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2009-10-08 12:06 pm
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And here is one of my "I want to be there"-entries again :D
This time it is the 'Sun Moon Lake' in Taiwan. Gosh, this is such a beautiful place. I mean, I was in Taiwan once but only in Taipei. I want to go back there, seeing much more than only one place ^^
Maybe when I saved a LOT of money and learned chinese :P
But this place is so, so beautiful *_*

Take a look :3

Sun Moon Lake )
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2009-10-03 11:04 pm
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Jesus Christ...

I know, it is a waste of money, but damn it is amazing *_*

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2007-02-21 06:03 pm
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The last days in Taipei :)

Today it’s a week ago that Jutta and I arrived Taipei. And I miss the city, the people and the warm weather so much. It was such a great experience and I’m really happy, that I made the decision to fly to Taiwan. And see Gackt of course. Did I mention that I miss him? I do it. He is like a drug and I wanna see him again ^^

I guess, that is my last entry about Taiwan and I uploaded A LOT of pictures =)

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2007-02-19 10:37 am
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The second Gackt-Concert in Taiwan :D

Here’s the Review to our second concert in Taiwan. Finally I made it to write this report. To be honest I held back a while because the memory is making me sad. But I want to share this evening with you anyway =)
But beware, the review is really damn long ^^

The second concert from Gackt in Taiwan )
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2007-02-17 07:27 pm
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Taiwan-Trip, Part III

Yay, the next part of my Taiwan trip \^^/
I guess, it’s a little bit short … not so huge like the first concert of Gaku ^^

Taiwan-Trip, Part III )
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2007-02-14 08:29 pm
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(no subject)

So, here is finally the first Part of the first Concert in Taipei :)
I hope, you like it ^___^

My Taiwan-Trip, Part II – The first Concert
Cube – Speed Master

Drug Party, Part I )
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2007-02-12 07:48 pm
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My Taiwan-Trip, Part I

Yay \^^/
You are right. Here is my first part of my Taiwan-Trip xD
God, I have to write down a lot …
and it will take me a huge Time, I guess. But I wanna write down e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g xD

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Taiwan – The first Part )
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2007-02-11 03:56 pm
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Yes, I'm back in Germany (since this morning...). And now Jutta-chan left me. I cried a lot, I guess since the concert I'm an emotional wreck ^^
I cry about everything ^^

Now I'm sitting here in front of my screen, listening Gacchans Voice and I'm so deadly tired. Since this morning I didn't sleep, but now the long flight takes his toll. I hope I can start my long report about the trip this evening, when I slept a little bit.

Unfortunately I catched a cold, it's too cold here in Germany for me ^^
And my complete underlip is full of Herpes ;___; (I can't remind of the right english word ... but I guess, everyone knows what I mean. Gomen.)
That hurts soooo much =(

Nya, now I'm listening Gacchan's newest song and I remind me on the days I had in Taiwan ... when I listen this song, I'll always remember me on the first meeting with Rosie, Kee and Tamara :)
And our common time in Taiwan =)
It's like a dream ... a good dream, what makes me feel warm and beloved. Thank you so much, that you shared your time with me. :)

So, now I'm grabbing my HUGE Daikon (\^^/) and crawls in my bed.

See ya :)
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2007-02-10 03:25 pm
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Time to say goodbye

So, now it's time to say goodbye to Tawain -sigh-
It is not really easy to left some places where I was happy. And to left Tamara and Kee of course. Saying goodbye is never easy to me ;_;
And finally I saw Gacchan live on stage .. and I will never forget these concerts. Maybe it sounds silly, but I miss him ... he is like a drug and I wanna see more of him.

Only 30 minutes left and Jutta and I will drive to the airport. Our flight goes at 8 o'clock in the evening, but the weather today is really foggy. Maybe we have to wait a long time for our flight at home...

I guess I'll try to sleep or listening Gacchan in the plane.

So, we'll see us soon.

Bye bye,