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or something like that, lol.
actually i am feeling like my whole body is in flames. i was with alecs at his senseis place. and yes, i got a treatment. worst pain ever in my whole life. but alecs told me, that I got the guy who was more gentle than his guy, rofl. so he was more in pain *hihi*

but let us beging from the start. actually i wanted to take the mrt this morning to the central, but i wasn't insecure and so i used the taxi. but alecs said, he want to see me at chinatown mrt. so i used the one from the central to chinatown. like a little test whether i am able to use the mrt without freaking out or not. i did it, yay.
So, I was one hour to early, lol. I walked a little bit around, made pictures and then sat in a corner, reading my book and waited for alecs. sometimes it is such a pain in the ass to meet with him, because he is never waiting there where I am waiting, rofl. We tend to run into circles to find each other :P

So, he brought me through chinatown. pretty impressive. I have to visit it again. and then we visited the beautiful buddha tooth relic temple and museum. omg, such a beautiful place. so impressing and calming. gosh, beautiful, just beautiful. the temple is pretty *young*, but a wonderful place to find your inner strength and peace.
When u want to see how it looks like, click this page:
It is so, so impressing. and alecs is such a great tour guide. He is taking care for me, explaining me everything, is constantly buying drinks for me because he is worried I am not drinking enough. But when I am out of breath and need a break he is saying to me: no way, it is exercising. When u are sitting down u need 20 minutes before u wanna walk again. rofl. he is so right.
so sometimes i have the feeling that i am seeing whole singapore in just 2 hours because we are walking like crazy. oh, excuse me, not walking ... running. for alecs it is walking pretty slow, for me it is running and begging for a break, rofl.

so, after that we went back to chinatown and went to his sensei. and I got a treatment. gosh, it hurt. it really hurt. and those things the guy used on my back (some chinese herbage oil) burned like hell. It is not really a massage, it is more from qi gong. like stroking and slapping u. and the slaps were so ... aaaaaah ;_;
I swear, I felt like I would be standing in flames O.O

So, I bought some oil and the sensei said, I have to take care of my back. he felt that my muscles and my bones are in need of a good treatment, because I am having those pains for years. And I don't should carry heavy things. So, I paid for this *including the oil) 31 singapore dollar, what isn't really expensive.

After that we went back to the central and i went with alecs in his store. he showed me one of his creepy hobbies (jutta, erinnerst du dich, was ich dir mal erzaehlt habe?). And really, I got such goose bumps. Suddenly I felt very sad and saw in front of my inner eyes (can not explain it in a better way) and old man sitting. he seemed so sad that his life ended and ... gosh, it was a really creepy experience.
I told him that and alecs was surprised that I felt something. And that I actually saw someone o.O

Then he brought me to his hairdresser. and yes, i have a completely new style. it is shorter now, I have a perm, my color is between darkbrown and red now. when I looked in the mirrow *and trust me, I hate it to look at the mirror* I was like ... wtf, who is that? O.O
I have to say, a paid a lot. okay, compared to germany not really a lot. it was 286 singapore dollar *around 145 euro* for cutting my hair, dyeing and a perm + manicure. And yes, fuck it, I deserve something like that. The last time when I went to the hairstyler was like ... 6 years ago. And I felt so good after it.
So, when I left Chris (she is really such a cutie), I send alecs a message and he left his shop, pretended like he would go to the toilet to his wife, and we met again. he loves it. okay, he said, it's nice, but in english the meaning is nicer than in german, rofl (ihr wisst schon, nett is der kleine bruder von sch*eisse und so, lol).
So, we wanna meet us tomorrow again, because ... nya, tomorrow is our first anniversary. lol. when I asked him that, he said ... tomorrow? hm ... tomorrow? Did I forget something, rofl.
Yeah, great, a year before I've met u, lol.

so, I used the mrt alone (!) to the lavender street, with changing my trains! I DID IT!!! and then an old chinese woman asked me where I come from and said then: U are so pretty!
I guess, I smiled in circles, lol. I was so thankful for the compliment I got and went back to the hostel.
There I've met David, the owner, and I wanted to change my 2 dollars into coins for drink. but he gave me an dollar and said: It's my treat.

AND ... better news. the one guy who watched pr0n here, got a last warning. it is forbidden to watch pr0n here and when he is doing it again, he has to leave hostel. So, it worked. I talked in a normal way to grace, begged for help for this situation and it worked.

I swear, i am glaring of happiness right now, lol.

ah, before I reached a hostel a guy tried to flirt with me. but now the bad side: it wasn't an asian :(
yesterday and today black guys asked me for meeting them. but no, i don't want it. i don't know why, but i am not really into black guys.
i wanna have a date with an asian one ... so *cough*moveurfuckingass*cough* LOL

i have to tell u this. when i had the treatment at alecs sensei he got one, too. and he had to take off his shirt ... mdjkvhcncjfhfgfh o.o! O.O!!!

I saw his tattoos. And his nipple piercings.
OH MY FUCKING GOD. I swear, I grinned like I would be retarted, rofl. When his sensei said, take ur shirt off, he looked at me, smiled totally shy like ... omg, now she is looking on my big fat beer belly, muahahahaha.
And yes, I DID!!! But he is not really fat. he has the right weight. and he is a very attractive and handsome young guy :3

so, that is all from me ... for now XD

See u, huns :D
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I know, some of you waited so long for it ^^
But finally, I made it. I have a photo of my Chest-Piercings xDDD
But don't be shocked, ne? xDDD

It's Time for Boobies xDDD )
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It's late at night, it's damn hot and [livejournal.com profile] kyko_camui and I had a great talk about Gaku and the Secret about Piercings :D
Are you curious? :P

Click it )
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Today was a great day. Jutta, Sandra and I we had a great day ^_____^
It started with a visit in the piercingstudio ... and yup, I did it again xD
I love piercings sooo much *_*
And I was not the only one ^^
Sandra got her first piercing in the ear, Jutta got two new piercings in her ear too ... and I got FOUR (!) new piercings \^^/
All the piercings I got in my right ear :D
And it looks so good ^_____^

And next Weekend I wanna have a new piercing \^^/
I saw it today the first time on my female piercer Michaela and I fell in love with it on the first sight *_*

So, take a look, but don't be shocked :P

My next Piercing )

And tomorrow we'll see finally Ayabie \^^/
Yokatta, can't wait to have great Concert and a great time with my Soulmate Jutta, Sandra and my Mum :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So, I wish everyone a wonderful Weekend. Enjoy it and take care ♥

Lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses,


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