboard broke and fell down. The Roadies had to fix it pretty fast xD
An Café played for one and a half hour, gave an encore – a new song included \^^/
Then they left stage.

So, I think the 40 Euro were a fair price for such an event :)
And when J-Shock is “coming” to Germany again … I’m there of course xD

Okay, to be honest, I would go to a concert of An Café too. I mean, the band is funny and the music is pretty good. So, why should I abandon of such a concert? xP

After the concert I did shopping. I bought my mum a pair of earrings, for myself a bracelet, skeleton-gloves (I love skeletons *_*) and … a Gackt-Photobook :D
Okay, I paid a capability for that (42 Euro), but now I’m the proud owner of the „Gackt – JUST BRING IT! LIVE TOUR 2002“-Photobook \*_*/
Gomen, but I couldn’t resist xD

After that we finally drove at home and even now I feel extremely groggy, but content too.
But I miss Jutta, because she’s at home again ;_;

So, let’s see, how Miyavi Gig will be :)


PS: I’m feeling like I would be 100 years old ^^
PPS: A fresh neck-piercing and headbanging is a damn bad combination xDDD
haebin: (Gackt 13)

And now I'm crawling back to my bed because of the damn flu ;_;

Take care

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Ne, finally I’m able to write my review \^^/
First of all: MUCC was amazing and I can’t get enough of this band.

Jutta arrived at my home at 1 PM while I was in deep sleep because I didn’t sleep the night before. So I was hugged and cuddled then we changed clothes, had something to eat and started at 1.30 PM to drive to cologne. Of course I couldn’t prevent the need to torture Jutta with MUCC, Vidoll and Dir en Grey music ( I know, I’m evil ~g~). The ride went without bigger problems and two hours later we arrived in cologne. And it doesn’t matter when you arrive at the Gloria-theatre – there are always some fans waiting in front of it^^

Jutta and I sat on the ground close to the MUCC-tourbus xD
Then our sight turned left and there was the front man of Balzac sharing autographs. He looks yummy, a little bit freaky but absolutely my taste. And he smiled at me *_*
Cute guy ^^

They would open the doors at 7 PM. So what to do? Right, we waited^^

In the Gloria-theatre there is a small café that they closed for an unknown reason. The strange thing was, that they didn’t close the entries (there were two of them) and so the fans were standing pretty long in the café. Jutta and me, too. And because we didn’t know what would follow next I asked a security where they planned the entrance. I got the nice reply: “We don’t know.”
Men and organisation-skills -_-
It ended the way that the sent everyone outside and we stood at the wrong door. >_< (I should have kicked the security in his nuts -_-)

So the pushing started again >_<
But we learned from the D’espairsRay concert and left all bags and jackets in the car. Because of that we were able to go in the hall really fast. And like I said before, we made it in the first row. ^^
Okay I was standing on the outer-right, but my view on stage was fantastic and there were no pushing around \^^/

A few minutes after 8 Balzac came on stage and I didn’t understand much more than Ohooooooo Ohooooooo and some mumbling in Japanese, but the band rocked anyway xD
And I know the band for two years now, I have all of their music and they are quite funny. And they rock like hell :P

They played more than an hour and gave one encore. The fans reacted really well to the music of Balzac and some guys did crowd-surfing. The securities burst out into panic and handled the “surfers” pretty hard (looked to me like the police o_O). The leader of Balzac was kind of shocked about the behaviour of the security and patted the head or the shoulder of the “surfers”. \^^/

Furthermore he threw himself from time to time into the crowd. And he enjoyed it as you could see in his big grin. I’m ready to watch Balzac without another band (But I guess it’s too much for Jutta ^^)

After one hour they left scene and the stage was set ready for Mucc. One cute, young crew member (not older than 21) came on stage to fix the cables and the girls completely freaked out ^^

After 20 minutes MUCC came on stage finally \^^/
Don’t ask me about the set-list. I can hardly remember. I just know a few songs they played:

Media no Juusei
Saishuu ressha

My highlight was to see the guys playing barefoot. And yes, I must admit, that I have a weakness for naked feet. *__*
And Tasturo looked amazing. He wore a too big shirt and a pyjama-like pair of trousers… he looked like 18 or 19 *laughs*
But he rocked like crazy. And his voice was able to go under my skin. *_*

He was so cute while he spoke German. And without accent! He said, that he is happy to be back in cologne. =D
Then he said: Wie geht es euch? (How are you?)
The Fans screamed: Guuuuuuuuuut *scream* (Goooooooood)
He said: “Ich auch” (Me, too) xDDD

Too funny^^

Nya, there’s not much more to tell about me. I was banging and jumping all the time and didn’t recognise everything that happened. I got the revenge today because I can barely move and my neck hurts so much that I’m not able to move my head to the side ^^
But it was worth it. A concert without pain isn’t possible xDDD

Jutta said that a crew-member said to the security to give water to the fans. And he did it… sadly he didn’t stop and gave me some -_-
Half an hour later the crew-member came with some bottles of Evian-water and I got one \^^/
I almost drank it empty but I was really exhausted. MUCC played around one hour and 40 minutes and after the encore they left stage. The last thing I remember is that I wasn’t able to bang anymore and hung exhausted on the balustrade ^^

After this Jutta and I rushed to the merchandise-stand. I bought a poster and buttons. Jutta bought a shirt.
Outside I first had to sit down because I felt I was close to faint ^^

But it was absolutely amazing and MUCC is after Gackt the best thing that you can see live xD

The next concert is probably Ayabie in cologne \^^/ And maybe we will take Jutta’s friend Sandra with us, and maybe my mother, too xDDD

Yay, I’m looking forward to it =D

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