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Mah, it is always so hard to find a nice introducion for the entry ;P
Nya, don’t have a lot to say, just … more pictures ;D

Singapore – The first Impression )
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Hey hey!
Here is the next entry from me :)
And of course I’ll share my pictures with you, hehe … like for the next six weeks, lol. Hope, u still enjoy it :)

Airport, Frankfurt – On the way to Singapore )


Feb. 16th, 2010 05:23 pm
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So, here I am ;D
Finally *laughs*
Yesterday I wanted to make this entry, but I was surprisingly invited to Mirkos new apartment and was there for the whole evening. We talked and talked and I cuddled a lot with Kiki.
Anyway, I didn’t forget to bring u the next pictures ;D
Enjoy it!

Kiki & preparing for Singapore )
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Yes, it is true. I am back.
And damn, the jetlag this time is really hard.
Yesterday I went to bed and slept for 17 hours! O.O
That is damn long, I think.
Unfortunately I am still having problems with my stomach and I think I will go to the doc on Monday. Having stomach pains for more than 4 weeks now isn’t so cool.

Today I feel a little bit sad. Honestly, I miss a
Alecs and my friends there so, so much. I am not unhappy here, because my parents and friends here were so happy that I am back. I feel very loved. But at the same time I miss my friends so, so badly. And the warm weather there. I miss everything, even when I made some hard experiences there.

Because of the cold weather here I have chapped lips. And it really hurts.

I think I just need a little bit more time to “arrive” in Germany.

But hey, like I said it before, I had a wonderful warm welcome here. And oh my god, my parents brought Kiki to the airport. And when she saw me, she jumped on me and kissed me like crazy! I really cried so, so much when I saw her and my parents, but I was very happy to see them.

I wish I could write more because so many things are in my mind, but I am very tired, so sorry.

I think, I will start to upload the pics of Singapore next week, when Jutta will send me the cable for her digi cam!

So, please take care everyone and thanks for everything! :)


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Thanks for everything, singapore! Thanks for giving me such a great time here. Thank u for all the wonderful people i have met here. Thank u, thank u so much!
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that is finally my last day...
i slept very long (woke up at 2.30pm) because i couldn't find any sleep this night and cried the whole time. i am just having 4 hours until i have to leave the hostel...
i think, i will take a long shower now and then bringing my luggage to the guest room. and oh my god, it is so heave. i really bought a lot of presents. wish me luck that i don't have to pay for it, because i don't have any money more...
then i will watch a little bit tv and asking ah long for help to order for me a cab, so that i can leave on time.
gunjan comfirmed my flight yesterday and what a surprise, today i will meet audrey for the first time ever in singapore. on my last day. we talked yesterday on msn and she said, i am coming to the airport. so, i am blessed, right?

seriously, i don't know what to write down. i don't wanna leave. i wanna stay here. i am happy here. but i know i have to go. and i am happy to see my parents, mirko and lisa. and kiki of course.
i feel so ripped apart...

the only thing i am wishing for my flight is, that i will sleep the whole time. that makes it easier for me, kinda.

nya, i am taking a shower now. i think, when the computer is free here, i will take another look!

please take care.
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that is no joke, seriously. I have met shinee. and i got their autographs. and oh my god, they are fucking cute, so cute. i can't express how cute they are XDDDDDD

the concert was pretty cool. when i went to the hall i felt really uncomfortable, because all of the fans there were a) younger than me and b) of course asians. so i was the only caucasion there. when i went to my seat, i saw a message ... the artists would give a signing session after the concert. i was like ... WHAT THE FUCK? i asked a woman there and she said, yes, yes, they are giving a signing session O.O
i thought, no way, that can't be real. seeing shinee and having the chance to get an autograph of them? ... can't be true.

so, my seat was awesome. i had an unbelievable great view on the stage. the artist oh joonsung is very talented and he had a lot of fun playing his songs. we had some screen and u could see some of the doramas, when he played the songs for it.
lol ... when they showed Junho of DBSK, the girls started to scream, lol.

Oh Joonsung was pretty cool. he couldn't speak english, so he said always: Thank u, I love Singapore, the next song is ...
and when he talked about SHINee and DBSK the girls freaked out. I started to laugh so, so much.

Mario& was pretty cool and bobby kim has an amazing voice. thankfully bobby could speak english so he cheered up the audience. but everyone was waiting for shinee. and when they came on stage, the girls freaked out, seriously. I felt so wrong with my 32 years, lol ... but okay, I freaked out, too. I mean ... what the fuck, i saw CHOI MINHO!!!! gosh, he is so cute! :333
So, they sung actually two songs, rofl ... and one of it was "stand by me" from the dorama "boys over flower". then they left the stage ... and i saw like some of the girls were leaving their seats. so, at first i thought ... no, u can't do it, anke. it is damn impolite.

but i did it. i felt bad, but i couldn't resist. so, when i left my seat, a woman of the hall came to me and said, go, go, u have to use the escalator and push 1, then u can go to the place where they signing session is, rofl.

and yes, i stood there ... for like one hour. and i thought, that can't be true. they had really ONLY 30 minutes for the signing session ... and i was one of the lucky fans!



and they were pretty surprised to see an caucasion girl. especially when I said thank u in korean XDDD
actually i like CHOI MINHO, but taemin was so so cute! When he realized that in front of him isn't an asian girl, he smiled and said over and over again, thank u, thank u, thank u! I was really in danger to cuddle him, lol XDDD

so, so cute!~
Jonghyun was pretty cool and they others were so shy. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :333333333

i am so a lucky one, seriously. i am so, so lucky that i had the chance to see them. to met them and to got their signings!

i am so blessed. so damn blessed. seriously, i love this city so much!

no, i try to find some sleep. tomorrow i will see alecs at 11am for the last time (I think). guess, that will be pretty hard for me. but hey ... i am coming back, for sure!

so, i'll go to bed, dreaming of shinee!!!




Feb. 1st, 2010 04:44 pm
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So, my time here is very short, because everyone needs the computer and this not for only 15 minutes ... no, for 3 or 4 hours -_-
so the whole day I couldn't use the web. I am eating now (dumplings!), taking a shower and then i will go to the concert, yay!!!
I am so, so excited!

See ya, Huns :3
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...that you'll miss me @ everyone. u all making it so damn hard for me to leave singapore, seriously. we will keep in touch, i am coming back and yes, i will miss u too, for sure.

*le sigh*

Jan. 30th, 2010 06:07 pm
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Just 4 days left and i have to leave singapore. and yes, i am sad about it. i have so much fun here, i am feeling so comfortable, i love the city and the people here. i love it to be around with my friends.
it is hard to go home again. of course i miss my friends, my pets and especially my family. i am glad to see them again, but at the same time i am sad to leave the place here.

i don't feel so good today. i slept til 3.30pm, woke up with stomach pains (again) and i had problems to swallow o.O
i guess, i will take a time-out for today. the last days were so much on input. i saw so much, i experienced so much. and that in only 4 weeks.

and of course my side is still hurting. did i mention that i will never ever get a tattoo on my body side again? ^^

I don't know what i will do tomorrow. maybe a little bit going around here. it is weekend and all the *famous touristic* places are crowded with tourists and tons of people. and i don't wanna be around with them ^^

and on monday i have the concert, yay! At the esplanade! And the concert halls are pretty famous for Singapore!
I'll see the concert here:


Pretty cool, ne? XD
And I will take the digicam with me so that I can make more pictures of this place! :D

nya, that is all from me for today. maybe i am going to the lavender food centre, try to eat something. and for the rest i'll just relaxing :)

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seriously, i am so tired. yesterday was really exhausting for me. but even when i was so exhausted i couldn't find any sleep. and i talked with my roommate like 3am :o
my tattoo is still a little bit hurting, but my left ankle is so swollen :/
i guess for today i am taking the bus to the central and hanging around with alecs, because walking around like crazy isn't possible.
and i am just too tired of it ^^
i swear, when i am back in germany i will take vacations from my vacations, rofl XD

hm ... i guess, i will go back to bed for an hour, after that taking a shower and walking slowly to the bus station ^^

have a nice day! :)


PS: At the moment I can't reply so much because a lot of new people came in and everyone wants to use this one computer ... and that longer than for 15 minutes. so, i am sorry!
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I did it. today i got tattoo nr. 10, woohoo \**/
and let me say one thing: IT WAS SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS, seriously. I think, i've got the most painful tattoos in my life here in singapore. the two traditional thai tattoos with the handpoke method and now this one ... and it is on my right side, starting from my breast til the waist. and god, god, that hurt so much. really, when i am thinking about another tattoo on the left side of my body, say: DON'T DO THAT! IT'S PAINFUL!

but let me start from the morning on. yesterday alecs messaged me about visiting two temples here in singapore. And of course I said yes (even when my feet are hurting like hell after the monster walks of the last days, lol). So, he told me we have to meet at the Toa Payoh MRT Station. so i asked jamie how long i would need to go there and she said, oh, u need a lot of time. so ... if u know me I am a control freak ... and i am always too early. so i woke up this morning at 6 (!) and left the hostel at 6.30am ... and of course i was too early. way TOO early. I was at the station at 7.22am -_-
So, I had to wait til 10am ...
but luckily there was a bench ... and i've waited. and i got tired ... and I fell asleep, rofl.
so, at 10am alecs wrote me a message, woke me up, i was in rush ... slipped out and fell directly on the face *immer mitten auf die fresse, ne?*
So, i have to look at the positive side. i didn't broke my leg, lol. it is just swollen and hurts with every step :) ... ehrlich, ich lasse hier auch nix aus, rofl.

so, of course we visited the temples. and i swear, this was a beautiful experience. those are temples which are nearly unknown by tourists. unfortunately ... or fortunately? :)
it was so wonderful and i made so, so many pictures, lol. and alecs is a great tour guide. he explained me so much and i love it when he is talking about the chinese myths and so on :3

So, after walking around for 2 hours, we went to a food place and he explained me what he likes, lol. and he always said to me, i have to try this and that and THIS and THAT. he really likes it to pick on me the whole time. he loves it.
but i am taking that easy! we have so much fun together i can't be really angry with him.

so, we took a cab to his tattoo studio and at first we just hang around. I took a look of tons of tattoo books and piercing magazines. we browsed together through the web, watched a lot of strange/funny/crappy youtube clips, talked and talked and laughed a lot.

so we talked about my back and I decided to not do any pictures there anymore. the back is kinda full and u can't do another design on it. actually, you can, but it doesn't look good. but alecs said, i have more space on my body, lol.
so, i asked him for doing me the tattoo about the dir en grey lyrics. and he worked a lot on it, searched for the right kanjis, we searched together for the right design and we found a price, lol. he wanted for the tattoo 180 Singapore dollar/90 Euro, what isn't a lot. when i would ask here around i would have to pay around 400-500 singapore dollar. and he did a good work. i am very satisfied and ... i am thinking about new ones, lol.
i am so sorry, but tattoos are so damn addicting. i can't be without them, lol.

but to be honest, it hurts right now. it hurts a lot. gosh, the side of the body is so damn sensitive.

so, now i am at the hostel and i feel groggy.

the funniest thing was ... u know, before alecs is doing a tattoo, u have to pay him before he is starting. so, i didn't have enough money today (because I bought yesterday too many things) and gave him only 130 dollar, but he was okay and said, oh anke, u can give me the rest tomorrow, that's fine. i am actually very happy that he is trusting me so much :)

so, for tomorrow i will go to him, giving him the 50 dollars :)
and maybe just hanging around with him and May :)

ah, both of them went we me to chinatown today. so, beautiful! I tried out a lot of strange food and some jelly grass drink oO
weird, lol.
but we had a lot of fun together XD

so, that is all from today. I guess I will go in my room, falling in my bed and trying to sleep, lol.

btw, jutta? Falls du mir sms schreiben solltest und es kommt nix zurueck, liegt das daran, dass ich im moment staendig fehlermeldungen bekomme und nicht senden kann. ich glaube, ich sollte vielleicht mal mein handy wieder aufladen *hust*

so, see u tomorrow!

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Went this afternoon to Bugis Junction to met Jamie. Bought way too many things for myself, family and friends :D
I had this morning 444 Singapore Dollar ... now I have 70, lol. But I enjoyed it a lot. Had a nice fish porridge for dinner and having NO problems with my stomach. I jumped into a fountain and after that I was completely wet, but it was great! And I walked at home barefoot. Priceless! THIS DAY WAS PRICELESS!!!

So, I'll watch American Idol now and going after that to bed :3

Luv ya :3

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I am back. I had this morning a monster walk. The esplanade, the St. Andrews Church, the memorial thing, Raffles Hotel ... I am groggy, lol. I wanted to go to Chinatown again, but I am too tired for it. I hope I can go for shopping with Jamie today :)
Alecs couldn't come today because he is having such problems at home, but that is okay ... I mean for me ^^
We will meet us tomorrow then :)

So, finally I have changed my money and now I am back. I think, I will sleep a little bit now and enjoying my cold room XD

And then I will waiting for Jamies call :)
Need more dresses XD


A new day

Jan. 27th, 2010 05:52 am
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And I am excited!
I'll go to the Raffles hotel today! Making more pictures, lol. after that i will walk around!
at 11AM I'll meet alecs in chinatown. and when we are finished I am waiting for jamies call, because she wanna bring me to some stores, where i can buy this beautiful dresses for less than 30 singapore dollar. if that is true and the dresses are so beautiful like this one I am wearing right now, I'll buy a lot for myself, I swear XD
And when I am coming back I'll go straight back to my bed, lol.
right now I am going to bed at 9pm so that I am able to see Singapore in the morning :3

Hm, one week less here in Singapore. Gosh, the time went by so damn fast. I can't believe it. but I've seen a lot. and i met really amazing and lovable people here :3

yesterday sarah gave me a book she bought here in singapore as a goodbye-present because she left for indonesia. okay, it is about god, but who cares? if it helps, fine. if not, it's okay, too.
but the fact that she thought on me is just ... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

so, now i'll chat a little bit more with jutta! :)

hope, I can write another entry when I am back and no one is at the internet XD

See ya! :3
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rofl. I bought too much. way too much. but i couldn't resist und i had so much fun of buying stuff, lol.
but let me start with the morning. i took the bus direction the famous Fullerton Hotel. And wow. seriously, singapore is an amazing city. it is beautiful. even when i don't like huge cities, it is so damn beautiful. the best thing was that i startet short before 7am and no one was around. that means, i made pretty pictures XD
extremely pretty pictures of the merlion statue :D
u can take a first look here:


this place is so amazing, just amazing! and it was so beautiful because NO ONE was around. can u imagine what is going on there when it is afternoon or evening?
Okay, i think it is very impressing to be there at the evening with all the lights, but at the morning it is so cool there. and i watched the sunrise. whoa, just whoa. i can't explain what i felt when i was able to see it. just relaxed and peaceful. such a beautiful place. and of course i made a lot of pictures.
so, be prepared when i am back at home. u will see picture entries for the next two weeks, lol.

after visiting the financial center i took a cab to burgis junction. another beautiful place. visited there the chinese and indian temples and made beautiful pictures. and i bought some presents for my family. i swear, it is pretty easy to find things for my mum und for tobias. i even found something for mirko XD
but it is so hard to find something for my dad, lol. and when i found something i was broken and had just 15 singapore dollars left, lol.
i guess, i have to go back there, because ... omfg, i bought for myself a dress! and it fits! a really beautiful one! it doesn't even show my hips, lol XD
i love it and it was only for 30 singapore dollar ... that means, 15 euro XDDD
do u have any idea what i would pay for such a dress in germany? i would be poor, i swear XD

and at burgis i found a pet shop, muah (gifts for Kiki! X)!

I will go there again this week, with more money and buying more dresses. maybe around for 100 euro, because i am not able to find such beautiful dresses in germany *_*
So I have to use this oppurtunity!

and of course ... i bought myself cds :o
for around 68 singapore dollar. all from chinese artists, but i couldn't resist.
the guy who sold the cds were pretty surprised that a caucasan girl likes chinese music. he said to me at the beginning: oh, that is only chinese music! For the western music u have to go to the other side.
LOL! I love chinese music and I told him that. So he was surprised XD

and yay, i saw at bugis junction that Eason Chan promoted his CD there at sunday. and i missed it :(
damn, that sucks. but anyway, next week is time for SHINee XD

So, I am going to my room now. I think, today I'll go really to the swimming complex. feeling fine! my stomach doesn't make any problems ^^
... but that is because I didn't eat something, lol.

so, anyway, take care! Love u all :D



Jan. 26th, 2010 06:26 am
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Good morning! It is 6:20AM now and I am awake. I want to go to city hall today and making pictures of the merlion :)
I really like it to be in the city when it is morning. it is not so hot and not so many people are around, that is really cool!
I really enjoyed yesterday. Walking by myself, making decisions by myself. it was really awesome.
yesterday I wanted to go to the swimming complex but after eating some soup i felt sick again. not so bad like the weekend, but i thought it would be better to stay at home. and i went to bed at 8pm, lol.
but it was a good decision because i slept long and peaceful.

so, what is about you? did u have a good start in the new week? Are u feeling fine? How's the weather? XDDD

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So, I am back from my trip to Suntec City, Marina Bay and the Singapore Flyer. Everything was okay, no problems. And the best thing ... I took a ride with the Singapore Flyer ... muahahahahahaha XDDD
So, so awesome! And I made great pictures *_*
Okay, when we were at the highest point I really felt a little bick sick. I am not really good with hights and so on. But it was so awesome. And just 30 Singapore Dollar what is pretty cheap in my eyes (also knapp 15 euro).
Really, really cool. And the skyline of Singapore is so, so aweomse! *_*

So, for today I think I will go to the swimming complex again. But at the afternoon, when it is not so hot anymore ^^
And I wanna stay there til the evening :D

For tomorrow I'll go to Burgis or maybe to the Merlion/City Hall. I will decidite it in the morning XD

So, 1 week til I'll see SHINee! MUAH! Really, I am so in love with their song "RingDingDong", rofl. Everytime when I am here at the computer I am searching the song on youtube and listen to it. I think, they are cute XD
And I am seeing them live, YES!!!♥♥♥♥♥

So, okay, that's all from me. Need a little bit rest now to become finally healthy! :)

See ya!
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so, ich mache es auf deutsch, weil ich eine faule socke bin :D
wir haben jetzt 6 uhr und ich bin schon wach. und das schon seit 4 stunden ^^
na ja, ist ja auch keine meisterleistung nachdem ich gute 20 stunden geschlafen habe.

magenschmerzen habe ich zwar immer noch, aber das ist auch kein wunder, wenn ich seit gut 2 tagen nichts mehr gegessen habe. zumindest kann ich jetzt schon wieder wasser trinken ohne mich zu uebergeben. ich finde, das ist ein guter fortschritt!

ich denke mal, ich werde sobald es hier hell wird, zur Marina Bay fahren und fotos machen :)
es ist morgens, da sind kaum leute unterwegs und es ist nicht gleich 34 grad heiss. im moment macht mir naemlich die hitze wirklich uebelst zu schaffen. also werde ich den morgen damit verbringen durch die gegend zu schleichen (rennen is noch unmoeglich, da ich doch recht schwach auf den beinen bin) und mittags dann wieder nach hause kommen, mich ein bisschen ausruhen und dann nachmittags bis vielleicht abends um 9 ins freibad gehen <3
und nix asiatisches mehr essen, lol XD

mit jutta habe ich die nacht auch ein bissi gechattet und sie hat gleich meine mama angerufen, um sie zu beruhigen. also mama, wenn du das liest, ich bin okay. keine gedanken machen, okay?
streichel lieber fuer mich die schweinchen und kiki :D
und knuddel mir mirko!
ich hoffe euch geht es gut! Denke oft an euch :)

Ah, heute is es uebrigens nur noch eine woche bis ich SHINee sehe! :D
Die sind sooo cool! Und so sexy! Und so verdammt jung, rofl. Aber ich freu mich wirklich wahnsinnig drauf :3

So, jetzt weiss ich nichts mehr zu schreiben ^^
Also, wie gesagt, keine gedanken machen, okay?

Und hier nochmal fuer alle:


PS: Btw, schaut da jemand die neue Big Brother Staffel in Deutschland? Ich hab da mal bei youtube geschaut und die ersten 10 bewohner gesehen. rofl, wo haben die die denn ausgegraben, ey? XDDDD
Btw, Unterschichtenfernsehen rul0rt halt XXDDDD

Bis dann :)
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i know, i didn't write the last 24 hours or so. but i slept. i slept a lot and i feel a little bit better. i am able to drink water without throwing up or having pains. so, that is a good sign.
i am just struggling a little bit with headaches now, but that is okay. i just feel a little bit groggy ... even after nearly 20 hours of sleep ;)

so, i decided to not eat asian food anymore in the next days. i know, it sounds so silly but the only food where i don't have any problems with it is fast food from mcdonalds or burger king o.O
so, i think when i am going to suntec city or marina bay today (don't worry, i will walk very slowly and taking a lot of rests) i will go eating a little bit at mcdonalds or burger king. i don't care whether people could think or not, that i shouldn't eat with my body any fast foods. at the end i need something to eat, ne? ^^

gosh, i am only here for 1 1/2 week left. the time went by so, so fast :/
now I have to visit all the places i still wanna see. like suntec city or marina bay. have to make more pictures, ne? :)

yesterday i wanted to go together with alecs and mae to the zoo, but i was too sick for it :(
but it was really cute of alecs, that he tried to called me. like 5 times in 20 minutes because he was so worried about me.
today he is busy, but maybe i am able to see him tomorrow?

lol ... i noticed right now that i am hungry and thirsty. and now it is 2.40AM (kurz nach halb drei). that sucks. I don't have any coins to buy myself here something to drink. mah :\

nya, anyway. don't be worried about me, okay? everthing is alright. Missing u all :)

lots of love,


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