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Jan. 30th, 2010 06:07 pm
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Just 4 days left and i have to leave singapore. and yes, i am sad about it. i have so much fun here, i am feeling so comfortable, i love the city and the people here. i love it to be around with my friends.
it is hard to go home again. of course i miss my friends, my pets and especially my family. i am glad to see them again, but at the same time i am sad to leave the place here.

i don't feel so good today. i slept til 3.30pm, woke up with stomach pains (again) and i had problems to swallow o.O
i guess, i will take a time-out for today. the last days were so much on input. i saw so much, i experienced so much. and that in only 4 weeks.

and of course my side is still hurting. did i mention that i will never ever get a tattoo on my body side again? ^^

I don't know what i will do tomorrow. maybe a little bit going around here. it is weekend and all the *famous touristic* places are crowded with tourists and tons of people. and i don't wanna be around with them ^^

and on monday i have the concert, yay! At the esplanade! And the concert halls are pretty famous for Singapore!
I'll see the concert here:


Pretty cool, ne? XD
And I will take the digicam with me so that I can make more pictures of this place! :D

nya, that is all from me for today. maybe i am going to the lavender food centre, try to eat something. and for the rest i'll just relaxing :)

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I did it. today i got tattoo nr. 10, woohoo \**/
and let me say one thing: IT WAS SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS, seriously. I think, i've got the most painful tattoos in my life here in singapore. the two traditional thai tattoos with the handpoke method and now this one ... and it is on my right side, starting from my breast til the waist. and god, god, that hurt so much. really, when i am thinking about another tattoo on the left side of my body, say: DON'T DO THAT! IT'S PAINFUL!

but let me start from the morning on. yesterday alecs messaged me about visiting two temples here in singapore. And of course I said yes (even when my feet are hurting like hell after the monster walks of the last days, lol). So, he told me we have to meet at the Toa Payoh MRT Station. so i asked jamie how long i would need to go there and she said, oh, u need a lot of time. so ... if u know me I am a control freak ... and i am always too early. so i woke up this morning at 6 (!) and left the hostel at 6.30am ... and of course i was too early. way TOO early. I was at the station at 7.22am -_-
So, I had to wait til 10am ...
but luckily there was a bench ... and i've waited. and i got tired ... and I fell asleep, rofl.
so, at 10am alecs wrote me a message, woke me up, i was in rush ... slipped out and fell directly on the face *immer mitten auf die fresse, ne?*
So, i have to look at the positive side. i didn't broke my leg, lol. it is just swollen and hurts with every step :) ... ehrlich, ich lasse hier auch nix aus, rofl.

so, of course we visited the temples. and i swear, this was a beautiful experience. those are temples which are nearly unknown by tourists. unfortunately ... or fortunately? :)
it was so wonderful and i made so, so many pictures, lol. and alecs is a great tour guide. he explained me so much and i love it when he is talking about the chinese myths and so on :3

So, after walking around for 2 hours, we went to a food place and he explained me what he likes, lol. and he always said to me, i have to try this and that and THIS and THAT. he really likes it to pick on me the whole time. he loves it.
but i am taking that easy! we have so much fun together i can't be really angry with him.

so, we took a cab to his tattoo studio and at first we just hang around. I took a look of tons of tattoo books and piercing magazines. we browsed together through the web, watched a lot of strange/funny/crappy youtube clips, talked and talked and laughed a lot.

so we talked about my back and I decided to not do any pictures there anymore. the back is kinda full and u can't do another design on it. actually, you can, but it doesn't look good. but alecs said, i have more space on my body, lol.
so, i asked him for doing me the tattoo about the dir en grey lyrics. and he worked a lot on it, searched for the right kanjis, we searched together for the right design and we found a price, lol. he wanted for the tattoo 180 Singapore dollar/90 Euro, what isn't a lot. when i would ask here around i would have to pay around 400-500 singapore dollar. and he did a good work. i am very satisfied and ... i am thinking about new ones, lol.
i am so sorry, but tattoos are so damn addicting. i can't be without them, lol.

but to be honest, it hurts right now. it hurts a lot. gosh, the side of the body is so damn sensitive.

so, now i am at the hostel and i feel groggy.

the funniest thing was ... u know, before alecs is doing a tattoo, u have to pay him before he is starting. so, i didn't have enough money today (because I bought yesterday too many things) and gave him only 130 dollar, but he was okay and said, oh anke, u can give me the rest tomorrow, that's fine. i am actually very happy that he is trusting me so much :)

so, for tomorrow i will go to him, giving him the 50 dollars :)
and maybe just hanging around with him and May :)

ah, both of them went we me to chinatown today. so, beautiful! I tried out a lot of strange food and some jelly grass drink oO
weird, lol.
but we had a lot of fun together XD

so, that is all from today. I guess I will go in my room, falling in my bed and trying to sleep, lol.

btw, jutta? Falls du mir sms schreiben solltest und es kommt nix zurueck, liegt das daran, dass ich im moment staendig fehlermeldungen bekomme und nicht senden kann. ich glaube, ich sollte vielleicht mal mein handy wieder aufladen *hust*

so, see u tomorrow!

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Because no one wants on the computer right now and I have the time for it, I thought I could share the first pictures of the 2nd Singapore Tattoo Convention, which Grace made :D
So u can have a first impression of the convention, the tattoos and the guys :D

Enjoy it!!! :D

Pictures are behind the cut )
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I am back from the tattoo convention. And oh my god, how much I loved it. It was awesome, just awesome. At first I had a wonderful time with Grace together. She is so lovely and cute and we laughed a lot. And drooled a lot. Especially me, rofl.
So, we joined the convention there at 12AM. And there weren't many people. so we had to take a look around and the most of the artists weren't there. After one hour they start to tattooing *_*
I can not express what was in my mind. I saw so many great tattoos and when I would work in this job my whole body would be full with tattoos, I swear. Okay, I am not far away from that, lol. Right now I am having 9 tattoos... But I love it :3
And that is not the end.
I made a lot of pictures but not enough because my batteries were empty after 5 hours :(
When you have the chance to attend a tattoo convention, do it. You won't regret it. Chris Garver from Miami Ink was there, too and Grace made a picture of me with him together, lol.
But u know what? I don't know him, lol. I didn't know how he looked, rofl. So I hope it was REALLY Chris Garver.
I swear, I love the tattoo convention in Singapore, the guys there are SO DAMN FUCKING HOT *.*

I am always surprised by myself because this time I had a really long conversations with two tattoo artists from Germany, Gelsenkirchen. We talked about everything. Singaporeans, asia, tattoos in germany and so on. Kai, the one tattoo artist wanted to buy something for his iPhone, so Grace gave him the adresses of some stores, lol.

She enjoyed it, too. And that is what makes me REALLY happy. Now she wanna have a tattoo, too. When I am coming back to Singapore she is taking me with her when she is getting one. Lol ... I am such a bad influence >P

Actually ... I made with Willie (the manager of the thai master) an agreement of going in the shop again ... for another handpoke tattoo. Ok, that is a lie. Because ... I get two, bwuahahahahahahaha XD

Yes, I am crazy, I know. But I am totally addicted to tattoos. For me it is a spiritual thing, especially after getting the thai tattoos. And the pain is horrible, but it is showing your own borders. This experience is amazing. Like Willie said, no pain, no gain :D

We talked about the *space* of my back, but he is pretty sure to find a place for both tattoos. I don't wanna talk about the design yet, it is a little secret. When I am having those designs on my body, I will share it with u :)
Slowly I have problems to find enough space, especially for the thai tattoos because women can have those kind of tattoos only til their hips. For the rest of the body it isn't allowed to get these kind of tattoos. Sure, another tattoo artist could do it, but there wouldn't they have a meaning and it would be disrespectul against the religion, the culture, against buddha and the tattoo artist. And for me tattoos (all of them) are a spiritual experience, because my tattoos are showing over the years parts of my personality.

So, yay for another tattoos. And then I will talk to alecs to start with the other ones <3

So, what else? Ah, Grace and I went to *subway*, lol. That was my first time eating a sandwich there and it was okay. So, when we finished our sandwiches she tried to teach me chinese and I tried to teach her german. We burst out into tears. Really, my chinese sucks so much, lol.
But we had a lot of fun, that is what it counts :)

So, for today I am won't do anything anymore. Maybe going out for dinner with Gunjan if he wants :)

See ya :D
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Seriously. That was one of the best days in my life.
I am happy. I can't write down what I feel right now. Being happy, thankful, emotional, full of joy, satisfied, still nervous, in love. all together.


Yes, i couldn't wait anymore, but that was alecs fault, lol. he brought me to his thai tattoo master, saying to me, oh, you have to take a look, meeting the people and so on. and what happened? I decided to get two new tattoos. lol. on the right side I had five spirituel lines and the meaning is for luck, health, money, attraction, love and so on. on the left side is the sign of the master, a spirituel protection. and yes, it was handpoke. and trust me, that was a NEW level of PAIN. gosh, i had tears in my eyes and I broke nearly alecs hand, lol. two guys had to hold me because it was so painful. and alecs was strong and brave, too, because he had some wounds on his hands and I pushed his hand so hard, lol.

Do u know what is awesome? at first alecs and me sending messages via cellphone. after that we had a chat via facebook and we talked about getting the thai tattoo. so, I asked him when we want to see each other and he said, what the heck, we can meet now.
I was like ... WHAT THE FUCK? O.O
But I said yes and I was so, so fucking nervous. so, we wanted to meet at the lavender foot quarter. the only place i know, lol. so, he took a cab there, but we didn't find each other, lol. So we talked via cellphone and I couldn't understand him so well, but we met us. and to see him was like ... whoa. whoa. we both smiled and hugged and then he bring me around. I have the feeling that I saw the whole city tonight, lol. We went to the victoria street, to a temple, we prayed together, I gave him his present and I made the right choice because at them moment he is reading a book about the budhism, too, yay. so, he was very happy. I saw so much and we talked about so much and we laughed. and he was so worried that I would be shocked to see him *because he thinks he is too fat*.
Actually last night he had a fight in bar because he was drunk *ehem* und his eye was swollen and black, LOL. so, the whole time he asked me, can u see it? Is it swollen?
So, we eat something. It was an unusual experience for me. It was a peanut soup with some meat/balls. some of the balls had red beans and so on. it was okay, lol.

so, but before we went out for dinner we went to the thai tattoo studio. and yes, I got a tattoo. and it was painful. I was so happy that alecs held my hand. he doesn't like physical contact with other people but he looked fine and he smiled and watched me. It was ... whoa. At the end of the tattoo I got some prayers and the blessing of the master. u know, when i was in therapy my therapist said always to me, take a deep breath, anke. But I never could do it. I was always so caged inside myself. Today I did it when I got the blessing and it was an awesome spiritual experience. I felt so ... *being deep, feeling myself, my true self what was hiding for so long...
I want more. Actually I wanted to do at the convention, but I prefer getting the tattoo there, because it is intimate. and the master is ... whoa. I never met such a warm, deep kinded person like him.

so, alecs want to message me on sunday because we are going to the fortune teller at monday. And then ... let's see ;)

lots of love,

i am off now to talk with gunjan :D

Love u all!!!
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me iz having an appointment with alecs tattoo master at saturday around 12 to get a new tattoo. I don't know the design, I don't know how much it cost, but I can't wait for it. I am so, so excited =D
And one more thing ... i get the tattoo on the tattoo convention with a lot of viewers and a lot of attention because it is the handpoke method. but I am fine. And grace is joining me, too! So, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy! I am so thankful, that alecs made this appointment because normally they don't have any time for visitors at a convention.




Nom nom :3

Jan. 7th, 2010 02:00 pm
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So, here I am with my first cup of chinese instant noodles. nom nom nom >3

Edit; Oh, it was so damn tasty. do u have any idea how yummy instant noodles can be?
Now I am doing nothing. maybe reading a little bit. at 3pm I will change my room, so after that I can put my clothes in the closet and so on. I mean, I have the next 4 weeks for being around, ne? So, for tomorrow is the concert and for the weekend the tattoo convention. after that we will see.

oh, by the way. at the airport I saw three tattooed guys. I am pretty sure i will see them on the convention again, lol >D


Nov. 12th, 2009 09:50 pm
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Yesterday I talked with Kaye about Tattoos. And my love for getting more tattoos ;D
And because I save everything, I saved some pictures of Tattoos I've found and like! And I want to share them with you :D

Gosh, I can't wait until I am in Singapore, getting a new tattoo *_*
Or two or three xDDDDD

Bodyart )


Feb. 5th, 2009 02:46 pm
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I am still having pictures of Singapore XDDD
Surprised? Hehe :D
I didn't forget the second part of the 1st Tattoo Convention! And many, many thanks to Ami-chan, which made the pictures! Thank you so much! *glompz*

And now ... take a look *_*
Some of the tattoos are just gorgeous *__*

Tattoos are ♥ )

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What the fuck? It is snowing here! Snow…! I wanna go back to Singapore. There it’s hot and sunny. And I miss it.
I don’t like the cold. It is … cold, damn it ^^
Nya anyway, I still have pictures to share … I know, it is unbelievable ^^

Chinatown, my last night, Ah Long and my new tattoos… )

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Today I will post the pictures of the 1st Tattoo Convention ever in Singapore \^^/
The con had over the weekend more than 8000 visitors and that is a huge success. And I am proud that I was a part of it =D
You know, I love tattoos *_*
I got my first one with 18 and now I have … let me think … 7 of it :D
And I love them. And yes, it is not finished yet ^^
When I am going back to Singapore my Tattoo Artist has to work on my back again :3

Nya, anyway. Here are the pics and this time they aren’t thumbnails, because you have to see the beauty of the tattoos =D

1st Tattoo Convention, Singapore 2009 )

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It is 12:45 PM right now but I don't wanna sleep. You know, I am leaving Singapore on Monday so I wanna enjoy every single second here. Even when I am sitting alone in front of the screen (okay, that is wrong, because Andrew is sitting next to me, but he is chatting ^^).

I am still in love with my brand new tattoo. Alec made a great work. The only thing is I want to scratch it because it is healing. So, sometimes it drives me a little bit crazy *laughs*
So, when Alecs made me this tattoo today I had finally the finished version of my back in my head. I will ask him tomorrow if my *image* is possible to make, when I am coming back here :)
And I have to be strong enough to ask him for a picture. I want a picture of him. Not only because he is a cute guy. No ... I want a picture to remember of him. I mean, I have a strong connection to my tattoo artists, because I lay my body/skin in his hand. So, it is a special feeling. And I want to show you guys my super cute tattoo artist of course XDDD

Tomorrow (or better today when I'll wake up ^^) I will have dinner with Amiya. I was kinda surprised when she sended me a message to my cellphone. We had a long time no contact to each other, but I don't make a reproach. I like it to meet new people and I guess, we will have a great time together =)

This evening I wanted to watch American Idol so badly, but our TV didn't work. Even Sam, my hero, failed with the TV. But Ah Long was nice enough to lend us a DVD, so we watched The Mummy 3 (at the moment he is really nice, because he and Patrick had Sex with two girls the last night *ROFL*). And after that I watched with Joey on her Laptop an american horrormovie about vampires. Some of the scenes were full of splatter, so I enjoyed it XDDD

Hm ... what I am doing now? Maybe listening more JJ and reading in his blog XD
*loves him*

Take care, my Dearies :333
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Yay for spamming XD
Since 20 Minutes I am the owner a a brand new tattoo =3333
And it looks awesome *_*
*is happy about it*
Men, I need a lottery win for more tattoos XDDD

And because Alecs is so nice and I paid only 200 instead of 250 Singapore Dollar, I will visit him tomorrow again. He has to ink the tattoo which I got in Taiwan, because I am not really satisfied with the color. So yay for getting more tattoos \^^/

And tomorrow I have to be brave enough to ask him for a picture, because he is a cute guy. We talked about tattoos, the convention, Germany, Singapore. It was a great atmosphere there. And when I am coming back to Singapore, I'll go to him again, working on the finished picture I have in my mind ... because my back isn't finished yet =D

Hm ... for this evening I don't wanna do anything. Maybe I'll read in my book, which I bought yesterday (in english!) and drinking a beer. And I hope, that the tv will work, because today I wanna see American Idol XDDD

Take care everyone, lov yu all >333
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Yup, that is right. Me is having a date at 5.30 PM ... with my Tattoo Artist Alecs \*_____*/
He is an awesome guy, really hot ... okay, the most of the chinese guys are hot XD
But this one is SO MY TYPE XD
That means, today I got my 6th Tattoo *________*

So, I found his studio at the web before I went to Singapore. And the studio is here in my near (Chinatown). So, because my feet are hurting like hell, I decided to take a taxi to the adress. And because it is me I couldn't find it *rofl*
I swear, I walked 40 minutes through Chinatown ... until I found this fucking Burger King. And it was opposite of the taxi stand -_____-
You know, that is so typical for me ^^
But at the end I got it and I was so brave to talk with him alone. At first he asked me what I want to have ... but I showed him my signs. So we talked about it and we will make the tattoo bigger like in my idea \*____*/
I will pay 240 Singapore Dollars for it, that means ... 120 Euro! O.O!
That's a joke. For this tattoo I have to pay 500 Euro at home. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I LOVE SINGAPORE =D

And when I have still money after that, I will go out for shopping XDDD

But at first, waiting for my date with Alecs ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



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