Aug. 24th, 2008

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Oh my god. What can I say? ...
The concert was awesome! Amazing! Fantastic! Beautiful! I’m still caught by Kagrra. The concert was SO damn awesome! Really *_*
Isshis voice is … I can’t find the right words to describe what I felt when he started to sing. It is like his voice is filling your soul. Unbelievable, absolute unbelievable.
But, we should start at the beginning, right? *laughs*
You know, my last week was really hard and I had so many times where I felt desperate and depressive. And yesterday I was like … okay, tomorrow I’ll see Kagrra, I hope everything works fine for me. And yes, it did \^^/
My mum and I had no problems with the car (it worked fine! *pats our car*) and thanks to Juttas kindness, we could use her navigation-system and we found the concert hall without problems. I was a little bit irritated, because I didn’t see a lot of fans (like at Miyavis concert o.O). So it rained when we parked our car and my mum and I decided to wait und to talk instead of waiting in the rain. *laughs*
After 6 A.M. we decided to go in the concert hall. We didn’t have to wait, no screaming fangirlies, no pushing, it was heavenly! So, we came in the hall and went to the bar at the left side. I had a great view to the stage. And when I stood there for 2 minutes, a roadie started to play the guitar. And the fans were soooo relaxed *_*
6.30 AM the lights went out and the concert started o.O
So early ^^
But damn … it was wonderful. Please, don’t asked me about the setlist, I forgot the most of the titles (but I knew all of the songs *laughs again*). Whoooo, the guys looked great, especially Ishii. He wore a kimono-like … uhm … whatever >P
But it looked awesome! And damn, Nao was so uber (!) cute xDDD
He is so cheeky, too cute. The first one who came on the stage was Izumi (Drums), Sin (Guitar&Koto), Nao (Bass), Akiya and then Isshi. And all of them looked good. And then they started. And they rocked my socks XDDD
Awesome! Sooo awesome *_*
And of course Isshi spoke german *laughs* … nya, he tried it *giggles*
After the first three or four songs he picked a piece of paper and started to read. It was something like: “We are Kagrra! We are happy to be in Germany. In Cologne! Do you have fun?” … and so on and so on ^^
And Ishii smiled the whooole time. He was so happy like everyone of Kagrra. They played 12 songs, two times “Uzu” their new single (and the song is gorgeous!). Then they made a break of 15 minutes and after that they gave the encore with three songs =)
The best thing was Nao. He’s great XD
He wanted to talk to the fans … and when he stood at the microphone, it was like:
*gasp* … I am … *gasp again* … puh, hot! … *gasp* … Nao … *gasp* … *smiles cheeky*
Nao: Am I sexy? Ó.ò
Fans: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Nao: \^o^/

Do you want me?
Nao: \*___*/
Nao: You have me >PPP

Too great! I laughed sooooo much! Everytime when they spoke in german Isshi was so shy and I wanted to cuddle him and saying to him: Don’t worry, everyone loves you!
And yes, they played their new song “Uzu” two times, but it was SO worthy! The song is amazing. And god, Isshis voice … wow *is still impressed*
Like I said, they played 15 songs and more than one and a half hour. And all of them looked so happy. And when they went off the stage I felt happy as well. And I am so unbelievable relieved about it. Kagrra made my day! And they made me smile and feels good!
And of course I bought some kind of merchandise ^^
A poster of them (and Isshi fooled me, because I thought that he is really having a tattoo on his arm ^^), a wonderful fan and for my mum I bought bunch of keys :)
And yes, she was very impressed by Kagrra, especially by seeing Isshi. He is her favourite, Nao is mine >P
So, we had a really great day. And I hope, Kagrra are coming back to Germany (and Europe) at the next Year. I can’t wait to see them again!

Isshi, Akiya, Sin, Nao and Izumi!
Thanks for such a wonderful concert!
Thanks for making me smile!
Thanks for giving me the feeling to be happy!



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Yes, I made icons again ^^
God, I am so damn addicted to it, it's unbelievable. And like always I tried out many different things. And of course I couldn't resist to make icons of "Bounty Killer". I think, they looks not bad, ne? ;D

Nya, anyway. Here are the icons =)

Gackt/Bounty Killer [11]
Genesis/Final Fantasy Crisis Core [11]
Gackt [17]
Death Note [11]
Alice Nine [17]
The Gazette [5]
Lee Junki [10]
Miyavi [8]
Atsushi Sakurai [7]

Icons behind the Cut ;) )


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