Jun. 2nd, 2008

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What can I say? The concert of Ayabie was awesome. I enjoyed it so much. The music, the atmosphere and the concert of course.

But I should start at the beginning, ne?
We drove very late to Cologne. It was 3.30 PM and all of us were really relaxed. We were so untypical undressed for it, not jrock-like *laughs*
It was too hot for it ;)
The trip to Cologne was nice, but I slept the last hour on the freeway, because I was the night before awake. Jutta woke me up, when we came to the “Kantine”. And damn, the club was really cool. In front of the club there was a beer garden und the whole atmosphere were extremely relaxed … even the fans. Of course, you could see some of the “normal” attention whores and some J-emos *laughs*
And when I observed them, I thought, damn, I am too old for such things ^^

Admittance were at 6 PM, but we had to wait, because they weren’t on time. But thanks god, the fans were surprisingly not so crazy. We got our tickets at the box office, have do gave up our bags at the cloak room and then we went in the club. And god damn it, it was awesome *_*

Even at the end of the “hall” you had a GREAT view at the stage ♥
Jutta and I sat at the side of the hall, only six meters away from the stage. And yeah, we had a great view. I guess, we waited only for thirty minutes and then the guy from Jrockidentity came on the stage and said things like, don’t make pictures, don’t throw things on the stage and so on and so on. And yes, then Ayabie came at the stage \^^/
At first Kenzo (my Dearie *_*), than Takehito, Intetsu, Yumehito and then Aoi. And yes, they look awesome *_*

Kenzo wore a black suit. Takehito wore black jeans (I guess), a black shirt and a black jacket with a nice skull at the back. *laughs* Intetsu was the only one who wore a skirt and gloves of black (SPITZE). But damn, he looks awesome. And he smiled the whole time *_*
Yumehito wore something like a schoolboy uniform *_*
Very unique *giggles*
And Aoi … uh, Aoi *_*
He wore white jeans, black boots, a black shirt and a … uhm … how can I describe it? It was a “thing” between a jacket and a very long muffler.
I can’t remember on every song, but they played a lot of songs I liked *_* … like “Hinata”, “Cubic [L/R]ock” (it was the second song), “Sendan ha futaba yori kanbash”, “Hoshigaoka” and “Yubisaki” (and many, many more). Aoi sang so great, but unfortunately the sound wasn’t the best. They had many times some feedback and it was so loud, that you didn’t understand what Aoi sang or said =/
When Ayabie started with the concert, I stood up and stand on the wrench, so that I had a great time to the stage *_*

Like I said, Intetsu had a great time. He loves it to be on the stage. Takehito looks always so surprised. It is like he can’t believe that german fans like the music ^^
Yumehito was cute. He smiled and waved the whole time. Only Aoi was a little bit … uhm … I don’t know how I can describe it. At first I thought, he would be sick. Than I thought, he was pissed off *laughes*
He was a little bit … uhm … reserved. But I read today at the internet, that he is scared of the german fans o.O
Last year the ripped off the hat of his head and some rings of his fingers. This year some fans did the same with Yumehito o_O
The stole the ring from his finger … god damn it, it is such a fucking shame to be a fan … compared with such freaking attention whores and psychos x_x
No wonder, that Aoi was so damn reserved.

I noticed, that many Japanese bands are … reserved at the beginning. They start to play their setlist, without communicating with the fans. But when they are realizing, that the fans are happy about to see them, it is like … they become more open and to act with the fans. They same were with Ayabie. They more the fans were acting, they more Ayabie did.

Too cute was the moment, when Yumehito took off his jacket. The fans screamed (*rofl*) and Yumehito was so shy *giggles*
But then he rose the arms like … yeah, I took off my jacket \o/

And yes, they spoke english. Takehitos english was very clear and he said his name. And the next was Intetsu … damn, his voice is so soft. Like a little boy. Awww, everytime when I see Intetsu, I wanna cuddle him. He is so lovely. The next one was Yumehito and he said (nice information, Yume ;P): I like cake. And I like whiskey \^^/
I guess, the only reason why Japanese bands are coming to Germany is the alcohol *laughs*

I guess, they played 11/12 songs, then Ayabie left the stage. Of course the fans wanted an encore ^^
And Ayabie came back. Everyone of them (except Takehito & Intetsu) wore a shirt of themselves. And they brought their own cameras with them on the stage. Intetsu got a bouquet of orange roses and a huge teddy bear. He was so happy about it, that he brought it with him on stage *laughs*
And then they made pictures of the fans. And pictures of themselves in front of the fans. Too cute :333

And we got a new song! They played it for the first time, so we were the first where listened the song \^^/
And yes, it was awesome *___*
After three songs the concert was over. But damn, they guys didn’t leave the stage *laughs*
They were so happy about all the screams and the applause, that they didn’t leave the stage ^^
Only Aoi left the stage after two minutes (I swear, I still have the feeling that he was pissed off…)

Unfortunately some fans were so strange, that Takehito and Intetsu was so close into the fans, because some of them grabbed their hands and pulled them from the stage o_O (…god damn it, I can’t understand such people -_-). After the boys left the stage, my Mum, Jutta and I left the hall as well. When we came out, I bought something for me to drink, because it was so damn hot.

The concert was awesome and I would love to see them again. I hope, they will come next year again =)

I am really happy that I went to this concert. I didn’t dance or sang this time, I watched the concert with a strange feeling in my heart. It was the first time like a long time, that I felt sad when I watched the concert (felt like at the concerts of Gackt & Dir en Grey). And even now, when I am thinking of them I could start to cry. Don’t know why, but I miss them ._.’’

Lots of Love,


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